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  1. I have a couple of concerns and reservations, and I really appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. First off, this looks like the coolest program that would fit my oldest perfectly, more than any other program I've seen. But I'm international, and the cost of shipping is SO astronomical, it's prohibitive. They want $134 for shipping, plus there will likely be a large customs fee (possibly equal to the shipping fee), on top of the program cost. This sickens me to my stomach, because in addition, I still need to buy math, three LA's programs for this one child, plus one foreign language (his request). Any suggestions on getting this cost down, especially from any internationals?? It's really looking impossible at this point. :sad: The second thing I'm concerned about is just having so much to do. The languages aren't going on the chopping block and neither is math. Do you think MFW would be doable - reasonably enjoyably doable - for a mature 2nd grader? Given that the languages won't go away, we have to find a way of incorporating history and science somehow, at some point, anyway. I've asked him about what he wants in his education, and how he would prefer to be educated. His answer was, hands down, that he prefers to learn through reading. His next preference for his education was coloring / art / puzzles. And lastly, his least favourite was workbooks. We've been doing A Beka, so I'm really not surprised. Any amazing and wise thoughts out there? Or anyone know how to magically make the cost a LOT lower?? :bigear:
  2. Has anyone used MFW's Economics in a box? What do you think? Is it worth the $$?
  3. My daughter turns 2 this summer. This fall, I would like to find activities that would occupy her while I do school with my older kids. She is a BUSY toddler and loves to tear up books, run around dumping out toys, etc. I thought about purchasing the Toddler preschool pack from MFW. Does anyone else own it? Would like to hear the pros/cons, along with how it captures your child's attention.
  4. My DD will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I used MFW K with my DS and thought I would use it with her too. However, she begged me to teacher her to read, so we are currently working through AAR1. Is it worth doing MFW K with her next year, or should I just skip it and let her do science/history/Bible with DS and Math/Language on her level?
  5. I'm new to the Logic stage so I just had a question for those of you who are using WWS. Do you do the Notebooking/Outlining/Timeline/Source Eval with your core subjects? Or just as directed by WWS for writing? (Caveat-I've only glanced at WWS so far and it 'seems' like that is how it is set up. My question may be moot if I'm wrong about that...) Our core this year is US History. Long story short, I got the My Father's World Adventures in US History before we knew we'd be adding a 7th grader to the family. The materials are actually intended for 2-3rd graders who are the oldest students in the home. I decided to go ahead as planned and just beef up my requirements for him. I want to keep his academics on the lower demand side since we have a lot of adjusting to do anyway. Thanks for all suggestions and insight.
  6. Just a little background...I had all of the kids plans up and running. Working decently but taking 8-9 hours of my time per day to just get school done with my 5. Around Christmas I found out I had 2 tumors - one inside my brain and one on the outside near it. Fortunately, it's benign and slow growing. Had the outer tumor removed and have, finally, recovered (for the most part). The other one is in a hard place to remove, so I am learning to live with it, for now, and working on trying to shrink it. So, all that has led to some major changes in our home and school. The kids got very little school done during the 3+ months this was going on. We are just now really starting back with everything. The 7th graders were able to work more independently but they were having to help with everything else while I was down and weren't able to get much past their Language Arts, Math and music done. I have figured out the boys - put them (pk/k, 2nd & 4th) into MFW-ECC and their math and language arts has stayed the same. The girls are where I am stumped. They are 7th grade. Currently, we are doing the following: History/Geography: BF-Early American & World Lang. Arts: Growing With Grammar 6, Lightening Lit 7, Jump-in Writing Math: their own grade appropriate/level appropriate thing Science: various reading and going thru physical science encyclopedia electives: 2 instruments each, Spanish, cooking OK, so on paper it's not too bad...BUT they don't like the lack of a spine, they are having a hard time keeping up with all the different writing assignments from history AND Light lit AND Jump-in, and they aren't liking Science too much (but are troopers). So, after much thought and reflection I decided I needed to make things easier for them to get thru this year without starting over again. I have done the following: History/Geography: Adding in Notgrass America the Beautiful for them to read with the BF Early American & World History (They have NEVER had American History, so I am really trying to bring out that focus without losing the world context.) They really liked these at the HS conference. They both want to continue with the BF as well - they love the thought-provoking questions and the global context of history. Lang Arts: Continuing with GWG7, Leaving my more creative writer in Jump-in as she loves the program, putting my other child in Essentials in Writing 7. Lightening Lit - want to finish but maybe stagger? not sure Math: Same Science: putting them in Apologia General Science w/ labs and letting them get used to structured and non-mom-directed science. electives: same since I don't really do much with these. ****So Here's where I need the help****** Is it too much to do both BF and Lightening LIt? They like to read, but I don't want to overwhelm them with essays (unless that's normal for middle school). I also don't want to do overkill on any one thing. I want to them to work efficiently and, frankly, don't want to invest in something that isn't needed. Now, to the rest of my frustration: 8th-12th. I need some help thinking this thru - at least with the next couple of years worth. I figure the rest of high school will be set with the pattern I establish in the next 2 years. I will just keep going from there. They really like Beautiful Feet and like how its laid out (except for the lack of a spine, which is why we are using Notgrass). They would like to keep on with BF BUT I am not sure how to do that and get thru US & World history thru 20th century. I was hoping to complete the "intro" years with them before high school so we can take 11th and 12th to delve into US & World on a more mature level. If I keep going with BF, they will be in the high school US & World for 8th and 9th grade. Then 10th-12th would be ancients-wherever and Govt/economics. That sounds like a weird setup to me. What I am thinking about doing is finishing out BF for this year and then just continuing on with the Notgrass Jr High history and just add in Kingfisher History Encyclopedia for the World content and add in some readers from Sonlight Core H. OR***** Should I just use the Notgrass with extra readers for reinforcement, set aside BF Early American and then use it for High school? If I did that, I would then do the following for History: 7th & 8Th - Notgrass America the Beautiful & Uncle Sam & You (together), Light. Lit 7 9th-BF Ancients/ Notgrass World History, Light Lit 10th - BF Medieval/ Notgrass World History, Light Lit 11th - BF Early American & World, start on US & World/ Notgrass Us History, Light Lit 12th - BFUS & World/ Notgrass US history, Light LIt Also, I have considered MFW for high school. I am even ok with not going back and doing ancients again - we've already done it twice and already done all the compare and contrast of ancients civilizations and bible Old Testament, so ... I KNOW I am making this harder than it needs to be! I know this is probably not worth the headache I currently have. I just can't seem to get my mind "unstuck" with the girls planning and I don't want to start over mid-year. My main goal is to give them some kind of overview of us history before high school history. We meant to do that last year, but got stuck on middle ages and renaissance era. Please, if I haven't overwhelmed you, do you have any ideas or suggestions? Things to consider? ways to simplify?
  7. Hi Gals, You MFW users have been such a blessing. Can I ask another question?:) I just discovered a MFW coop in our general area that sounds great, but they are studying US history next year (my dd will be a freshman and just starting the program). Do the levels get progressively more difficult? The coop also teaches lit/comp. I'm not sure how integrated into MFW those subjects are, but I imagine pretty intertwined. I guess I mainly wonder if the reading and composition level would be a big jump for an average (smart, but not super academic) kid. The coop is a long drive and my dd's friend's are in another (local) coop, so I'm not even sure I could interest her. But they teach MFW/Lit./Comp./Math/Science/Life Skills/SAT prep. for only $500 a semester, meeting 2 days a week. Thanks for any input!! Blessings, Gina
  8. I was looking for Ancient History for youngers and was strongly considering SCM. In the meantime I found Science in the Beginning by Jay Wile. Does anyone use these together? Then I saw that MFW CtG also uses Science in the Beginning, but do they schedule the whole book or just parts? Pam
  9. We've pretty much decided on MFW for high school next year for dd. I'd originally planned on using another curriculum where lit. wasn't included and wanted to do Lit. Lessons from the Lord of the Rings in 9th for English. But now since MFW covers English, that seems like it would be too much to do both. Is there anyway to combine the two w/o being overwhelming? She'll have a very full day as it is and will likely balk at too much extra work:) My 5th grade son is already excited about using this in Jr. Hi., but dd won't be as much so...liked The Hobbit o.k. I'm hoping she'll love LOTR. Or maybe I should just add the books to her extra/summer reading list and forget about the full program. Any thoughts? Thanks:) Gina
  10. Hi, I know it is seems early to start preparing which curriculum to use in Fall 2014, but I got an email recently that the local Homeschool trade show/conference is in March. So, prior to that, I really want to have most of my curriculum choices nailed down! Anyways, this year we are using MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures. It is going OK, not LOVING it like we did MFW Adventures. Next in the MFW cycle we would be doing Creation to Greeks. I will have a 4th grader, 2nd grader, and 1st grader doing the work. Questions, what was your opinion of CTG? Was it fun? Did kids enjoy it? What was the main history text? DId anyone add MOH or another supplement text for history? Did you supplement the science? We currently are working through the Apologia Zoology books. What is the science like in CTG? Would CTG be too difficult for a 1st grader??? Or too violent??? (she's very sensitive) Thanks!
  11. Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me figure out MFW's high school scope and sequence. I most likely plan to switch to MFW for high school, but since it's a recent decision not sure how to proceed w/history. We are currently using a curriculum (8th grade) where we are studying Greece and will finish the OT for bible (studied Egypt and first 1/2 of OT last year). She's also reading Black Ships before Troy and The Wanderings of Odysseus (younger versions of the Iliad and the Odyssey). I think AHL would be redundant for her. I've also heard that MFW hardly covers Rome? Is that true? I'm wondering if it might work best to continue w/our current curriculum for 9th (Rome for a year). We'd also be reading Matthew-Acts. Does WHL cover Middle Ages/Ren./Ref. if we jump in in 10th? I just don't know if it would be better to do our whole current curriculum of Rome/Matthew-Acts, or do just the history portions and cover Rome/Ren./Ref. and something else for Bible since we'd be reading the NT in WHL the following year. Another reason I'd maybe want to skip AHL is that I'd like her to do Lost tools of Writing and know there wouldn't be time if we did the writing in AHL. If you're following me, I'd appreciate any advice! Thanks so much:) Blessings, Gina
  12. For a while, I have planned to use MFW ADV in 2014 (we school according to the calendar year). But now I'm thinking about using SOTW 2 in 2014, and then starting ADV in 2015. We used SOTW 1 this year. I will use MFW--already own the programs for ADV-RTR--but I'm wondering if it would be better for our family to wait one more year for MFW, sad as it would be for me, since I was highly anticipating it this year! Could those of you who love planning look at my family's line-up and tell me wwyd in my situation??? I'll give year, then the "grades" of my children for that year, then my line-up for the two options I could do for that year. 2014: 2nd/K/toddlers: Either ADV or SOTW 2 2015: 3rd/1/pre-K: ECC or ADV 2016: 4th/2/K/pre-K: CTG or ECC 2017: 5th/3/1/K: RTR or CTG 2018: 6th/4/2/1: EX1850 or RTR 2019: 7th/5/3/2: MOD or EX1850 2020: 8th/6/4/3: ECC again or MOD ------------------- 2021: 9th grade!!! 7/5/4: Oldest leaves MFW cycle, start high school level ancients, not sure which curric. MFW or TOG or other? youngers do either ECC or use another curric like TOG all together in ancients with 9th grader. _________________________________________ So in either set-up, I'm using MFW's cycle. I'm just wondering whether to start this year or next. Another note--while I say grade level, my children all have birthdays in April, so they are on the young side of their grade level. My ds1 will turn 7 this coming April. So if I use ADV, I'd be starting with an old 6 and 4-year old in February. I have looked at the manual and know my 6-year old will have no trouble with ADV. But one positive of waiting another year is that my ds2 could then do so much more with it (being in 1st grade then), so I could include him more and let the package count for both. If I do it this year, ds2'd probably miss much of it. Also, if I wait a year, ds1 could read many more of the book basket books (and I have a lot of them!) But if I wait a year, I wonder if it would be too easy for ds1. Here's one major question: Do I want to repeat the year of geography, and have 2 years of geography (especially repeating it with ds1 in 8th grade) or do I want to do a full history cycle 3 times? If I do SOTW 2, I really like that progression better--SOTW 1, then 2, then ADV, then geography in 4th, then repeat history cycle in logic stage grades 5-8. I don't really like skipping from SOTW 1 to ADV, although it's not that big of a deal to me. Originally I liked the 1st setup better, because then all of my kids are together for ancients when ds1 hits 9th grade. Otherwise (if I bump MFW back one year doing SOTW 2 in 2014), if I had the others do ECC while ds1 does ancients in hs, (which I do think is important that they have at least one year of ECC--this would be when they're in grades 7, 5, and 4), then they are studying separate topics, and I loved the vision of everyone discussing the same things around the family table. But dh says they'll just make connections and have great discussions anyway regardless of if our high schoolers are more independent doing their own separate studies. I'm not sure I want to base my decision now on what might happen 7 years from now, kwim? Maybe the youngers could skip ECC and do just the history of the cycle, or do ECC and jump into RTR while older does that year. Just don't know what I'm going to do so many years from now. One more thought: MFW seems to be revising their TMs one per year. If they continue at this rate, every year they would put out the new revised TM about two months after I had started it--if I started ADV this January. For example, this year their new ADV manual is coming out in March 2014. That would be annoying... If I wait a year, I can be about 9 months behind the revisions. Not sure what is best... So what would you do in my situation? Do you like the first set-up better or the second? (I realize that if I choose SOTW 2, I'd have to replace Bible, science, art, and music as well, but I'm not too worried about that.)
  13. Hi everyone, I am a four-year MFW user, starting with Adventures and now we are in Exp-1850. I have a 6th grader, a 3rd grader, and a 1st grader doing MFW-1st right now. And I'm feeling for the first time like MFW isn't working for us. The issues: --I want to do with all three boys together somehow, but the age range makes this difficult. I thought I could include my youngest into some of the science reading/activities and perhaps some of the history, but it hasn't worked out. His attention span isn't there. --History read-aloud time has become challenging because 1) my eldest is a visual learner so he would rather just read everything on his own; 2) my second son is a kinesthetic learner and sitting and listening isn't his style, either. --I end up foregoing the assigned 2nd/3rd grade supplement for this year because there just isn't time, so my 3rd grader rarely gets to experience age-appropriate activities in history and science. --We get behind on read-alouds as a result of it not being a favorite activity of my kids. As much as I wish I could sit and read aloud to them for hours, it is just not holding their attention and it's making history a chore for them and for me. So....help??? I have appreciated MFW overall through the years, but I'm feeling like it's not working as much for me as it did in past years. If you have made a switch from MFW to something else, say TOG which intrigues me a bit or anything else, I would love to hear your thoughts about what prompted you to make the switch and how it has worked out for you. Thanks in advance for your input!
  14. We start tomorrow with MFW ECC along with MFW 1st. I was curious who else was doing MFW ECC this year? It might be fun for us to get ideas from each other and be able to support each other throughout the year! This is my 2nd year homeschooling, so I could definitely use any tips/advice!!
  15. I could use a set of "experienced" eyes to look at my plans for 9th grade English and help me make a decision. Its our first year, I'm still learning and I am not sure if I'm doing this right. I'll give a little background on how I got to this current plan: I originally had planned for her to take English Honors thru FLVS. I liked the idea of her having a teacher to answer to, not me =) BUT... After looking at their syllabus I realized it was going to be WAY too much reading for her on top of Ancient History readings. She is interested in studying Ancient History so we are going to have her do MOH vol1 and possibly vol 2 with a more in depth study on Egypt and Greek Mythology. She has expressed interest in workbook type curriculum's also, SOOOO I am thinking of getting CLE's English 1. (I bought CLE LA 400 for my 4th grader and she peeked through and is pretty happy with it.) CLE English is just 1/2 credit (grammar, essay & speech). They recommend taking their Literature units for the other 1/2 credit but its not mandatory and I'm not interested. The other 1/2 credit for English is listed as 10th grade. I also am VERY interested in getting her Ancient Literature Supplements with Grammar & Composition by MFW, it looks like a perfect fit with MOH. And they said it can stand alone as it is their spine for the English part of MFW. So looking at the scope & sequence of both above choices I have a dilemma, I have no idea how much is too much or if its not enough. If anyone has viewed the above curriculums: should I get CLE English 1, 9th and 10 grade AND the Ancient Lit supplement? Or should I have her just do CLE English 1 9th grade only along with the Ancient Lit supplement? Or is the Ancient Lit supplement enough on its own? Advice would be very much appreciated, I'm stumped on this one!!
  16. Has anyone ever heard of a book-swap co-op or is there one on this site? We are using Tapestry of Grace Redesigned, Year 1 this year. I was telling an lady that it's too expensive to buy all the books recommended just in the primary resource list for one level, let a lone two or three. She said that when she lived over seas there was a book-swap co-op. The way she described it was that one family would agree to buy a particular year plan/unit, and another family a different unit of the same year plan and then they would all swap books through mail to share expenses. I can think of a few different ways to do this, besides what she mentioned. If there is not a book-swap co-op that anyone can tell me about, how could we use this site to get one started? (Sorry, I'm not real familiar with how to use forums and this is my first time on TWTM.) TOG shares similar resources with several other curr. such as VP, MFW, and Sonlight. It would not have to be a book-swap co-op specifically for TOG, just a general book-swap co-op. If anyone knows how to use this site to set one up or can recommend a way to set on up online via another site, I can put together policies/rules.
  17. I am still finalizing my decision on the history/literature/bible curriculum for my rising 9th grader, and I'm completely out of time. I have everything else ready to go. I would love input from those who have used Omnibus - how teacher-intensive is it? I am having a tough time deciding between MFW AHL, and Omnibus III (Omnibus III would put my 9th grader in the same history period that the rest of my kids will be studying next year, so that would be nice...if we do MFW, we need to start at the beginning because of the way that the skills build). I much prefer the literature and theology book lists in Omnibus. But I don't know what is required of my son or of me in that program. I have a serious illness (life-threatening...my mom died of this when she was just a few years older than I am) and three other kids to teach, so I need to be realistic about what we can do. MFW is an easy choice because it will get done no matter how I'm doing...my son won't fall behind with that, and I can keep up with my portion of it easily. I would be happy with it and so would my son. As a former English major, however, Omnibus is my ideal choice - I drool just looking at the book lists. But if it's teacher-intensive, or if it is extremely intense for a student who is just beginning Veritas at the 9th grade level, then I know it's not a wise choice for our situation. I'd love any feedback from those who have done Omnibus, MFW, or both. I have been holding off this decision because we've been invited to enroll in some new co-op classes that would cover some of these things, but they've been slow to give info of what they will be doing and what we would need to buy, so I'm just proceeding on my own. :)
  18. Hello :) For those of you who have used ECC I would love to ask a few questions about it. I have looked at the sample that MFW provides but it doesn't seem to be able to answer my questions. BIBLE STUDY/MISSION FOCUS: Q: Does MFW in its daily format, provide more than just the verse daily? Do they offer questions to ask the students? Are there any student sheets with questions about the missions (Benge) books? Or is it more focused on the geo/science aspects. The sample does not have anything else except just the verse. I can't seem to see any discussion questions. Is there more, if so, what is there? We have used HOD this year and have enjoyed the good discussions and questions they have in their Bible Study/Storytime/History sections. It is just we would like to do a year of cultures and countries with a big focus on missions, but with handholding for me in regards to discussion questions. Thanks heaps!
  19. I looked at MFW K with my oldest son (now in 2nd grade), wanted it, and decided it would be too light. Turns out, it would not have been to light for him. My second son will be 5 this June. He has decided he is ready to learn letters. He can cut and color decently and will do pages or crafts, which my older son did not enjoy. I am looking at MFW K again. It says on the website it takes 2.5-3 hours. Really? What are your experiences? Does that include read-aloud time? Is the new version way better than the old one? Is there any chance to find it used or just as well to buy it new? Is the deluxe package worth the price? I'm sure my son would love the ant hill! If I get it, should I go ahead with plans to teach him his letters and sounds with mommy-makes up activities or start MFW K? In other words, if he learns his letters and most sounds, and then we start MFW K, will it be too slow? It might help to know that I lean to the better-late-than-early camp. I totally don't expect him to read in K or 1st for that matter. I like that he is interested, but mostly would like him to have a fun year, and MFW K looks fun.
  20. Has anyone used the daily lesson plans from MFW for Saxon Alg.1? I know they don't schedule all of the problems in the lessons.....just the most important ones to complete. I know Art Reed says to do them ALL!! Can anyone talk me out of or into buying/not buying MFW's Daily Lesson Plans. I think they are about $15? I didn't think I was going to go with Saxon for Alg. but dd says she wants to stick with it along with Art Reed. I thought these lesson plans might help? (She'll also be using Alcumus and Khan Academy and LOF)........Thanks everyone! Here is the link to MFW.....
  21. A little background DS is an only child and is now 10 years old DS was in 3rd grade public school last year DS was in GT class and bored out of his mind DS is very social, straight A's, never had a problem in public school Teachers LOVED him Our area schools are not good schools I am not against public schools, just the ones we have around here. I started homeschooling in Jan 2012 when he was in 3rd grade We used traditional method (no intergration at all) He loves to math, science, and reading I discoverd Classical Method and loved it I found TOG and fell in love Started TOG in Feb of 2012 Here is where my OCD comes in Since I started TOG in Feb the only way to finish before Fall was homeschool through the summer....so we did. We homeschooled ALL subjects ALL summer It is hard for me to pick and choose. If it suggest something I am going to TRY to have my DS do it. Total burn out by August 2012 so we put DS in 4th grade in Public School They called a meeting with me about skipping 5th grade. This would have DS going from 4th to 6th grade. NO!!! Pulled DS out again in FEB 2013 Put DS in a Co-op like Classical Conversations but uses a lot of Tapestry. (They write their own curriculum) Very liberal arts feel. Heavy writing!!! Ds wrote 5 papers in one week. Lots of reading which he loved. Math and Science was put on backburner. Also a pick and choose curriculum which is hard for me. I want him to do it ALL!!! There suggested schedule has us homeschooling for 8 hours, and science & math as an elective and last on the schedule. Ahhh!!! Too many choices We have found out about a science, math and technology school in our area. It is through the public school system but has a very small population (around 60 students) and it's own campus. It offers 9th - 12th grades. DS would have to apply in the 8th grade and they do accept homeschoolers. We want to homeschool him till then. I do not want my child to skip a grade in school. I love the classical method but I am really wondering if it is just not a fit for us. I cannot handle a buffet style curriculum because I want him to do it all. I have also looked at several curriculums with schedules. I do better with a daily schedule. I am a planner and the words "just relax" do not fit in my vocabulary. That is just the way I am wired. I very much have our homeschool set up like school, and classical just does not seem to fit that. The things I love about classical Chronological History Lots of great literature intergrated into what DS is learning Things I DO NOT love about classical Days are too long. DH gets home at 4:30 and we are still homeschooling after starting at 7:30. The planning myself. I cannot pick and choose. I need a daily schedule. Reading several books at one time ( I don't get this!!!) Why read 2-3 chapters a day from 4-5 different books? I have looked into MFW, SL, MOH (W/Illuminations Schedule), SOTW, and for some reason keep going back to TOG!!! It is kind of like the perfect shoe that is 2 sizes too small. I think it is perfect but it won't fit on my foot....Ugh!!! My husband says to do Abeka and be done with it. That way DS can be a child too. It has the daily schedule of what to do and when, so me and my OCD would not go crazy and start overworking him, but I really love chronological history and heavy literature. However when we were using a traditional method we were finishing right after lunch and were more relaxed. I also got the "I am done for the day feeling" that I need so very much. What do I do? I am scared that I am going to stress myself out to no end and just put him in public school and be done with it. I also need to have him in a co-op environment because he is an only child. There is one close to me but they are more traditional......Teaching Textbooks, Apologia Science, BJP History, etc. I also do not mind Christian curriculum because we are Christian but MOH seems to be overly Christian for us. Key Points I need a daily schedule Heavy literature Chronological History that does start with creation but does not spend 2 years in the bible. I would like to finish school around 1-2ish. I am not comfortable with a relaxed, choose what you want to do curriculum. I will homeschool him for 4 years prior to the academy he wants to go to. Signed......STRESSED OUT MAMA!!! :eek:
  22. We use HST+ to print out daily task lists (or whatever they are called), so my kids are used to that sort of format. My oldest is about to start MFW AHL, and he would prefer for me to enter it into HST+. Record-keeping-wise, I would too. However...what a nightmare this is going to be! Any suggestions? I'm contemplating telling my son "tough" LOL. But just in case there is an "easy" way that I'm overlooking, I'd like to give it a shot....
  23. This year my children are dd5th and ds2nd and we are studying Ancients with MFW Creation to Greeks. This is our first time going through the Classical History rotation. Last year we did MFW ECC. I had it all planned out. My dd5th would follow the history rotation with MFW (with little brother tagging along), doing Rome to the Reformation next year (6th), followed by two years of American History (7th & 8th). But, my husband and I are missionaries overseas and furlough is falling at such an odd time. We are planning on going December 2013, in the middle of dd’s 6th grade, in which they would be doing Rome to the Reformation. There are so many factors contributing to my dilemma but I need help deciding how to proceed. I’m really torn about what to do. I love the history rotation and have been so excited about it, but I also really want to take advantage of the opportunity we are going to have to spend 6 months in the U.S. I want to do field trips to all sorts of historic sites (we’ll be traveling most of the U.S. from Kansas to the East). I just think it’s an important opportunity for my children to experience living in the States and being American for awhile. I just can’t decide what to do about our history rotation though. Here are my options as far as I can tell: 1.Continue with Rome to Reformation as normal, doing the schooling in the car/hotels/on visits as we travel. I probably wouldn’t be able to handle an all inclusive program like MFW or Sonlight, though, so I would probably go with a text. 2. Start Rome for the semester before we leave. Take a break for the 6 months we’re gone, and then pick it back up when we come back. The draw back to this is that we’ll have to do some considerable review. It also puts us 6 months behind on our rotation. We could probably make it up over the next couple years before high school though. 3. Make 6th grade all about U.S. history, doing fun projects to prepare for the trip and then diving into it while we’re there. Then come back and do Rome to the Reformation for 7th and a 1 year U.S. History for 8th. It would be disjointed, and they wouldn’t get the in-depth study of U.S. History that I wanted. 4. Or, I could skip Rome to the Reformation right now and do the two year study of U.S. History for 6th and 7th, then go back to Rome to the Reformation for 8th. Disjointed, once again. But would accommodate being in the States for 6th grade and allow for an in-depth study of U.S. History with our trip as the focus. For high school I’m planning to use either MFW’s high school program, which follows the history rotation, or Sonlight, which starts with American History. I’m just in a conundrum over this… So, what would you do? And Why?
  24. So, dh is starting to recognize that school isn't a good fit for ds. This doesn't mean he'll actually agree to pull him, but the odds are increasing. I've started looking more seriously at curriculum again, and wanted to ask some questions/get my thoughts out. Feel free to comment, make suggestions, etc. IF I pull ds and start homeschooling at some point this school year, I feel like I'm going to need a curriculum that does some handholding (ie, I don't have to do much planning), but I DON'T want or need a curriculum that approximates public school. I know one of you lovely ladies recommended that, as new homeschooler, I should use something that approximates school. That makes sense when I first read it, but, upon reflection, I think that would backfire on me. School hasn't been a good experience for DS, and I think pulling him out and doing something like, say, Calvert (public school in a box) or Abeka (Christian school in box) would just frustrate him. It would be like doing homework ALL DAY LONG. Believe me, the 30 minutes or so we already spend on homework is quite enough. So, basically, I need something that's structured but in a different way from public school. This has changed my thoughts a bit on some of the curriculum I liked. MBTP: The more I look at the samples and scope and sequence, the more I think it looks like a really good, creative version of public school. The topics are similar (in fact, my son's class did one of the exact topics in the Culture unit in first grade), and some of the activity sheets look uncannily like things he brings home from school. I'm sure this curriculum is wonderful for some people, but I don't think it's what we need if we want to break away from school-type learning. Oak Meadow: The fact that there are only weekly plans makes me nervous, but, more importantly, the more I look at the samples, the more I realize I'd have to do TONS of tweaking in LA and Math. Yes, I know people use OM as a base and do that, but, if I'm going to pay for a full curriculum as a beginning homeschooler, I really want to use the full curriculum. Also, Oak Meadow, being a graded curriculum, seems to expect even advancement in the skill subjects from year to year. Yes, they start slowly, but there's a pretty decent jump from grade to grade. DS just doesn't advance like that. MFW Adventures: Even though this is the one I was advised against because it's so different from school, it looks the most attractive upon reflection. It's scheduled but not super rigidly. I could use Math and LA that serve DS's needs and not feel like I was missing out on a good portion of the program. I do wonder, though, if it would be better to hold off and consider it for 3rd grade, since I'd be pulling DS out partway through the year. Curriculum mix: I never really considered this before, but I'm wondering if this would be the best choice if I pull DS out partway through the year. I could use Math and LA that fit his skill level, and maybe double up on science programs since that's his area of strength. This would involve a bit more planning, but if I chose programs well at least each program would be planned for me.
  25. I'm still trying to decide what to use for this coming fall for my son. I was leaning towards MFW World History but then I came across TOG. If anyone is aware of how they differ/are similar explain it to me, that would be great. I'm not entirely sure I know what I want (part of the problem) but I do know we want a literature-based program with some sort of a guide. Yes, I've looked at Sonlight & Beautiful Feet. Obviously, I want to be involved and discuss and guide but I can't have something that requires lots and lots of teacher planning. Anyone want to give me they're opinions on whether TOG might be a good match? And if it's worth the cost with one high school aged child at home to use it?
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