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  1. I like to put a toy car on a number line with the car on zero and headlights facing the positive numbers. Driving "forward" is positive. Driving in "reverse" is negative. Rule number 1: forward is positive, reverse is negative. Pretty basic. Now I introduce a rule number 2: flipping the car around changes the sign. For example: I flip the car around so that the headlights face the negative numbers. Now "forward" is negative and "reverse" is positive. Now the tricky part. If I start with on zero with my headlights facing toward the positive and drive forward, I am moving in a positive direction. If I flip my car around so that my headlights are facing the negatives and I drive in reverse, I am STILL moving in a positive direction. So flipping my car around (negative) and driving in reverse (negative) creates a "positive" number.
  2. I really appreciate this post. I am in the middle of planning high school for my rising 9th grader and I want to make sure I understand how this works. My daughter does about 3 hours of swimming a week with a non-competative team. Do I call that PE? Mark it as a "Pass" on her transcript? She also does 1 hour of cello lessons and practices with a double quartet once a week for 1.5 hours. They perform very regularly on the weekends. Do I call that Music Appreciation and mark is as a "Pass" on her transcript? Do colleges look at that on a transcript and think, "That isn't a class that is an extracurricular"? Or do they mostly focus on the core academic classes and standardized test scores while glancing over fluff classes like PE? Is it fair that a public school kid on her swim team and in her double quartet counts it only as an extracurricular while she counts it as both a high school credit and an extracurricular? Do colleges think about this? My daughter is most interested in academics and would rather focus her time there than worrying about classes like PE and Health. I'm already stressed out about making her schedule work. I've always considered myself a strict homeschooler but now that I think of counting credits and creating transcripts I realize just how loosey-goosey our homeschool really is!
  3. I'm coaching a middle school team at our academic olympiad state competition. From what I understand, we are the only homeschool team competing. I'm trying to prepare a study guide for my students to study at home and I'm wondering what types of things you would include on a study guide. The 100 question test is supposed to include 20 questions of each math, science, history, english, and general knowledge. Based on written test scores our team will be seeded with other teams for one-on-one competition. Looking at all of the practice questions I've been given, here are some ideas I have: Titles, authors, and basic plot of most popular classic and modern literature (I've found a list online that looks pretty thorough) Greek and Roman god and goddesses Major rivers, seas, and other bodies of water Basic human anatomy United States presidents Famous inventors Famous explorers Other ideas? Or any resources you know of that are already typed up and easy to print out?
  4. Once upon a time (2007ish) I kept a private blog through blogger for my family that lived far away. I've kept up the blog until July 2017. My family now keeps up to date using other social media and I have decided that I will no longer be updating our blog. For the past 2 or 3 years I have been loading my videos from my phone to youtube. (The videos are private.) Now that I am officially dropping our blog, I'd like to move all the videos from that blog to youtube so I can have all the videos of all my kids in one place and so that I can watch videos without having to sort through a bunch of old blog posts. Before my smart phone, I would save my videos on my computer and upload them to our blog. Our oldest computer goes back to about 2011 with all of our videos. From 2007-2011 I don't have anything besides what is on blogger. I can't seem to figure out how to move those videos to youtube. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Am I out of luck?
  5. Never mind! I just received an email saying that the trial was cancelled! ?
  6. I have checked the laws in our state and they are very vague and there are no age restrictions are given. My understanding of it is that parents are allowed to use their best judgement.
  7. I've been called to jury duty and I'm wondering if it is okay to leave my kids (11, 9, 5) home alone. I have a friend that can check check on them a couple of times during the day but can't watch them all day. My husband works close to our house and can come home if there is an emergency. My 11 year old has completed the Red Cross babysitting course and all 3 kids are very well behaved. We've left them home alone many times before and have never had an issue. I have no family in the area and I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a full day babysitter. Honestly I'd rather just leave them home. Are they too young?
  8. We recently moved to a new state that offers a spelling bee in our county. As a 5th grader, my DD qualified for the county spelling bee. I was told by our coordinator that the county spelling bee list comes from "Spell It" and that the list hasn't changed in 10 years. Is this how the process normally works? Assuming she wins the homeschool bee again next year, if we study and memorize this list all year she will be extra prepared for the county bee? Is this the same list for the state bee? Also, DD loves spelling and dreams of making it to the national bee. What are the best resources for year round study?
  9. How do you use streaming video content in your educational efforts? Do you watch videos about homeschooling, parenting, skill development, or education? I've watched a few videos here and there. Nothing consistent or from a specific program. Do you use videos with your children as part of your lessons (not counting full online classes such as Well-Trained Mind Academy)? Not as part of a curriculum. We pull up YouTube videos to learn more about specific interests. What are your favorite programs/channels/presenters for this type of content? Why? YouTube How long, on average, are these videos? 1-20 minutes And: For this content, do you use paid services (Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, other [please describe]) or primarily free ones (YouTube, etc)? YouTube
  10. I'm looking to purchase several AOPS textbooks and I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen them on a special sale. Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Pi day? I won't need them until next fall so I have time.
  11. I contacted our state coordinator via email to find out what chapter we are in. My state and chapter coordinators have been awesome to answer all my questions. I also recommend trying to form a team of 4. It really is more fun with a team! I didn't think it would happen for us but we've found 5 kids who want to participate. You never know!
  12. We almost exclusively use our request system. One of our favorite things to do is choose an author that we love and order every. single. book. that the library carries. For non-fiction we choose a topic they are interested and search books that the library carries and request most or all of them. (We don't have a limit at our library.) I'm always on the look out for good books and authors. I much prefer to screen them online via amazon and then request specific titles. I find that browsing at the library can be really hit or miss.
  13. I'm not sure of the legal rules. In my mind I would say a copy that you printed out and use yourself then give to someone to borrow for a short time and then return should be okay. As long as you treat it like a hard copy of a book that you might loan to a friend I would be okay with it ethically. Making two copies and giving one to a friend to keep? No way. Even if it is technically legal I don't think it is ethical.
  14. Yes, I wasn't clear in my question. I was thinking of the mathcounts rule where they are only allowed to participate for 3 years.
  15. Thank you. I'm assuming then that it is okay to take this test more than 3 times. Correct?
  16. I need a little hand holding here as I am completely unfamiliar with AMC. My two oldest have successfully completed AOPS Prealgebra this year and I think they will be ready to take this test even though they will be only 8 and 10 years old. It looks like our local middle school offers the test. Assuming I call and they say we can participate, how do I sign my kids up as homeschoolers? Is the $53 fee per child? How does this work exactly? I plan to set up a MOEMS team for my kids and any others we can rope into it with us but I think the AMC 8 would be a good experience for them. Can they take it more than 3 times? Are the rules more lenient than mathcounts?
  17. Not from the proctor. It was a very generic email from the main office.
  18. No results when I log in. I didn't get an email last year and my little guy won. I was surprised to see the email yesterday. They say results will be available online on May 20th.
  19. Congratulations! We also got an email! I'm happy that both my kids got awards. I didn't get a notification email last year and our area director didn't contact us either. I logged in some time in June and saw that my son had won a state award. I'm glad to have advance notice this year! We are moving in June and I would like to collect the prizes before we leave.
  20. My two oldest have completed Singapore and Beast. No regrets except I wish I had started earlier for my oldest. We started with Saxon for her and it was a good fit for me, bad fit for her. We plan to use AOPS all the way through high school.
  21. I had severe bleeding and PMS. The Mirena has saved my marriage and family life! I will say that while Mirena has significantly helped my PMS and mood swings, I would say I am over all slightly more depressed. Very slightly. Still, totally worth it.
  22. I've had/have issues with my 7 year old DS, too. (We had similar issues with DD) We also did a lot of therapy including speech, OT, PT for him. The speech therapist was adamant that we enroll our son in school. He was 6 and could qualify as a K or 1st grader because of his summer birthday. It was around Thanksgiving so we'd be enrolling him mid-year. She thought we should put him in K even though he is profoundly gifted. I scheduled an appointment to tour our school and talk to our principal. The more I learned, the more I realized that school wasn't for him, even though we have a great neighborhood school. After much thought I realized that the reason I wanted to enroll him in school was not that I thought it would help him but that it would show other people that I was doing "everything I can" to help him. In other words, I was worried more about what people think of me than what was best for my kid. Before making the final decision to keep him home I had a conversation with my husband. I said this, "We will be blamed, because we homeschool, for our son's quirky behavior. Can you handle that kind of criticism from our friends and family?" He of course could care less. I was the one who was struggling. DS has a long way to go but he has blossomed so much since we made that decision. For us, keeping him home has been just what he needed and I've had to learned to ignore what people don't understand. It's still hard, though!
  23. I've been thinking about this more and it would make sense for me to list our realtor information instead of my information. That would help me feel better about this.
  24. We are moving and are interested in purchasing a house in a certain neighborhood. Right now there are zero houses for sale in that neighborhood and I'm feeling a little discouraged. A friend of mine said that she once passed out flyers in a neighborhood they wanted to buy and was able to successfully find a house this way. I'm getting a little desperate and I'm thinking of doing this. Has anyone ever done this? Would I list my phone number? Email? Would I knock on doors and just talk to people? The neighborhood isn't particularly large and it is in a relatively small town with friendly and neighborly people. Any advice? Is this totally weird?
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