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  1. So we got one of these this pass summer. It's now mid October and it's still up. The husband who said he was going to take care of it never did and now he's pretty gone until next year summer. I am just gonna add another tarp on it and call it good for the year. Anyone else just left it up? We live in Virginia near the VA/NC state line so not terribly cold winters. I don't know anyone who has one. Everyone I know either don't have a pool or have an inground pool
  2. I did nothing but worry if I was screwing up my first born now that she is 16. Nope, haven't done nothing special and she is currently getting a B in her first online college course as an online dual enrollment student. My game plan is to have her do all the history/LA with some elective online and then her science and math at one of the local colleges.
  3. We are very limited in giving our children all the experiences they say a homeschooler can have. Thru the craziness of military life my oldest has held onto the dream of veterinarian. She's done shelters and local zoo. She's read all that she can find that is animal related. There been some very interesting books that child has read and I though the medicine and care of the human body was alot (prior nurse here). She just did a college visit that does have a veterinarian program and got a list off all the pre vet classes she need to complete before applying. Now she has spoken to a handful of people in the veterinarian world, and all have gone to a few colleges prior to vet school. Right now she is doing all non math, science, and elective classes online that she can do while in her Jr/Sr of high school. She likes to be in a class for mathematics and science. Since she will actually go to a college for those, they are at the bottom of the list due to price. She gets her licence soon and then she can start her road for interning, employment, volunteering at one of the many SPCAs, veterinarian offices, pet stores (nearly all have some type of clinic in them). There are a few more colleges to go check out this year, thankfully all within a 1500 miles from home.
  4. Nope, library isn't close enough to use on a regular basis. We use the internet quite a bit for lots of things both for and not for school.
  5. I asked the UPS guy when we came at 8pm. He said they don't stop until everything is out of the truck for that day.
  6. So what did you do with the time from pretty much all you can teach can be taught to the time they enter college? My oldest has gotten the 12+ or whatever it is on yearly tests. Slightly above average on PSAT test. We cannot afford the AP classes or the duel enrollment classes. I could afford duel enrollment classes if my child attending the high school but we really prefer not to go that route. She currently has her one yearly summer volunteering 'job' and she helps me with co op classes. There are the occasional church activities. Do colleges really look and perfer those who take the higher learning classes? I feel bad that I cannot afford these classes but we are on a stricter budget and to go passed it I would need a job or my husband a second job.
  7. Bear23

    Bad Kitty

    Took Miss Kitty to the vet and she was a sick kitty. She has since been put on antibiotics and is scheduled to have her teeth clean after her 2 wk check up. Since that visit there have not been any issues. Was also told to give the cats patee can food with water. This is better than dry cat food. The cats seem to love this and out other cat hasn't need after the bathroom sink since we started feeding her this way. After their morning can, I do put dry in there and do can again at night. They seem to be happy. Also Miss Kitty hasn't been meowing like before and started to play with her toy nip balls and mice.
  8. Bear23

    Bad Kitty

    I am going to take her to a new vet tomorrow to double check to make sure she isn't sick. I will looking into a heating pad for the porch. This just be the best option, just wish she be like the other cat who don't care about anything except that she is fed and has a bed to sleep on all day long.
  9. The cat that we adopted due to a natural disaster has reached her limits in living with us. She was in a shelter where I volunteered. She was kept in a large cage away from other cats. We fostered in hopes to find her a new home but stuff happens and she is now ours. We have done four moves with this cat and at all places we have had issues with her spraying nearly everywhere. This past month it's been peeing on us. That was the last straw. It is totally behavioral and not medical. She does enjoy the outdoors but and husband and I are totally at odds about just letting her go outside. We are in a quiet neighborhood but it's not country. I am not comfortable leaving her out but he is. Would she be happy stuck in a shelter in a cage. She doesn't even like other cats, had another cat when she came to our home. or just let her be an outdoor cat where she can go into the small enclosed porch when she wants too? Seriously, who wants to adopt a cat with a history of peeing all over the place?
  10. I have been a member of this forum since I started homeschooling back in 06. So there are posts from me on this forum. I haven't been on for awhile or sold anything for awhile. I have tried selling books locally but no interest so I like to post here. I tried to post some stuff and I get a message saying I have to post on the forum. Then when I refresh I see my stuff. So it my stuff there or not there? Over the next few days I plan to put quite a bit because my elementary school years are officially behind us now. I am now teaching only middle/high school levels now.
  11. We just use whatever is free at home but have made it a priority to go to the library weekly to use all the programs they have for free.
  12. Bear23

    Purse size

    I have three sizes that I use depending on what I am doing and where I am going. What ever the size, it has to hold my wallet, keys and phone. On average my size of purse is a mini backpack. It's cute and not too big or small, perfect for every day running around.
  13. I am a Christian and I support marriage as one man and one woman and their job is to create and you cannot do that when you are man and man or woman and woman. Yippee skippee you are 'married' but don't expect me to celebrate with you because I won't. I'll send a card and wish you well. I support private businesses who wish not to serve same sex couples. Their business, their rights. If I had my own business I would not cater to them. I will teach my children that a proper marriage if of one man and woman. Now why do I care? I care when it's shoved in my face about their rights and how schools are saying don't listen to your parents n church but them saying to accept this new age union. I don't like being told that I am a hater just because I don't support it. Don't tell me I should love everyone because I am Christian, cuz I don't and never will love everyone.
  14. be a 3 bedroom house in the city. so many restrictions but still better than a HOA neighborhood.
  15. I will be using this series with my middle school kiddos. To me it's a good independent starter. The first time thru I was able to do a book a semester. Hoping to do the same the second time around.
  16. I bought ABeka History - geography and world used. He summer school - reading the world book but come fall she will do Ancients along with the rest of the family. Her does current events by listening to the news and reading the paper.
  17. This is our second year in Virginia area and these summers get hot. It's not even spring yet and we have already been to a handful of friend's homes for swimming plus a few trips to the beach. Most of my friends have inground pools and are really nice and beautiful. My husband refuses to have an inground pool put in. We have the space for it but he really likes our open area for our tween/teen kids to play ball. Plus we have cats, dogs and chickens. So above pool it is. No problem, growing up back home in the midwest, everyone had above ground pools. Again most had a nice landscaping with or without a deck around them. My BIL bought one of those $400-$500 ones from Walmart or similar store and absolutely loves it. Easy set up and tear down. They just put it back up and says it's still good to go. They are currently in the northeast and rent. Last month my friend bought one and she loves it and she will take it down again come fall. While spending $500 is doable I would like to have an above ground pool that is up year round like my friends down in south of us. I have no desire to set it all up just to tear down in a few months time. Plus we own our home and the place we would put it will tie in nicely with the patio/deck we plan to build next year. The area is behind the house, not seen from the street which is was I like, it will have quite a bit a shade with sun scattered about when is passes among the pines. We don't even want a huge one just something for a family of five with friends who come now and then. I So I want to hear everyone's pool stories. What do you like or dislike about the above ground pool? Care of pool, easy or pain in the butt? Do you install or pay someone to install? How long has it last? Did you just set it up or did you landscape or build a deck around it? If you could do it all over again, would you have gone in ground instead of above ground? Did you have an above and then decide to put install an in ground pool? Also what pool to get? I know you get what you pay for, cheaper ones not as good as expensive ones but I know my husband would perfer not to spend thousands on a pool, another reason for above ground. What kind/brand did you or currently have? Thanks
  18. I bought the 3rd edition since my child's co op is planning on using it. I am not a science guru and just looking at Chemistry 2nd or 3rd just makes me cringe. We will muddle through it and make it work for us. I bought it four months ago so I cannot go and change things now.
  19. Is it just regular biology or could it be considered Honor Biology? I am writing up my freshman's transcript and I was told that I can put it down as Honors Biology. Science is this teens favorite and has done well on her papers and labs. She has nearly completed this course and has watched videos and extra notebooking pages to go with this course. Has anyone else put it down as a Honor's Biology or just kept it Biology with an A.
  20. We use our bank. makes like so much easier just to go in click your bills n dates and move on. Even better that most of ours are auto so I really don't have to think about them. Love it
  21. Animal Science/Zoology somewhere along those lines is her future. Higher math is a must. Yippee. Her teacher does help and we did sign up for the tutor thing thru the military. She got the other problems done but still that one is grring. thanks everyone for the replies
  22. We are going to do the lint thing this weekend. Yea, it's electric. I have always had new so didn't even think bout new parts. I am so not the handy man in this house.
  23. So we live in a house with no laundry room. To us no biggie, years ago when we lived in Florida, our laundry area was in the garage. It was along the interior wall of the house and everything seemed to wash n dry with no problems. Now living not much too much north, Virginia, our laundry is in the garage. These past few weeks have been cold, nearing the 30ish mark and colder at nigh. Our washer/dryer on along the exterior wall. The wash does fine but it seems the dryer isn't drying as well as it should. Now my combo are not newer, they were used and cost us $150 for the set (divorcing family). Now before we left I noticed the drying needed to go longer to dry but figure it was too much but now with smaller loads its still taking forever like two or even three cycles to dry. I do have an outside drying rack but with cold rainy days, it's the dryer. So my long winded question is this - could my dryer be doing a poor job because it's out in the garage along the exterior wall? It is cold out there since no heat goes out there cuz it's a garage. Or could this used old dryer finally be on the outs?
  24. How did I miss this? My daughter, freshman, just took the PSAT. Looks like I will have her take it again next year.
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