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  1. I haven't ever attached anything but I scanned thru and found a few celeb pics to report. Hopefully this is resolved quickly, but let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Sorry this is happening! And as always, thanks for keeping this site running. The educational advice (not to mention moral support) I get is invaluable!
  2. I think I've seen at least 4 recent references to various math woes and thought I'd bump this awesome thread.
  3. Hunter, I believe you said you watched the LOE teacher training videos from Denise Eide, right? Would you say the way she breaks down the words into syllables and sounds (really, the actual teaching part) is Spalding-esque? Pretty close? Or not so much? Hope that's not sidetracking too much.
  4. :( Very sad news. (((((Moira's family)))))
  5. Yep, agreeing it's just fine and I would also pay a fee. The support I get from these boards is invaluable. Thank you!
  6. I had my first at almost 30 and my second at 34. I often wish I had started earlier because I do think I would have had a bit more energy, but that's not the only important thing. If I really felt like I needed to have another, I wouldn't let age stop me.
  7. Wow, I made it into the today's top posters list!

  8. "My new roof is blowing off" Okay, normally I don't condone violence, but do you have a gun? Look out your windows and if you see a wolf, just go ahead and take him out. Problem solved. "My house smells of skunk" Okay, same thing. This time, start searching in low dark places like closets and such. When you see him, take the previous advice. (Says the non-gun-owning animal lover) ;)
  9. It's amazing how pushy some kids (and moms) can be. We have a neighbor kid who has banged and kicked at our was shocking and took me a second to process. I think it's important to follow up with the parents on that stuff and let them know. I mean, if my kid was banging on someone's door, I wouldn't know. So I walked the kid home and said to the mom, well we had an okay time, except in the beginning kid was kicking our door and I had to tell him that was just not okay. Dont you agree... One time dh answeered the door and when we said we couldn't play. Kid says, why? Dh says, well we have to run to Target. Kid says, well why can't just one of you go, like Kate? :blink: Dh was right on it though and says, well, we like being together :o. Sadly, I think that's a foreign concept for these kids....doing something *together* as a family or even running, for fun???
  10. "Am I the only one who feels" You're not alone, I feel too.
  11. :smilielol5: that was good, I needed that.
  12. This is what I have heard as well. In particular for navy and Air Force.
  13. DS: mom, you are the master at getting the dog outside to throw up! Yes, son, we all have our talents.

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    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      And does he answer by throwing up? :)

    3. unsinkable


      Sometimes. And sometimes he'll make a big gurgling burp-y sound. And then stare at me.

    4. Snow


      That's too funny! Yes, my master status was earned by being all about the hustle. No chit chat, you're out dog.

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