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  1. I use Murphy's oil soap and warm water. I don't believe that vinegar & water would wreck your floor but it is an acid and certainly wouldn't be "good" for them... Murphy's is kinder and leaves a lustrous sheen. Geo
  2. How DO you put that information there? I am new(to the new format...not this site). Can someone tell me where to go? I would like to add this feature. Geo
  3. Many people have seasons like that. It's fortunate that life is a teacher when you can't be. It can work as a catalyst for your next season...they won't be "schooled-out". They may return with a fresh appreciation for the structure and intellectual stimulation and more than catch-up. When you do return to full studies, make sure it's not "twaddle" or busy-work that you give them. We lived in a travel trailer for 3 years while building our home(ourselves)in the Smokey Mountains. The kids helped some, but much of it they were not able to do...and mom couldn't pull off school like we had the years before. They just played in the woods, fed the chickens, picked blackberries and built forts. It was hard at the time (in all respects) but I refuse to regret it. We are deceived if we believe we are in control of life all the time. Geo
  4. Because ability and desire are not the same thing. They need to be meshed. Keep reading to him. Send the message that reading is done because it is pleasurable-even fun; something you are compelled to share. Keep sending that message until he takes over and then keep reading aloud after because it is a sharing time, one you will never regret...not that many years from now. Continue on with his instructional reading, though. Geo HSing 21+ years, 6 kids
  5. Key Word Outlines are great for the younger kids, and older kids who can't identify the important ideas in a paragraph. It is a great foundation to more advanced outlines later on. Geo
  6. Try "Five In A Row". Easy to use literature-based unit studies. Google the title above with the word "lapbook" and you'll probably find a resource for that as well. Geo
  7. Student of the Word (sowcurriculum.com) Singapore Primary Math Miquon Math Geo
  8. Never read that one, but I do struggle with the same perceptions with the author of "Created To Be His Helpmeet". I agree with the title and general viewpoint...she just doesn't seem to think very well of women, especially "weaker" women who struggle with it. Compassion and mercy seem to be a little lower down on the list of prioroties. Geo
  9. ...The WTM For Sale Board, of course! addall.com homeschoolclassifieds.com vegsource.com amazon.com ebay.com half.com Your local "friends of the library" bookstore (lots of non-thrifty sonlight users dump their books there). Have fun, Geo
  10. I want to use them this year. I really like the text, but despise the b&w format. I would feel the need to have lots books with beautiful photos on the topic Geo
  11. Read "Changes That Heal" (How to understand your past to ensure a healthier future) by Dr. Henry Cloud. Not another useless self-help book. He helps you see where you need boundaries as well as what things are not your responsibility and what are not the responsibilities of others. Lot's more. At only $5.99, you couldn't choose a better place to begin. Guaranteed you will see yourself in this book. Geo
  12. shamingo-flamingo pimpermint-peppermint certikeetik-certificate glubs-gloves paypyer-paper hurkles-circles tipsmiss-christmas And probably a hundred more I have forgotten :-( Geo
  13. Try Donita K. Paul's Dragon books: DragonSpell Dragon Quest There's another one too that I can't remember right now. These should be as easy or easier than the Redwall books. Terestria Chronicles might be of interest. Geo
  14. I Am Legend. I HATE scary movies! I had no clue what I was walking into. Serves me right. I should have checked into it beforehand. Geo
  15. Thae cheapest, strongest I can buy...right now that's Fair Trade, Dark Roast from Sam's Club @ $11.00 for 3lbs. Geo
  16. Jacey, I failed to mention that the program is written in such a way as to have her reading at a strong first grade level in 12 weeks...or less. Perfect for summer remediation. Geo
  17. Jacey, I've used most of the materials you listed, and while they work (for the most part) over the long run you need a program that will correct the bad reading habits she has already developed, while at the same time helping her to grow as a successful reader/speller. The book/program is "Reading Reflex" by McGuinness. It was written primarily for children like your daughter. The author understands that children in ps particularly) need to "get-up-and-running" so as not to fall behind. It includes diagnostic tests (very easy & staight forward) to help you see exactly where her problems lie. It is an extrememly easy to use program. There are helps for the parent, ensuring that you don't miss "little" mistakes that result in poor reading skills down the road. The lessons are fun, engaging, hands-on and powerfully effective. You can continue to use it through the next grades as it develops skills and even includes help with multi-syllabic words. The unexpected bonus is that it is very inexpensive. Try amazondotcom. There is a helpful website for people (parents, teachers, tutors) using the program: ReadAmericadotorg. Hope this helps, Geo
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