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  1. Ok, I'm only on page 9 of this thread...and I feel like my head is exploding. THIS is what I've been struggling with! I used to read to the kids so much more and it's being pushed aside. How do I read all the classics to them, plus do everything else? And when can we do poetry? You mean, I don't have to make history the focus and wrap literature around the history? Really?? Whoo hoo! I'm feeling a little dazzled. I'v never heard of Circe or Andew Kern, and I'm a little nervous to even open up that can of worms. But, I do want the beautiful things that I love (classical music, paintings, art, good literature) to surround the kids. I just don't know how to do it. Reality does not match up with the ideal in my head. My boys hate all schoolwork and drag their feet to do it. They do love listening to me read, though...but would choose a Berenstain Bears book over A Child's Garden of Verses. They would only want to watch TV if I let them. All sorts of ideas to ponder...thanks for this thread!! ETA: I forgot to add...I have my grandfather's set of My Bookhouse 1-6, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, published 1925. They are such beautiful books. I'm so surprised to see these mentioned least I think they are the ones that were mentioned. So these are being recommended to read? For some reason I thought the hive was rather sneering toward anthologies like this. Do these qualify as "good" literature?
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