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  1. Growing so fast: Language Arts: *Current Plan* Grammar: MCT grammar/sentence/practice Island for independent reinforcement in summer & early fall. Followed by ELTL 5 (literature, copy work & grammar) for rest of year OR followed by MCT Grammar Town and MCT Search Trilogy. Poetry: Music of the Hemispheres Spelling: LOE Essentials Writing: CAP 4 Cheria and Proverb, 5 Refutation & Confirmation Latin for Children B or dropping Latin and going with Ceasar's English. Math: Rightstart Math E (2nd half) and Beast Academy 4. (Alternating Days) Co
  2. I am totally in the same boat with you. My eldest is in ELTL 4. I love the diagramming and he has been doing extremely well with the program. Initially I was going to move over to W&R after ELTL 2 but stuck with it. We like the copia exercises in it but I just felt recently that he needs a bit more direction in the writing. I picked up a used copy of narrative 2 a couple of weeks ago and it seems exactly what we need. So we are finishing the year w/ the reading, diagramming and some of the copy work & picture studies in ELTL 4 combined w/ W&R. I did pick up a used ELTL 5
  3. I had registered years and years ago. Recently, when a friend came down with a blood disease my church held a drive, the be the match person was able to retrieve my info and update my address. He also told me (according to the records) that 5 years earlier, I had been a match for someone but they couldn't locate me as we had moved (a few times). You have no idea how badly I feel about this. Hopefully that person had another match. For anyone who signs up, please remember if you move, when you are filling out all your changes of address to update your info with Be the Match. To ea
  4. When shopping at Target w/ my 2 yo ds we passed a display of hanging Chinese paper lanterns. DS: Look Mommy, p(l)anets! There's Jupter. Me: Oh, which one? DS The Biiiig One. And Satern, Neptune, Urnus, earf, Mecry, and Mars. Me: Where's Mars? DS: The red one. (Duh, mom) Teenager setting display up: Can he come with me to science class? :lol: As we are leaving the area, cue the 2yo tantrum. No! NO!, I want to watch panets!
  5. I've whittled my amazon reading wishlist of over 200 books to this. I couldn't help but through in a 4th alternate in the elementary years. My list does loosely follow the 4 year cycle. Considering that this is a Literature list for school, I've included more "classic" titles. I've tried to include a little of adventure stories, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction works. As I have two boys, my list leans that way. I've included links to some hardcover illustrated (usually abridged) editions of books. I really like the idea of having this kind of books that can be handed down
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