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  1. Has anyone gone from doing an online English class with TPS to another online provider? If so, who did you choose and why? Thanks
  2. Hi there, Has anyone had their student do German 1 with Oklahoma State online www.germanonline.okstate.edu I would love to hear some feedback on what you loved or did not love about it. Thanks Sherid
  3. Help! I have an upcoming 8th Grader - in August. She has just turned 13 years old and really has no idea what she wants to do with her life - college wise. One minute she is loving the idea of early childhood education - the next she is considering wanting to become an optometrist. The question I have is how do we KNOW whether our daughter would be able to be smart enough to do premed or not We are in the South Pacific and we start our school year next week. I had planned to do BJU DVDs for science for high school. This year she will be starting with Earth Science. But, if she is consider
  4. I would love to compare these two classes. Has anyone had any experience with The Potter's School and Apologia Academy and can comment. Thanks
  5. No, none of that makes any sense to me. We are not American but are looking at sending our daughter to a Christian college in the USA. I was wondering whether the BJU DVD courses have High School Credits to put on our transcript - like how some course if they are full year normally say 1 High school credit of 0.5 high school credit. For example if I am looking at the TPS Online high school courses they have anywhere from 0-3 high school credits per course. So I am just wanting to find out what the credits would be for the high school BJU DVD history and science courses. Apologies
  6. HI there, How do high school credits get applied to a student doing BJU DVD through Grades 9 - 12. Not in all subjects. We are looking at using DVDs for Science & History. Many thanks Sherid
  7. I am trying to find out the pathway for Apologia Online classes. Which grade do they generally start with and which order do the classes go in? Thanks in advance :) Sherid
  8. Hello, DD11 is in Year 6 and I have been doing some planning and working out our pathway towards college. The last few days I have been working through Literature courses. This is what I have come up with - please offer any guidance as this will be the first time we are going through high school (and also the last :)) Grade 7: Lightning Lit (Grade 7) + Elegant Essay Grade 8: Lightning Lit (Grade 8) + Window to the World Grade 9: Excellence in Lit: Introduction to Lit Grade 10: EIL: Lit and Composition Grade 11: EIL: Am Lit Grade 12: EIL: British Lit Is it possible to try
  9. Thank you so much! I have made the decision to go with WWS! Many thanks!
  10. If you had to pick one of these over the other for Garde 6 onwards, which would you pick? - do they both cover writing narratives? - for those of you who have done either program, what did you find worked well or did not work well? Thank you
  11. This is question for anyone that has used BJU Heritage Studies Grade 6. (Teaching from the Teacher's Guide) I am looking at using this. For those who have experience with HS 6, roughly how long does each lesson take? Are the review lessons easy to make for homework rather than taking up a whole lesson - how long would the review lesson take? Also how long do the tests in HS 6 roughly take your students to do? I am trying to plan my schedule for our upcoming year (we are in Australia). Thanks in advance :)
  12. Hi there, The College we are interested in for DD offers Dual Credit (College Now) courses for High school students starting Grade 7. They only offer a special pricing for the dual credit papers you do in the last year of high school. So...if we do papers randomly from Grade 7 onwards, then we would pay a higher price. - We are still trying to find out (we have emailed them) what the prices are for online papers without this "special" price. We are thinking (because it looks like the degrees by the time our daughter gets to college, with the past increases as evidence for futu
  13. Hi there, We are needing to pick an extract from a book, for a speech competition DD10 is taking part in. I have spent the last few days trying to come up with good choices, but I am having brain fog. It is 2 mins and under...we just need to pick an exciting, descriptive passage in a book. If you were going to pick a book for your child...which one would it be? Thanks in advance
  14. Ok thanks! For those of you that have used this - does it feel "complete" enough to use? Thanks
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