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  1. We have hard water and I try to be "green" with detergents. The only "green" powder I have found that works is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Auto Dishwashing Packs. They are those individual packets that you put in the detergent cup. Otherwise I use Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dishwasher Soap (it is a gel). All the other pour in type powders I have tried leave a nasty, cloudy film on my dishes. Mrs. Meyer's is more expensive than other brands, but they work. Oh, I have also tried Method brand that Target sells. I have tried their dishwasher packs and those worked fine as well.
  2. I don't like Jillian, either, but I rotate between 4 of her videos. :) I say I have a love-hate relationship with her. I hate her workouts (because they are tough), but I love how I feel after I am done (and I am finally seeing some results). I tell her to shut up all the time and my family thinks it is so funny. I tell them if they are going to laugh they can get off their bums and workout with me. That usually makes them scatter. :)
  3. I don't schedule a certain amount to be done each day. My ds has a set time for math and he gets as much done as he can in that time. So, some days it is more and some days less. I have also stopped having him do all the cities. I now have him choose 1 of the first two to complete so he can gauge his understanding. If he needs more practice he can do another city. I use one of the cities without answers in the book for "testing". Then we move on. I found that when I had him doing all the cities he would get bogged down and it would take so long to get through them. This way he gets th
  4. Well, I haven't lost any weight by the scale, but I have toned up quite a bit. I wish I would have taken the time to measure to see if I really am getting anywhere with this. I keep going because I do feel better after having exercised. I might have to do something drastic with food though. I am going to check out the Eat to Live and some other eating plans. I do think I might have to cut back on carbs and chocolate. :) Anyway, congrats on doing so well!
  5. I am a quilter and I work part-time at a local quilt shop. I like Alex Anderson's books for beginners. They are written well and the directions are clear. They are also less expensive than other books. You really should figure out the 1/4" on your machine as it will make a difference when you start to do more intricate piecing. Some machines have the option of moving the needle, some do not. You will have to check your machine. I am not going to tell you to buy expensive fabric, but do try to buy the best quality you can. It really does make a difference on how the quilt will hol
  6. I am sorry you are going through this. I have hope that things will continue to be smooth sailing in our family, but there is no guarantee, is there? I really have no advice as I have not btdt. Just hugs. :grouphug:
  7. I think it can be micro-managing in some cases. In ours it is not. I didn't require my dc give me their passwords or friend me as a condition of having a fb account. They just did because that is how our family is. I have logged on to their accounts, but not to check up on them. It was to send gifts in Farmville or take care of their farm. They knew I was doing it and sometimes even requested that I do that for them. Anyway, I think a lot of this boils down to the relationship one has with their dc. JMHO
  8. We have done Beginning Algebra and are currently using Geometry. We will work on Advanced Algebra this summer. We are using it with MUS. MUS is our main program and LOF is the supplement. Works for us.
  9. I asked for it. I have logged into their accounts a couple times. I am friends with my dc and most of the people they are friends with as well. Like I said, the interest in fb here is not that great so it hasn't been an issue. If my dc were behaving that way, there would be an issue. Of course, gut reaction is that they wouldn't have a fb account any longer, but it is easy to say that when I am not in that situation. We would, of course, handle the situation in some way, but that would depend on what was going on.
  10. This sounds like my brother. :) I agree, why not just talk to her about it? I guess that approach depends on your relationship with your sister, but I would take the direct approach over a round about one. If you try to be there to jump in before she can anytime you think she might correct your dc, you will not have any fun as you will be constantly monitoring what your dc are doing. It will create a stressful atmosphere and do more harm than good in the long run I think. JMHO
  11. Both my dc have accounts. My ds almost never goes on fb anymore. My dd goes on occasionally. It hasn't been an issue here because of the lack of interest. I do know their id and password and have kept up on what they do. I do think it is wise to have that info.
  12. Thanks, everyone! I will keep you posted on the classes he chooses and how it is going. I am just finding it hard to believe that we are finally at this point. :hurray:
  13. Yes, sorry, it stands for post secondary enrollment option. Probably pretty much like the program you have available. Thanks!
  14. Ds took the placement test today and will meet with a counselor in a couple weeks to register for fall semester at the local cc. I am nervous and excited at the same time. We are leaning towards 2 (maybe 3) classes to start so that he can get used to how college works. He also has a job 4 days a week over lunch time at a local cafe that we will try to work around. My boy is growing up. :)
  15. Well, I didn't lose weight number wise on the scale, but I experienced big increases in my strength, endurance and muscle. I have about 10lbs to lose and they don't seem to want to budge no matter what I do. I still do a combination of 4 of Jillian's workout DVDs because I really don't like doing weights everyday. I would definitely not go lite on the protein while doing this workout because of the use of weights on a daily basis. Your muscles will need the protein. I go with the eat sensibly approach in my efforts to be healthy.
  16. So far I like it and my dc seem to like it. My dd is very artsy and she really enjoys drawing the maps. My ds likes it well enough to not complain about doing it. I may have to do some searching on 'Around the World in 180 Days' to see what that is like. I really do feel like I need to add something to this if I want it to be a full geography course. Overall, I am glad I purchased it.
  17. We just started using it (we are on lesson 3). It has a brief history of maps and mapping in addition to the map drawing and additional activities. Adding more to it depends on what you want from a geography course. It might be better termed as a history of maps and mapping course (if used as is) as opposed to a geography course. It doesn't cover resources, cultures, habitats, etc. (at least not that I have seen from what we have done and from skimming the rest). The maps you draw are somewhat basic with just the major cities, mountains, oceans, etc. labeled. I don't know that I am going
  18. Today has been a better day. I have weighed myself daily for a long time now and it is habit, so this morning I was scared, but was down .6 from yesterday. I was glad to see that after my donut binge. Anyway, today I have eaten well and I did Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. I am 5'1" and this morning I weighed in at 133. It doesn't sound too bad, but on my frame it feels bad. I wear a size 10 (I can fit into a size 8, but I don't like a snug fit so I stick with 10 which is roomy). I am comfortable around 125. I have been as low as 116-118, but I have to practically kill myself
  19. Yesterday was a good day. Today, not so much. :( I was not able to get my workout in as we had a busier morning than I expected. I was doing okay food wise until about an hour ago when I bought a dozen donuts at a local bakery that has 1/2 price donuts after 4pm. I ate 3 of them already! Not good. I am going to behave the rest of the night and start again tomorrow.
  20. I would like to join the 10 pound club. I have gained 15lbs in about 4 months. My doctor says that it is part of perimenopause. I am having the hardest time losing the weight. I have lost about 5 of it, but the last 10lbs I can't seem to budge. Anyway, today I did 5 out of 7 circuits of Jillian Michaels Burn Fat Boost Metabolism DVD. I didn't have time to finish it as I have a meeting to get to. I had a serving of dry cereal and a cup of chai for breakfast. Not sure what lunch and dinner will be.
  21. I work 2 days a week at a local quilt shop. When it is busy or we have something going on I might work and extra day or so a week. I have been there a year and a half now and I love it! :)
  22. I wouldn't order an extra set as you would be doing most of the work because they really are not projects for the pre-k level (imho) and to me that wouldn't be worth the money spent (again, just mho). If she wants to be involved, let her "help" your other dc (if they are ok with that) or give her some other things to do.
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