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  1. My 8th grader will be doing virtual school this year. Can anyone help me compare k12 to FLVS which just became a possibility that I'm not familiar with? Thank you
  2. Yeah! I love Wisconsin, but our long winters are tough. For a native Californian looking for seasons, I think it's too much. Spring doesn't exist here. 😀 Madison is nearly very liberal, but I'm assuming other parts of the state are more conservative (just based on the fact that the Rep governor who everyone hates in Madison got re-elected)
  3. Stay away from WI, Minn and Michigan. Winters are too long for a native Californian!
  4. 6 months out of the year I bike and build up to long distances. I'm now done with bike season and am doing workout videos/treadmill but need to work at making it a habit.
  5. I can very much relate to this post too. I've made some changes recently. I switched from R&S grammar which took a lot of time and energy. Now we are doing analytical grammar junior mechanics and then will do AG. The lessons are short, to the point, and we don't have to repeat the same work year after year. Just occasional review after they master the material. I agree to move around the schedule so that you don't feel like you are waiting for her all day. That's not good for either if you. I also do history, science and writing at the end of the day and those are the most mom-intensive. I tend to only allow a mid morning break if we were efficiently using our time that day. Dragging feet during math, vocab, etc means no time for a break. I look forward to reading this thread more closely!
  6. I'm using treasured conversations (we ended up passing through the first section because she already knew the grammar) for my 5th grader. It does outlining and writing from an outline, which should well-prepare her for WWS next year. My 6th grader (12yo) is doing well with WWS, but I'm glad I waited and didn't push it last year.
  7. I use knowledge quest MapTrek and those maps tie in great with a good number of the lessons FYI
  8. I would probably wait on WWS or do it half pace. See the sticky at the top .. Here it is http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/509138-if-youre-using-wwe-or-wws/ 5th grade is typically young for WWS. IMO it is a stronger program teaching (with plenty of practice) a wide variety of academic styles of writing. We did not care for IEW. My dd is currently finishing WWE3 (after several writing rabbit trails through the year including IEW) and she is doing Treasured Conversations and will start WWS next year for 6th. TC is teaching outlining and writing from an outline so it helps build skill that will help with WWS next year.
  9. Yeah that was my problem. I'm a rule follower and we couldn't do the whole checklist for swiA because there wasn't enough text to work with some times.
  10. These keep your ice water cold for many hours http://www.amazon.com/Thermos-Insulated-18-Ounce-Stainless-Steel-Hydration/dp/B000FJ9DOK/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1414074163&sr=8-13&keywords=thermos (yes some plastic)
  11. Covered Pyrex bowls in all sizes and mason jars are great for storage. If you are a coffee drinker, consider your coffee maker. Hot water into plastic on a daily basis = not good! I have. SS electric tea kettle and use french press or chemex (glass pour over)
  12. We use old story new and long story short. It has you read passages straight from the bible, and then helps explain it to kids while talking about the gospel (even the OT - making connections with how the OT topic points ahead to Christ and God's plan of salvation)
  13. I have a shameful amount of sweater quantities of nice yarn. Mostly madeline tosh vintage and queensland kathmandu (tweed). I cannot go yarn shopping! I did decide on cold breath for my madtosh vintage in thunderstorm colorway. I got the yoke completed and now get to go in circles of stockinette. After working a lace stole and a Jared flood sweater previously, I'm happy for some mindless knitting.
  14. I'm looking to start with Sherlock, and would like to find an audio book version. Does it matter what order? If so, which comes first? Thanks!
  15. Why didn't the CDC rush over a plethora of supplies?
  16. Terri I can't wait to see the Link costume! I'm having second thoughts about cold breath. I'm thinking it would look frumpy. I've got yarn all would up for a project and need to decide
  17. O-wool balance bulky cardigan. I hate working with yarn this thick and just frogged 6 rows so grrrr http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/splash-of-blue I need to start working on Cold Breath by Joji. It is a big cowl neck oversized pullover with skinny arms. Mine will be dark blackish navy http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cold-breath Once I get the shoulders sone, this should be a fun knit!
  18. Typically 2 30 min sessions per day. Thursday is co-OP day so just 30 min is typical that day. Some days it ends up just being 30 min if we have outings and field trips. They also do math in the summer.
  19. I hated it too. Far too contrived, and it didn't really make them THINK about what they read overall. We did the first 10 or so lessons from level A and stopped
  20. I like the wider thinner ones that don't need boiling.
  21. I don't know, Kelly, but I think it could take some time ! I will pray for you guys, it sounds like it has been a long, difficult road
  22. There are so many opportunities for vocab, I wouldn't worry about it.
  23. TC would help with WWS. By week 10, she is learning to outline in a similar way my 6th grader is doing it in WWS. You could jump ahead past part 1 in TC.
  24. I just wanted to say how much I am loving WWS for my 12 year old 6th grade ds! We are in week 7, and he is really learning to take pride in his work. It is manageable and also challenging. I like that the skill development doesn't jump ahead and that there is plenty of substance and hand holding and modeling to help the student get an idea of how their work should look. I understand the lessons may get more complicated and even frustrating later on in the books, but it really has been a great so far! I'm excited to watch his skills grow. FYI this is a child who hates to write and put pencil to paper, and he grumbles about schoolwork in general.
  25. Sue, thanks for your thorough review. I was on the cusp of wondering how they would do with the advanced techniques. Otherwise, it really seems to fit the bill in efficiently teaching grammar. I too have a background in efficiencies as a former packaging engineer for a major food company. Grammar is important to me, so if they struggle with season 2, I can always add in more resources for additional teaching and practice. Not sure what, but perhaps R&S English handbook with my own sample exercises.
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