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  1. If you're looking at fitness classes, you may want to try weight lifting. My gym has great weightlifting classes to music. Students ages 13+ can join.
  2. I agree, these are great for teens and for me! We have a tiny shower with little room to move so I appreciate not having to use shaving gel.
  3. I bought a bunch of dresses from JCPenney when I went with my dh to Hawaii. I wasn't a dress person, but I am now! They are light, airy and easy to walk in. Grab one thing from the suitcase, and look all put together! I got so many compliments from the staff at the hotel. It was wonderful! Branch out and buy a couple sundresses. You can easily wear them with comfortable sandals.
  4. In regards to makeup, I think a lot of it has to do with skin color and texture. I have friends with darker hair and complexions who look just lovely without makeup. As a blonde with fair skin, I look terrible without makeup. My skin is red, and my eyebrows/eyelashes look almost invisible. I've found a routine that lets me only spend about 5-6 minutes on makeup. I can get ready including a shower and doing my hair (it's short and spiky) in less than half an hour. I'm having fun "being trendy" during this time of life. I enjoy finding deals on clothes/shoes and surprisingly, the more inexpensive items seems to last the same amount of time as what would usually be considered higher quality clothing. Except for purses! I bought a trendy purse this fall but I can tell it will only last one season. I think I'll save money to buy a couple of higher quality purses that will last close to a decade. I appreciate the advice of wearing one on trend item in your outfit as a mature woman, but I think in the future, I'd rather lean more toward embracing color like my favorite fashion blogger:
  5. Future. My dh and I just recently joined an empty nesters class at a new church in preparation for our dd graduating in May. It hasn't felt right. My dh realized during table discussions most people focus on the past and their regrets. They are also much older as a group than we are. We've learned we need a group of people that want to be engaged with young people!
  6. If she is asking you for help, you probably need to be the person to tell her she is being abused. Perhaps God has you in her life to help her during this time. Please don't leave things alone! Pastors are often too far removed from the situation and not trained to handle it. I'm a strong Christian, but I've seen too many women hurt by pastors to recommend that route.
  7. My dh and I really like intermittent fasting. We've both felt better not eating for 16 hours. It's hard to explain. My dh says it feels like a great reset. It has also helped me to eat less during the day and lose the mid-life weight creep so I'm back to my ideal weight. ETA: We loosely follow the 16:8 method of only eating within an 8 hour time frame each day.
  8. We've been celebrating this the past 3 years - it's wonderful! Neither of my dc or my dh are big readers (not sure how that happened!), but all love Christmas Book flood after our Christmas service.
  9. I ordered through CVS this year and was very happy with the quality.
  10. I run bleach through my dishwasher regularly which seems to keep the mold away.
  11. A friend was over and mentioned buying Christmas lights on sale after the holidays to decorate her new house next year. I had outdoor Christmas lights in my donation bag in my garage for her for free!
  12. I was able to complete some goals: DONE reusable water bottles DONE travel with dh more DONE read 6 Christian books Understand the basic flow of World History DONE make another couple friend DONE Konmari 2.0 (donated 51 bags so far, patio furniture, 2 bikes) Word of the Year: Support I don't know what resource to use to help me understand the flow of history. I'd still like to do that. This year, I tried youtube videos like crash course which I didn't follow through on. Any suggestions? I'm seeing that I didn't do well on my word of the year in regards to my dh. Hmmmm.... A change that happened is I realized I need to prepare more for having an empty nest next year. My dh and I volunteer with a homeschool ministry and will be losing that activity which is a huge part of our lives. (It'll be healthier for the group for us to move on this year so other parents will step up). I'll be working but I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing yet. Here are some things I've done to help myself with the empty nest process: Donated homeschool stuff as we've finished Bible study with just my dd and me Read Give Them Wings Took several months to grieve the negatives including having to work Joined an empty nesters class at church Put more into our ministry to end well Updated my resume Took a part-time job Kon-Maried our house And still working on: Putting together a photo book of the last 4 years Praying through The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children My goal is to finish strong and have "things" done so I can move into working. I see that my working friends don't have a lot of extra time so I want as many parenting-based projects, like photo books, completed as possible.
  13. I've done some e-giftcard deals. For the inlaws, buy $50 Outback e-giftcard receive 2 free $10 e-giftcards. You just have to print the coupon from your email.
  14. Well, my dd was sad after she gave away her Polly Pockets so keep those. 😏 I regretted donating the Fisher Price nativity so I bought myself a new one. It has been in my shed for several years, so it's heading out to be donated this year.
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