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    Born and raised in the snow. Living in the desert.
  1. This weekend is my wedding 11th anniversary. We don't usually do much. We are going to try dropping off the kids at my dads...dd has been in a real separation anxiety phase and cried so much she threw up last time, so we shall see. So we have about 4-5 hours. We thought maybe we would see a movie... "This is Where I Leave You" or "If I Stay" sounded like good choices. :rofl: :rofl: What do you for your not-a-milestone anniversary?
  2. This is so wild - just this afternoon we noticed ds now has a gap between his two front teeth. Go expander, go!
  3. Snow


    I also vote for primary care doc. Can't this also be circulatory? There's a lot it could be and I'd want to rule some things out there first. Have a few quick labs to verify its not diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc and then on to whomever the doc suggests.
  4. That is absolutely wonderful Joanne. Congratulations!!!!!
  5. Ds just got an expander a few weeks ago. You're giving me hope! Congrats.
  6. Can you keep us posted pehp? I'm following because my ds has a similar reaction to miquon and Singapore pm and I've often thought maybe we should ditch to mif, mm or cle. Good luck!
  7. :hurray: :party: Thanks for the great report! Especially cool to get such results for "moderate" problems. Hooray!
  8. Yep, what she said. I'll be reading your post several times over garga!
  9. My kids are 4.5 years apart and I'm curious about what other people do as far as scheduling. They are young enough that they both need my full attention. Also, young enough that they wander around kind of bored when I've tried working 1-1. But, they are far enough apart in age that there are only a few things they can do together. I've tried setting up individual activities for this purpose (ok now you do this puzzle while I work with x) but I can see this is not going to be easy. They are both very "other" focused and terrible at making their own fun. I realize this is probably just a matter of habit or training but I'm curious what other good ideas might be out there. What's your schedule like?
  10. Stephenie Meyer started the Twilight series based on dream she had. She's talked about it on her blog. Certainly was successful for her! Go for it!
  11. Birding? Following stocks? My fil invests imaginary money and tracks it, choosing investments to see how much he can make. ETA: what about Fantasy sports (fantasy football, soccer, baseball). Some of my family members spend huge amounts of time strategizing and researching players.
  12. :rofl: Ok, so I will concede he looks substantially less creepy on my PC with the bigger monitor. However, on my tiny phone (which I use most of the time), his eyes get so small and blurred - yes, he looks a bit creepy. Is he really a sensitive genius? I have no idea who this guy is. Knowing more about him might help the creep-factor.
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