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  1. Thanks all. It was really nice to hear your thoughts, advice, personal experiences and permission to grieve what seems to be the possible end to a season. Yes, I did work really hard, especially this last year, to "keep up" with them because I love them so dearly and long to build long-term friendships with a robust history. While it's been a bit of an identity crisis for awhile, it was certainly this particular event that really spoke to me that I needed to grieve it (the season, not the lack of invitation) and start investing in ladies who are similarly purposed (and available). I wo
  2. As an update... We went with Treasured Conversations for grammar and some extra writing slipped in. I really like the tone of the work. It's quick and easy and, like many of you mentioned, starts with the basics but not in a way that it would be obvious to him that he's starting at the beginning. It also has plenty of copywork exercises as many of you also recommended. For writing, we went to WWE level 3. I'm not sure that's a good starting point either because he's having MAJOR trouble with it. It seems that he reads to get past the words on the page. He will mispronounce words and
  3. Let me first say that I feel a little bit juvenile in even coming to anyone with this but I'm feeling a bit of an identity crisis and just hoped that maybe some of you have been here and have some jewels of wisdom to share.... I have been involved with a community of women, 4 of which have been the "core" of the group for about 3 years. We meet weekly for organized Bible study, meet up at least monthly for a planned mom's night out, have scheduled and impromptu playdates and other meet ups and sometimes just hang out at each other's house after kids are off to bed and hubbies are home. I
  4. Thanks all. I've already taken Analytical Grammar and Easy Grammar off the table along with WWS, both look like they'd be too tough at a higher grade level and too childish at the level where he's gonna need to start. I hope to get back to Analytical Grammar and WWS but that'll be for another time down the road. I am considering Essentials in Writing. I haven't yet contacted anyone there to discuss levels and placement. I'm going to look into these last few recommendations today. Thanks so much for adding the links! That really simplifies the search by taking out some of the "legwor
  5. Threedog, I think you're right. We've done 2 days worth of WWS and it's very obvious to me that I'm going to have to downgrade that too. He just isn't ready for it. I want the materials to challenge him but not frustrate him and so far, it's been pretty grueling. Here's a sample of his writing from our History assignment today (typed as written).... God Made Sealions the sea lion is a cute animal Because it looks like a seal and seals adorable. And they can Swim very fast. and can Do good at tricks and they can Be at a aquarium they can Be tamed and they Make good animals at a aq
  6. I have a new 7th grader in the family who seems (according to the Easy Grammar placement tests) to be very below grade level. On the test, there was not one single skill section that he seems to understand and that was on both the elementary and middle school placement tests. I was planning to use Analytical Grammar but now seeing that we need to start earlier, I'm wondering if I should be looking at the Junior product instead. The description sounds like it's the same as the first unit of AG but written to a younger audience and more student/teacher dialogue. Does that ring true for those
  7. I'm new to the Logic stage so I just had a question for those of you who are using WWS. Do you do the Notebooking/Outlining/Timeline/Source Eval with your core subjects? Or just as directed by WWS for writing? (Caveat-I've only glanced at WWS so far and it 'seems' like that is how it is set up. My question may be moot if I'm wrong about that...) Our core this year is US History. Long story short, I got the My Father's World Adventures in US History before we knew we'd be adding a 7th grader to the family. The materials are actually intended for 2-3rd graders who are the oldest students i
  8. I need some advice as to how to do writing with my newly 9 year old DS. He has ADHD and dyspraxia which I realize challenge him in doing writing work (double whammy- attention to his thoughts long enough to finish writing the words and the muscle tone/control of handwriting). We've done WWE 1 and 2, IEW through writing a paragraph, and now BJU English. The WWE just got so repetitive (for both of us), he had total freak-outs with IEW when we reached the time and intensity of combining multiple paragraphs for storytelling so our most recent effort was BJU English. I thought that would be a g
  9. Here's our plan... KONOS Vol 1 with 3rd grader and preschooler (when he's interested). Cursive Handwriting Planning to explore BJU English as I like what I've heard about alternating writing and grammar but if that doesn't fly after viewing materials at convention, we'll stick with FLL 1 and WWE 1/2 (already doing 1) Math U See Beta/Gamma (already several lessons in on Beta) When she hits Gamma I may incorporate or even switch to Teaching Textbooks. Will get some Creative Movement, Etiquette, Literature, Chorus, Sign Language and Mandarin Chinese (for real!) weekly at our
  10. Again, budget depending, a laminator is one of those things that can be used in almost any educational or otherwise purpose. It's one of those items that I honestly don't think I could homeschool without. Is that weird?
  11. Thanks all! I guess in my mind "I" was focusing on grammar issues of Caps and punctuation and not flow and content but the kids were focused on their own conversational ideas. My DS, at 8, has had YEARS now of what is a sentence and what goes at the beginning and what goes at the end and does so if I'm looking over his shoulder and guiding him. I was just so disappointed to see that he couldn't (or just didn't?) do it independently. I just worried that all these years of WWE and FLL, it had not sunken in. I really appreciate the resetting of my perspective to remember how many tasks and e
  12. I pulled out my WTM book a couple of days ago to review where we are and where we are going in regards to next year. As I considered the writing suggestions for students, I saw that the book recommended having an occasional assignment of writing a letter to someone. My students are a 6 year old/1st grader DD and an 8 year old/2nd grader DS (doing 2nd again because we have always regretted started him in K when we did instead of waiting for the next year...he has a July birthday and is slightly delayed development). We were at the library and left both of them to begin free writing their let
  13. We do that. They do their own Math and LA but we do Bible (daily), History and Science (each 1-2 x week) together. Mine are younger than yours but what I do right now this is how we do the Science and History...DS7 dictates to me what he's learned, I write it out for him and he copies the 1-3 sentences. DD5 dictates what she's learned, I write it out on her page and she draws an illustration. Next "year" we'll move to him writing for himself, developing his own sentences and her doing what he's doing now. There's a possibility that he won't actually be able to do this yet as he does frust
  14. We did Primer but we breezed through really fast. I say do it unless it's not budget-wise. There's alot of the same stuff but it's just less on a page and larger print so it may be less overwhelming for a beginner, especially if you haven't already been doing something along the lines of "lessons" already. Otherwise, Alpha doesn't really start with anything that would be too difficult without the Primer introduction. In fact, (it's been a few months so don't hold me to this) I think some of the videos that introduce a new skill are the same exact one for both DVDs.
  15. I love the ideas. I guess I was mostly looking for resources since I've tried really hard not to become immersed in all the curricula options. It just seemed a bit overwhelming for me as a first year homeschooler. I was looking for more Language Arts arena to follow on with Reading, Writing specifically for her as some of the other ideas will still be good options for us for our combined studies. So, thanks so much for all the ideas so far. Now I can look into these sites and materials that have been suggested and see which one might be the best fit. Thanks!
  16. It's our first year in Home Educating and I've done 2nd and K. My Kindergartener is reading pretty well. We did 100 Easy Lessons so now she just reads out loud to me her choice of library books daily. She did Handwriting Without Tears and followed that up with Kumon Book of Writing Words which she finished. I've ordered Kumon's Book of Simple Sentences but I think that's more beginning Grammar than handwriting. She's about half-way through Math-U-See Alpha. She does Science and History along side big brother where she dictates to me what she's learned and I write it out and she draws a p
  17. Hi everyone, apologies for the off topic post but you are the people we are trying to get some ideas from since there's not that many families out there in the general public anymore with families of our size. We have our #4 due in July and we also have my mom who lives with us and often rides with us. So we need a vehicle that seats at least 7: 3 adults, 2 elementary aged, 1 toddler and 1 infant. We currently have a 2007 Chyrsler Town and Country that has been diagnosed with a burn out engine and expected to die any day. Currently, we can see that when the baby comes with the infant s
  18. We're doing a Grapevine Bible curriculum which goes through the Old and New Testaments. I loved the idea of Biblioplan weavings of Biblical history with secular history HOWEVER, this year it hasn't really worked. I busted my butt in the beginning trying to keep our Bible curriculum weeks in line with Biblioplan. At this point, I'm not really using the BP Companion as the bulk of each week is the Biblical history. I do rely heavily on the Family Guide as it coordinates the weeks for SOTW and Biblioplan as well as the Victor Journey and MOH. I'm undecided at this point if I will stay with B
  19. Just wanted to get some feedback from the other MUS users. I have a K'er who just finished Primer and a 2nd who just finished Alpha. Since their both moving on to a new book and new level, I was just evaluating our plan of attack. The student work has 2 books... The Student Text which has 3 page of Lesson review (A-C) followed by 3 pages of Sytemic Review (D-F). The Test and Activity Book has 1 to a few pages of "fun" math activities for each lesson number as well as a test page for each lesson. Previously, I was showing the lesson video and then giving my children 1 of the lesson rev
  20. This is our first year of homeschooling and I'm still pretty green. I'm doing K and 2nd though my 2nd grader is actually doing MUS Alpha because he was pretty weak in mathematics. We started our academic year in Aug, so we are 6 weeks in with a 4-day week. We've stayed on a lesson for multiple days when is wasn't sinking in but I think we're moving too fast. One is on lesson 18 and the other is on 19. We watch the video and then I give them one of the lesson worksheets and one of the systemic review sheets. If they do well, we move on to the next lesson the next day. Now I'm wondering i
  21. I'm surprised (though I shouldn't be) to find Twilight and Hunger Games listed under "Children's Fiction" in several of my favorite book/ebook sites.
  22. So, related post but very different question. We are 3 weeks into our first experience with homeschooling. I have a 2nd grader doing 1st grade level materials (he's a new 7 year old, had an IEP for ADHD and Dyspraxia in PS, seems to have retained nothing excecpt some awesome reading skills) and a Kindergartener. I was super purposeful about choosing our curricula to start and went with MUS for both (Primer and Alpha). 1. MUS seems like such a unique way of looking at the numbers and value and how they interact. How in the world do you supplement with a different curriculum, as I understan
  23. posting again to test signature lines....
  24. OK, we've just started so I have alot to learn.... We started our academic year at the beginning of August. We're just past 2 weeks of going at it. Here's my question. We've already had a couple of those days where either child is just not getting it (tends to be Math, MUS). I've gotten frustrated, they've gotten frustrated, and it stinks. I get that one of the biggest benefits here in this endeavor is that we can slow down when needed. But here's my worry. Will saying, "OK, we're done for today because I can see that you're done" cause them to see that as a way to bail on a difficult lesson.
  25. I'm beginning my first year of homeschooling in Aug and plan to do 4-day weeks year round with a couple of weeks off here and there. I have K and 2nd graders. My question is.... how do you divide up the year's worth of material (mostly 32 to 40 weeks) across the entire year. I "should" end up with about 46 teaching weeks. How do I stretch out the material or should I? Maybe I should plug along and get follow-on levels when current levels are completed? Or should I supplement with other materials to stretch it out? Or should I skip some weeks (maybe around major holidays)? TIA, Brandi
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