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    I am married and have 2 children; ds who is 14 and dd who is 12. We have always homeschooled.
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    quilting, reading, watching movies with my family, yoga, listening to music or talk radio
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    I work at Kohl's and at a local quilt shop in addition to being a wife and mother and homeschooling.
  1. Thanks for the responses. I may pop in from time to time, but I am finding that I am using my computer time to explore some hobbies. I have devoted more time to sewing/crafting and I have taken up running. I am also trying to get back into reading for myself. Our time spent homeschooling went faster than I thought it would. It is bittersweet being done, but I am ready to move on to new things. :)
  2. I know I haven't been here in quite some time and I know many of you don't really know me. I have spent most of my 11 years homeschooling on these boards, so I just wanted to share that we are done. Technically, I am still homeschooling my ds, but he attends the local cc full time as a post secondary student so I don't feel like I am homeschooling him. My dd started with an on-line school after the first of the year and it has been a good fit for her. She and I did not work well as teacher/student, so this has been a good choice and transition for us. Anyway, I miss coming here and rea
  3. I think this extreme couponing is affecting the more conservative couponer as well. I use coupons, but not like the people in the show. My stores don't double coupons or anything so it is next to impossible to get a large $$ amount of groceries for a few dollars. Anyway, my original point is that manufacturers are changing the coupons. I went to Walgreens to get a few health/beauty products that were on sale that I had coupons for and would get register rewards for as well. I didn't read the fine print, but the cashier did. :) The coupons now say (at least for beauty/health products)
  4. I just received Classical Mythology last week and it has the new guidebook format. I like it because I read the summary/outline to my kids before viewing the lecture so they have a little prep of what the lecture will cover. The new summary reads easier than the outline version. I guess it depends on how you use the guidebook and what you like. I do really like the new packaging, too. :)
  5. We usually only get about 9 to 10 months out of our side of beef (yes, heavy meat eaters here). Haven't had any issues with it for that length of time since we started doing this, though.
  6. When we get a side of beef, I have the butcher grind the liver into the ground beef. I didn't think it changed the flavor any and you get the added nutrients of the liver. We don't eat liver otherwise, so it was either given away or thrown away at some point. Just throwing it out there. :)
  7. Love, love, love Mrs. Mike! I first read this as a teen and it is one of my favorite books.
  8. My choices probably won't be of any help. :) For 16yo ds: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls For 14yo dd: The Space Child's Mother Goose Ds is really into zombies and I thought the space rhyme book would be quirky for dd. I like to give them something different and unexpected sometimes.
  9. Interesting, thanks! I have been drawn to mathematical ideas lately and there have been some good links posted here to support that. Much appreciated. :)
  10. Great job! It's nice to come through a tough semester with a good outcome. Congrats to your dd! It is funny, isn't it?! The class my ds thought was the hardest is the one he has the best average in. It is great when they realize just how much they really can do and how well they can do it. Congrats to your ds!
  11. Well, this is it. Ds is taking his final right now for his on-line geology class and will have his final in comp on Friday. The final will be an in-class writing that will count for extra credit. He has his final grade for his cultural geography class: A. He should end up with A's in math and geology. He is on the edge of an A in comp and I think he should be able to hold on to that. Phew! We are both ready for a break. :lol: I was so worried at the start of the semester that he might not be ready. He really stepped up and has done a great job. It has been different and sometimes m
  12. Good to know, thanks. I am planning on going to Best Buy (no B&N close by) to check it out soon. I think this may be the direction I go.
  13. Is the Nook difficult to read in sunlight? I was thinking about a Kindle for Christmas, but after reading this thread I am considering the Nook. I like games and listening to music, but I mostly want the e-reader component. It sounds like the Nook might be the direction I should go.
  14. My dd gets this as well. The first time I noticed it, I thought she had lice. I soon realized that was not what it was. For my dd, she gets the build-up when she doesn't wash her hair enough. When I first noticed it she was washing every other day. Now she washes daily and doesn't have a problem. Sorry you are out the $$, but at least it is not lice. :)
  15. I have the mammoth and I do like it. The lining does get worn looking over time which is my only issue (I have the light colored lining, I think the black may wear better). I haven't had a problem with smell or removing the liner for washing (though I did machine wash the linings rather than hand washing and I think they shrunk a little as one of the linings doesn't want to stay up on the top of the croc now). With that said, I would probably try the corduroy ones if I was to buy another pair. When I bought mine, the mammoth was the only winter style they had. I like the look of some of t
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