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  1. If you have a Star Wars fan, you need to go to MGM on a non early entry day. You need to be at the park before opening and run straight to the sign up for Jedi training. This was the best thing for my little boy. He learned a light saber routine and then he got to fight Darth Vader. Oh my word, the look on his face was priceless. Do Epcot first, unless the crowd calendar says to stay away. At Epcot, there is a Kim Possible mission that send your family to different countries doing things to complete your mission. Makes visiting the co untried much more fun for the kids. Do not miss th
  2. Zooloretto is awesome for kids. You are building a zoo and only have so many places to put different kinds of animals, so you can collect them all. When you get a female and a male animal in an enclosure, you get the baby animal. The way you build the zoo uses strategy and logic on a level younger kids can understand. Target is selling this in th eir stores now. Don't forget the Logic of English Gamebook and cards. There are some great games in the book. Sleeping Queens uses basic addition, numbers 1-10, matching and memory work. Rat-a-tat-cat uses numbers 1-9 on their cards a
  3. I signed up my seventh grader here: http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/online This is the IEW curriculum. I chose Pamela White since she can highly recommended. The course is $199 per semester you enroll. You do choose a class time and attend then. You will need to buy the books appropriate for you child (SWI A,B, or C).
  4. We went last July and I learned that I will never go tent camping again in Yellowstone. We love tent camping but it was too much for us. Here are the reasons why: 1. In the end of July the temperatures at night were 33 degrees. We froze. We brought wonderful bags that kept us warm but the condensation would make the bags wet by morning. Having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the morning was torture. 2. The mosquitos were a freaking nightmare. Deep woods off did not work. You have to spray everything! They would bite through the clothes and our faces were t
  5. K-12 runs its own virtual private charter as well as virtual state charters for some states. TN has created one that really is for only up to 8th. If you do a search for tnva you should find some recent posts.
  6. Video it everyday and show the time stamp. Then create a Youtube video of the issue, showing the consistent attempts at running you off the sidewalk. Then share it on Facebook and make it public on Youtube. The video will go viral (you already have all of us), you make lots of money and maybe, just maybe, she will see it and stop. If not, you can make some cash for college.
  7. I am using a timeline app on my iPad. You can add and delete timeline events. No cutting and pasting or wishing I had more room in a book or wall.
  8. Hello! I am looking for a respected life science textbook for middle school age. Secular is preferred. Any recommendations?
  9. You need to reduce the amount of stuff in your life to make it manageable. Box up 90% of the toys (rotate monthly), give the kids only enough outfits for 4 days of clothes, create a weekly menu plan and stick to it. Lock doors to rooms the kids don't need to be in all day to keep messes from spilling over to those areas. Discover the Flylady method. http://www.flylady.net
  10. You can get through Logic of English in 8-16 weeks. I agree wit the previous poster that you could just pick up with RS 4 after you finished LoE.
  11. My son is 11 almost 12. Do you think continuing with the spelling journal and regularly reviewing the rules will be enough? I don't expect him to have complete mastery after the 8-16 weeks. I imagine we will go over all the rules once a month with the games and the journal. By learning the spelling rules myself, I hoped I would help him see those rules in his vocab words in the future.
  12. Get the ipad. The 3D apps for biology and chemistry alone make it fabulous! The graphing calculators, math and science dictionaries, the access to Khan, etc is great too. I have very little games on mine so that they don't steal it. If they do take it, I have it locked with a passcode anyway. I am okay with all the stuff on there and pretty much they will be learning somthing when they use it. I use the passcode so that my kids come to me to open it and I know who has it.
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