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  1. Thanks so much. I contacted the teacher and she told me about the assessment test, but I just wanted to see what your dd thought about it. Hopefully he will do fine. Also, this is off topic, but do you have any recommendations for a 1/2 credit web design class for ds (he's the same kid who will be doing BC - 11th grade)? He's done AP CS Principles & AP CS A and liked them. But, he needs another 1/2 credit next yr and also something not too time intensive bc he will have 3 APs, A&P, French 3 (at cc), and govt (1/2 credit at home). I've been looking around online but haven't reall
  2. Thank you! Did you get a chance to ask your dd about it yet?
  3. Our semi-finalized plans! AP Calc BC (either BT or PAH) AP Lit & Comp (PAH) AP USH (PAH) Anatomy & Physiology (local teacher, but online) OR AP Chem (not sure he can manage it though with along with the rest of the load) French 3 (either online or local cc) US govt (home, thought it would go nicely with APUSH) (needs one more class either 1/2 credit or 1)... still mulling this one... Anyone know of a good web design class that's not too intensive? lol (He took AP CS this year and liked it)
  4. Thank you for the reassurance! Ds has done Derek Owens for Alg 2 (honors) & Precalc, but not AoPS. So, would that be a deterrent? Also, I looked around the BT website for the instructors email address because I wanted to ask her if she wrote recommendation letters. My ds wants to apply for NCI internship next summer (if it happens - up in the air bc of covid). The application & recommendations are due Oct - Dec and they require the recommendations are for student's current sci & math teacher. I realize that's so early in the year to write a letter of recommendation for a stud
  5. I realize this is an older post from March, but I am looking for a AP Calc BC class for ds. My older kids have only had Susan Gilleran with PAH (many years ago)... but it's gotten so expensive. I just came across Blue Tent and they have BC & it's a little cheaper then PAH; I like that you can borrow the text for only the shipping cost. Has anyone had classes with Mrs. Shin Yen? Or can compare the Yen & Gilleran? Would you recommend one over the other? Thank you!
  6. This has been on my mind too. This years APs were nerve-wracking for ds. Such a short amount of time to think, organize thoughts, write the answer and upload. When they first came out with the online-APs I was wondering about cheaters as well. I really hope there aren't as many out there as the teen-Vogue article implies! I just signed up ds for Math lvl 2 SAT Subject Test in end of August... all the 4 public schools near us were full so we have to drive 1 hr away - better then nothing. I'm hoping since SATs/SATII are being offered in-person again, so will APs next spring? I am really hoping P
  7. Ds got his scores today too... It's a mixed bag :-/ AP Lang - 5 (yay!), AP Comp Sci A - 4, AP Psyc - 3 (He was disappointed bc he thought he did much better! 😞) This definitely has been a weird year! Good luck everyone!
  8. He did Honors Alg 2 so yes, he watched all the videos, every practice problem, all homework assignments along with all the extra honors assignments and honors test pages. His final grade was 96% so he did fine, but it took a long time for him. He doesn't want to do honors precalc next year! lol...
  9. Thanks for the post. Its good to know prob & stats won't take that long to self-study :) Honestly, I guess I'm hesitant with son doing DO for pre-calc because he got so ridiculously behind in Alg 2 this year! It might have been a combination of things (many videos, doing all the practice problems, self-pacing/getting sidetracked on the internet, etc) I've heard pre-calc is has many practice problems (too many?) Have your kids done DO for pre-calc? Did they do all the practice problems (along with homework problems?) What are your thoughts? Did they take the math level 2 subj test? Ho
  10. I was wondering if you signed up your dd for the TPS Precalc class? We are wondering the same thing! Thanks
  11. Yes, we used DO this year for Honors Alg 2. It was very thorough but ds said videos took a long time and he ended up getting waay behind. He also did all the practice problems, which I recently heard he didn't have to do? Do your kiddos do them all? Since you did it live, do you live in the Atlanta area? Also, DO said he doesn't teach the probability & statistics part that's on the Math Level 2 subj test. So, I was looking into WHA or Potters School since both of their PreCalc classes prepares students for Sat subj test. (He could learn it on his own, but he wants to take 3 APs next
  12. Thank you!! I can't seem to click on the attachment. Can you resend? Also where did you find the lesson plan?
  13. Thanks. Di you dd use Thinkwell AP govt or regular govt course? I went to their website, but didn't see any details or info on how long it takes (1 or 2 semesters) or pacing guide, do they is there any tests/quizzes... not a lot of details listed. Can you provide any insight? (maybe I wasn't looking in the right place? hmm..? Thanks!
  14. I'm searching for a thorough online pre-calculus class that prepares the student to take the SAT math level 2 subject test. Any recommendations? Also, for the same child (10th grade) considering taking AP govt - any online providers or teachers you would recommendation that prepare the student well for the AP govt test? Thank you!
  15. Thanks Julie! 1) Since you took it last year ... who did you write as the instructor in the course description? (see my recent previous post to daijobu); Did you write "AP Computer Science A"? 2) Also just curious, what grade was your son last year? And what APs & reg classes did he take? 3) I'm trying to decide if my son (10th grade next yr) should do take AP Lang (PAH already signed up) , AP Psyc (PAH - not signed up) & AP CS (Edhesive) OR instead of AP Psyc do AP Govt (PAH or some other provider... not sure)... along with Precalc (need to find online provider that a
  16. Thanks so much for the course description. Yes, I agree, I don't feel like I can put myself as the instructor because I'm not "teaching" son the class. But, the lady from Edhesive clearly wrote saying, "You will be the teacher associated with your son's course, so you should list yourself as such on his transcript. Rebecca Dovi is not an active instructor for the course - she designed the course and "teaches" through the videos, but she does not interact with the students." So... I'm a little confused and hesitant to write myself as the instructor because I'm doing none of the "instructing" on
  17. Thank you all for the responses! Very good to know Edhesive did a good job in preparing your kids for the AP CS A exam. My friend's daughter took the course in 2017-2018 and came across errors/bugs in the code and it wouldn't run. Her husband had to help the daughter get thru' the course. But, I'm hopeful all this has been fixed and updated in the course. I think the biggest hurdle for my son (15, 10th grade next yr) will be time management with all his other classes (6 - 3 APs, Pre Calc, French II, Chem. I know he can do the work, but juggling all the assignments and keeping on track wa
  18. I'm considering having my son (10th grader in the fall) take Edhesvie's AP Comp Sci A this coming year, and had some questions - 1) Any pros/cons? 2) Did the class prepare your student very well for the class (of course son wants a 5 lol), I'm attracted to it because the cost is only $350 compared to other online providers. 3) They said they don't provide a grade for the class. I want to give him a credit for the class, so on the transcript who did you put down as the teacher? (yourself)? I'm not sure how this works when the actually course materials are online, but no grade i
  19. I was looking at Writeathome last night. I was wondering which high school writing class (annual) to start with because ds (9th next yr) wants to do AP Lang in 10th. Currently in 8th he's doing WHA Fund of Expository Writing and he's done Rod & Staff English 3-8. Writeathome recommends to start with high school 1 class, but I wonder if it will be rigorous enough? Also, do the writeathome tutors help with teaching students to write concisely, eloquently, maturing their writing? (does this make sense?) Ds had had multiple writing classes that emphasize grammar usage, mechanics etc - now
  20. WOW! WOW! I was already shocked by the price increase of classes and didn't realize there was a student services fee too! :confused1: My son (8th) is taking the Fundamentals of Expository Writing Class and learning a lot. I was going to enroll him in the Fundamentals of Academic Writing next year, but now that class has jumped to $720 and on top of that $150 for his student fee = $890!!!!! Just can't justify that cost now because we are on a budget & I know son will take AP's and some CC down the road... so need to be wise with the finances. This is just really disappointing because
  21. Christal, I'm considering Omni III for dd (9th grade), and saw your post about adding in BJU US Hist book. Do you know if the Omni III teacher CD or text includes BJU chapters? Do you I have to add it in?? I would really like more history reading in Omni and it would be a great BIG time save if it was already done. Also, is there any "questionable" texts in Omni III that might be for more mature students?? Thanks so much!
  22. Elizabeth, Thanks for the great link to Shmoop guides. I have a silly question to ask, how exactly do you use these guides with your dc? Do you let dc read the entire novel then discuss themes together? Or have dc summarize each chapter? Or pick one of the study questions and have dc write an essay? Thanks for sharing & explaining how you use these guides! Sangita
  23. Enotes looks great. I had a question though.... I haven't subscribed to enotes yet, so I can't see all the content. But, I saw they provide essay questions, compare & contrast essays etc. Do enotes lit guides also give a suggested answer to the essays?? (especially if I have't read the book yet ... lol) Thanks! Sangita
  24. Thank you all for your suggestions! Of to looks at enotes! and another looks at LL... thank you again...any other suggestions?
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