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  1. Thanks for the well wishes on the GRE. I need all the luck I can get. :laugh: I will look into batch cooking. I am familiar with freezer cooking but I will look into this concept as well. We do have a deep freeze in the garage that I am so thankful for. I like what you said about building your schedule around running. I need to get a planner and put in my anchors and build around those. I think my boys would enjoy cooking. I am going to use this time during the summer to teach a few basics to them. My decision to go back to school was sort of on a whim but not really. I've been to
  2. I love the idea of partners in study time. Thanks for the positive outlook and I agree that our attitude really changes how we approach situations. Thanks.
  3. This is great advice. I have been teaching myself how to crochet so I will keep a bag with yarn and a few hooks ready so I can indulge myself when the urge hits.
  4. Thanks Joanne, I remember when my mom decided to go back to school and I was in elementary school. It was tough for her. I loved reading her medical books though they were very interesting. However she ended up not finishing her second degree because she was a single parent with not much support around her. I was always leaving my homework on her campus etc. But I remember sitting through all her classes with her.
  5. A few months ago I decided I was ready to start taking a few graduate classes. I really don't know what came over me. A moment of temporary insanity perhaps. I will be pursuing a MS in Counseling. I will be taking the GRE this Friday. I will be using this summer to get myself and the boys prepared for life while mommy is in school. There will be a few changes this fall in our house. The biggest one is the boys will be attending a classical education school one day a week. This means I will not be the one planning curriculum etc. They will attend one full day get direction from their t
  6. You could try Math U See, Growing with Grammar, Winning with Writing.
  7. I love it when I have a productive day.

  8. Church Finish putting lesson plans in computer Get the classroom ready for school Monday morning
  9. I'm going to try letting my desk be my sink, I will also start requiring the children to help pick up on a daily basis. Thanks.
  10. Technically I should be doing this on Friday. Its just not working out. I do like the idea of small increments of time like 15 minutes to do something regarding planning or keeping the school room clean and organized. I feel so much better when the space is clean. I also can focus and concentrate better when its all nice and neat.
  11. Finish school planning for the next nine weeks order flash cards wash, fold and put away three loads of laundry
  12. It feels like every semester or every time we have a break and come back I'm organized and we get more accomplished. As the days slip into weeks my school room gets more cluttered and the less we are able to get accomplished. Why can't I keep my desk and office space clean? Why can't I reach the objectives set before me when they have already been reduced to the simplest form all extra fluff has been taken away. sigh.. Sometimes it feels like I'm cheating the children.
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