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  1. How about this title? http://www.amazon.com/Young-Persons-Guide-Philosophy-Jeremy/dp/0789430746/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1393100150&sr=8-13&keywords=Philosophy+for+kids It begins with the early Greek philosophers and offers concise, easy to understand summaries of the ideas each of those philosophers contributed, including contrasts or comparisons of those ideas. I prefer this text to Philosophy For Kids.
  2. Are there any other issues besides math? I ask because dyscalculia can be just a part of the big picture, like NLD (non-verbal learning disorder)...who don't do so well learning from tactile/touch experiences. My Ds w/NLD is using Developmental Math. Lots of repetition works best for him. FWIW...
  3. BTW, I love the quote in your signature! Me too. :thumbup:
  4. Did a quick google and found a few on one site: http://everydayfoodblog.marthastewart.com/2013/01/how-to-make-kale-chips-better.html This is making me feel snacky. :drool5:
  5. Pretty common, but still my family's favorite: http://www.thekitchn.com/snack-recipe-cheesy-and-vegan-kale-chips-179037 We dehydrate...but I think you could bake them at the lowest temperature.
  6. http://www.kensmath.com/kens-math-program/fun-math-games-for-kids/ This looks like a good supplement...the game boards could be altered for older players.
  7. I would love to have options, but alas, I have none. Please share your findings though. :gnorsi:
  8. Soldering will be necessary at a higher level, I'd buy a soldering kit and have him work on that before moving on to the "Make" books. Did your son finish all the snap circuit books?
  9. BS Bill...listening to the allopaths, eh?
  10. French Dip? Mmm, crusty rolls stuffed with sliced beef...with Au Jus...
  11. Ah, but you forgot the other sub-group...the "I hate bandwagons" and "being in the loop", group. :glare: I loathe trendy... but in a stubborn, isolated fashion.
  12. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/761876/looking-for-math-gnome-stories-waldorf-inspired explanation of gnome "temperments" and associated color, or "humour" http://www.elizabethfoss.com/photos/gnomes_gnumbers_/index.html sample lessons http://www.amazon.com/Lessons-Elementary-Grades-Dorothy-Harrar/dp/1888365498/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378663436&sr=8-1&keywords=dorothy+harrer waldorf math lessons or elementary grades
  13. http://goldenzone.org/birds/?p=10 week 1, weeks 2 & 3 are the bottom of the blog article.
  14. Grew up with the saying during the 60s and 70s, in "northerner-occupied", South Florida. I am 55yo, and live in Appalachia now, and rarely, if ever, hear it used anymore. So, I think it's occurrence is dwindling. I used it much of my younger life, but never pondered it's meaning until I was an adult, and even then I couldn't have been sure of the origin anyway (pre-internet). I guess I've erred on the side of caution though, because I can't think of the last time I may have used it.
  15. Sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, right?
  16. True, but there will always be denial.
  17. THIS. I think the name implies itself. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=572&q=duck+face+selfies&oq=duck+face+selfies&gs_l=img.12...1895.8486.0.10229.
  18. Indeed. How did the girl(s) get the cell phone number from a "purity"-minded" boy? Certainly his mother has done a thorough job exposing the "fact" that a girl just wants to seduce them. :p I mean, where would the girl get the idea that this boy would even want that kind of interaction? Is it possible that mama doesn't know her boys as well as she thinks? I don't like polarization of views like this, period.
  19. I juice bitter greens, like Dandelion and chicory. Oddly, the "bitter" doesn't seem to transfer to the juice, imo. But then, my juice usually contains grapefruit or lemon which could mask the "bite". For you gardener's: I have tried to support the re-mineralization of our raised-bed garden soil, with "Azomite" (a sort of rock dust). I have no way to determine if it is actually working...but I add it anyway :p Here's a review by an amazon customer: "Since 1930 Congress made a report that all of our farmlands were depleted of the essential trace minerals. Farms now just put in the 4 minerals that make more bushels per acre. The Azomite will put the 67trace minerals back into my soil that will then be taken up into the vegetables that I grow and eat, this making my family healthier". Look for it at "healthy" type garden supply stores...it's not carried at Walmart, Kmart, Lowe's, or Home Depot. I pay around $25-$30 for a 44lb bag...once amended, new bags last for seasons. You can order it on-line, but shipping costs can be prohibitive. However, here's one site that claims free shipping: (It also has info of the product) http://www.alisorganics.com/collections/organic-fertilizer/products/azomite-mineral
  20. Aging wood with coffee grounds, vinegar, and steel wool....for signs at my oldest daughter's shabby-chic wedding. And 100 handmade birds for the reception tables...crazy bliss.
  21. Calming Tea, You could still introduce her to the phonograms she needs. .I guess I was thinking about Logic Of English's, Phonogram and Spelling Game Book. It has Bingo cards with phonograms, spelling word games (you supply the words), and numerous other activities. It's not very expensive, would still implement the orton-gillingham method...and could even be some fun. In fact, I'm doing this very thing with my dysgraphic eleven year old, for his spelling program.
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