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  1. My experience with SWR is good, but if you are talking about moving through the program "lock-step"...it is a big commitment. Years, in fact. When I used the program as written, it took us about 45 min. daily...but then, I used it with a six year old who really needed intensive phonics, and she was a very slooow writer. I like your idea better. ;)
  2. I really want to cheer you on.....but, please...just please. I find that painful, in a really superficial way. :) Could that even be stretched into a 500word essay?
  3. How about homeschooling? Even if there are negatives, ignore those and write about the positives.
  4. How about homeschooling? Even if there are negatives, ignore those and write about the positives.
  5. I know someone who just did that on Facebook today, only she included her daughters in her fun. It started something like this: (posted in a GENERAL-YOU fashion) "My daughters (11 and 15) and I have been looking through your photos today", and... went on to give a moral judgment of what they found. Now, I'm sure they only "meant to help young people be more like them", You know, "like people ought to be". (insert eye-rolling smiley)
  6. Me too! We're only about an hour southeast of Gatlinburg, TN.
  7. I used to see them in the grocery stores growing up, I thought they looked like the snails that clung to the sides of our seawall. It's only been a "staple" here for a few years. We put them on pizza, pasta, and pasta salads, in sauces for fish, or anytime a lemony-olive flavor would suit...and sometimes straight out of the jar. We ate them tonight: (parsley, garlic, capers, lemon, & olive oil on angel hair pasta with scallops. A small 4oz jar costs $1.22...so I have no excuse not to "indulge".
  8. I wasn't fishing for a compliment...but I'll take it anyway. :D
  9. I have to admit, it would give me pause. Sometimes I wonder about gossip. I live in a very small town in the south... :p It's wise to consider the source. If you know her to be an honestly sweet, caring person...then she probably prays for you because she cares. Not all prayers are offered as a knee-jerk reaction to problems. Some just seek blessing on your behalf. OTOH, If they are really sensitive, they can sense a need for prayers without even knowing why. I have experienced all of these, from bad to good.
  10. NicAnn, About your signature: Happily crunchy, libertarian mama, wife to the bearded one. Hmm. That would make us identical twins from different mothers...except that I probably have a decade or two on you.
  11. Hey Mommymilkies, sorry it took so long to make it over here. If you aren't able to fast and speed up detox, it may take a while to see any change. But it could eventually make a difference. My favorite juice is not a real favorite with a lot of people. But here it is anyway: 2 cups Kale, packed, or, 2 big handfuls (stems and all) 1 cucumber (I peel, if not organic, use 2 if they are small) 2 celery stalks 2 med carrots, or 1 honker 1 grapefruit (peel the rind, leave the white pith) 1/2 - 1 lemon (totally optional, treat same as grapefruit) Dr. Furman has books and information on diet and juicing for health: http://www.drfuhrman.com/disease/arthritis.aspx I HIGHLY recommend you obtain, "Eating For Health" so that you understand the "nutrient-dense" eating approach to reversing health issues.
  12. I had all homebirths...so not as much pressure to perform. After baby #3, pregnancies 4, 5, & 6 had me walking around 7-8 cm dilated the whole 14 days past due date...which I did with ALL my babies. It's just how I cook 'em.
  13. I get it. Sometimes, when housework gets really behind...I find that I HAVE to get to the point of getting really ANGRY about the problem, before I can muster up enough focused energy... to push through my executive-function deficits, just to get started. It's a coping mechanism., not an anger problem...I usually don't get angry at my people... just the problem. One exception though, when dh and I are not getting along, the house is always tidier. :glare: Dh is actually fortunate I have the ability to transfer the energy into something more useful. :laugh: Looking around, it appears we're due for a little "tiff". :P Did I mention I am ADHD? Yeah, well.., I AM. :crying:
  14. I think it's because these kids are (in part) way more aware of their need for forgiveness, compassion and understanding...and Jesus provides that...especially if we don't unfairly represent him as a harsh and performance-oriented figure. Like Jesus, you're her advocate...her intercessor, of sorts.
  15. It's quite possible your wish has been granted. AUDREY-The fact that he had a bed sheet in his cell indicates wasn't on suicide watch. He had 30 minutes between checks to "off" himself, and obviously he seized the opportunity.
  16. I'm glad you are aware. It's really hard to be adhd, and even harder to be the mom of one. It seems like no matter what you do, the child will find a way to break a rule (unintentionally, of course). I'm not kidding. It would be better for both of you that she wait until you're free to supervise her. She still needs a few years to mature, and adhd kids often run a couple of years behind their peers in that area. When one embraces the fact that these kids have "brain damage" in the area of self-regulation, the better you can deal with the poor judgments and memory lapses, instead of reacting like she is a NAUGHTY neuro-typical child. Because she's not. She wants to get it right, In fact, I would bet on it. Have you ever visited the Special Needs board? There are wonderful experienced moms there that would love to be of help if you ever need answers to questions, or just need to talk. Or, you could private message me, anytime. ((Hugs))
  17. . Personally, I believe NLD is Asperger's in kids who have more learning problems than say, social deficits. That's why they "just" slide under the radar for Asperger's. I think I read the occurrence of NLD in Asperger's is something like 60% - 70% . ((HUGS)) http://childmindmatters.com/ProNLDScreener.htm
  18. You know, he sounds like my son. ALL of the concerns you listed correlate with symptoms for Nonverbal Learning Disorder, It looks like Asperger's, but it's not...well, not until somebody at NIMH says so. Tracking problems are common because they typically have visual-spatial perception deficits. Poor fine-motor skills are typical. An absence of automaticity in handwriting. Ds11 still has not yet learned to tie his shoes, so we navigate around it. We buy him slip-ons and Keen-like sandals. The educational psych recommended assistive technology like, "Dragon: Naturally Speaking". Output is the biggest issue with our son....nothing written, but talk, talk, talk... they learn via verbal modality. You don't mention math, but that was one of the first learning problems I noticed. It's not required to have a math disability for NLD, but it is common. So, it could just be dysgraphia/dyslexia. But the aspie-like behaviors suggest NLD. I would look into getting him an educational evaluation, at the very least. Here's a few links for your own reading: http://bradcl.hubpages.com/hub/Should-Aspergers-and-Nonverbal-learning-disability-be-separate-diagnoses http://www.myaspergerschild.com/2010/12/aspergers-versus-nonverbal-learning.html http://www.nldontheweb.org/nldadvancedreading/nldclinicaldescription.html eta: "at the very least."
  19. Then so be it. Btw, forgetfulness, impulsiveness...unaware of her own safety? Have you considered adhd? Girls can look a whole lot different than the typified adhd boy.
  20. Maybe right-brain development....but then, kids on the spectrum are usually right-brained...so why are we seeing ASD more, not less? Interestingly, ds11 has Nonverbal Learning Disorder.. NLD used to be termed, "Right-Hemisphere Brain Damage". His is congenital and idiopathic. Even though his condition is organic, and that is not the focus of the topic here..I wonder if this gives me a brighter hope for him. I give him tons of free time to do whatever interests him....but he never chooses overt physical activity. This is actually the result of his NLD, not the cause. Due to visual-spacial perception deficits, these kids can feel very lost in spacious places. He follows me everywhere most of the time, never exploratory. However, he is very creative via his left-brained pursuits. When I read that the right- brain can continue to grow...my heart started pounding, but am now remembering that ds has damage...one must have a healthy wiring upon which to build and grow. Sigh. I am going to be doing some googling tonight. Can one "grow brain" around this diagnosis and live a less restricted life? Probably hoping for too much. Fwiw, I am old hippie and carry all the "accoutrements" - family centered, garden growing, homebirthing, breast-feeding, ,bed-sharing, baby-wearing, homeschool, montessori-waldorf lovin'....None of my kids have known the kind of parenting that the article frames. Thank God. Brain Gym is a therapeutic approach to building cognition...it uses a lot of physicality. But again, that is more like structured play therapy...than say, cultured childhood. Interesting post, thank you.
  21.     Ah, whereas ds11 with Nonverbal Learning Disorder would thrive on the explicit verbal instruction. The glitch would be the accompanying dysgraphia, which undermines note-taking skills. Ds would not be able to do origami, under any circumstances.
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