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  1. My 8th grader will be doing virtual school this year. Can anyone help me compare k12 to FLVS which just became a possibility that I'm not familiar with? Thank you

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    This is the version from a few years ago. It includes 9 DVD's plus the tips and tricks DVD for a total of 9. The workshop Notebook has not been written in. DVDS are in great shape. $75 shipped to the US



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    I have two sets for sale. We really liked this program! BJU Science 5 set - good condition $35 plus postage Includes Teacher Manual, Student Text , Activity Manual Answer Book, Test Answers and tests. Good Condition - you would want to buy the activity manual separately BJU Science 6 set - fair condition $30 plus postage This includes Teacher manual, activity manual answer book, test answers and student text. There is some student doodling and writing in the student text (I purchased used from Exodus books). you would want to buy the activity manual separately



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    Media Mail postage included in the price Homeschool in the Woods Renaissance Project Passport DVD $26 This DVD is postage paid to the US. Used but works great. Here are the details: http://www.homeschoolinthewoods.com/renaissanceandreformation.html Homeschool in the Woods Middle Ages Project Passport DVD $26 This DVD is postage paid to the US. Paypal only. Here are the details http://www.homeschoolinthewoods.com/themiddleages.html Homeschool in the Woods Activity Paks - 2 DVDs - old and new testament $23 Two DVD's - one for New Testament and the other or Old Testament. Used but works great. Homeschool in the Woods Olde World Maps DVDs $21 Both DVDs included. One is Olde World style World maps and the other is Olde World style US maps.



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    This is in new condition - just a little shelf wear on cover. This is postage paid Media Mail to the US.



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    Home Art Studio Videos 3rd, 4th, 5th Three grade levels, one unopened, the others just watched once. All three dvds for 32 postage Paid to the US



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    Rod and Staff English 6 Progressing with Courage - student and teacher text $32 Postage Paid to the US. There may be a few post it notes in the teacher book, but otherwise in very good condition. Rod and Staff Spelling 7 - 2 student and 1 teacher text. $21 Very good condition Postage paid (Media Mail) to the US



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    Zaccaro's Challenge Math for elementary and middle school students - new never used, just some shelf wear - $16 postage paid media mail SOLD- Story of the World Vol. 4 audio CD's are in great shape! $25 media mail postage included Progeny Press Lit Guides Two lit guides - Wrinkle in Time never opened, Redwall opened but in great shape. Postage Paid to the US Buy one for $12 or both for $22


  9. Yeah! I love Wisconsin, but our long winters are tough. For a native Californian looking for seasons, I think it's too much. Spring doesn't exist here. 😀 Madison is nearly very liberal, but I'm assuming other parts of the state are more conservative (just based on the fact that the Rep governor who everyone hates in Madison got re-elected)
  10. Stay away from WI, Minn and Michigan. Winters are too long for a native Californian!
  11. 6 months out of the year I bike and build up to long distances. I'm now done with bike season and am doing workout videos/treadmill but need to work at making it a habit.
  12. I can very much relate to this post too. I've made some changes recently. I switched from R&S grammar which took a lot of time and energy. Now we are doing analytical grammar junior mechanics and then will do AG. The lessons are short, to the point, and we don't have to repeat the same work year after year. Just occasional review after they master the material. I agree to move around the schedule so that you don't feel like you are waiting for her all day. That's not good for either if you. I also do history, science and writing at the end of the day and those are the most mom-intensive. I tend to only allow a mid morning break if we were efficiently using our time that day. Dragging feet during math, vocab, etc means no time for a break. I look forward to reading this thread more closely!
  13. I'm using treasured conversations (we ended up passing through the first section because she already knew the grammar) for my 5th grader. It does outlining and writing from an outline, which should well-prepare her for WWS next year. My 6th grader (12yo) is doing well with WWS, but I'm glad I waited and didn't push it last year.
  14. I use knowledge quest MapTrek and those maps tie in great with a good number of the lessons FYI
  15. I would probably wait on WWS or do it half pace. See the sticky at the top .. Here it is http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/509138-if-youre-using-wwe-or-wws/ 5th grade is typically young for WWS. IMO it is a stronger program teaching (with plenty of practice) a wide variety of academic styles of writing. We did not care for IEW. My dd is currently finishing WWE3 (after several writing rabbit trails through the year including IEW) and she is doing Treasured Conversations and will start WWS next year for 6th. TC is teaching outlining and writing from an outline so it helps build skill that will help with WWS next year.
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