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  1. Just sent a message to join the FB group. I'm very excited you are doing this! My DS is heading into 8th grade and I don't want to end up outsourcing high school as a default. I would really love to make our final homeschooling years something special. I don't know anyone IRL who is very hands on or developing their own courses.
  2. Absolutely! Strangely, nobody finds this unusual in the sports world. A top football coach obviously has familiarity with the game and probably played themselves, but seldom can they throw, run, or catch as well as their players, and many were even mediocre performers in their youth. The ability to lead, inspire, develop training plans, diagnose problems, balance short term vs. long term goals, find additional resources for player development, etc. is a very different job than playing the game. It's not a perfect analogy but it shouldn't be so absurd that a reasonably educated and well-rounde
  3. I feel like we're saving a ton because of our cancelled gym memberships and kid activities and no date nights, lunches out for DH, dry cleaning, or drinks with friends. Hair cuts, dr. and dentist visits all deferred. We will also save a small fortune on camps and family travel this summer (even if things reopen we've decided to stay home and do a simple summer). Definitely spending almost nothing on gas - just 1 mile to the grocery store and back once a week. However, I am spending more money on groceries since cooking and eating are now highlights of the day. I've also spent more on bo
  4. We've been very happy with our experience with Lukeion Ancient Greek this term. It's rigorous and I think having deadlines and assessments makes sense in this kind of class where the vocabulary and grammar constantly build on themselves. DS is really happy he's progressing so fast compared to when he was trying to learn on his own. HOWEVER, I can't imagine outsourcing more than this. We like working at our own pace, diving deep and following rabbit trails. The stress of having to get X done on Y day in 6 different classes would simply have to lead to more shallow learning.
  5. Travel is a big one: we've done 10 weeks of camping around the desert southwest, 5 weeks on safari in Namibia, and recently tagged along on DH's work trip to Italy (3 weeks) all in the off-season avoiding summer crowds and prices. Mostly though its just time to explore interests - right now DS takes 2 languages and does 2 hours a day of challenging math. We study other subjects but I don't require huge output on them. Friends in the local middle school are perhaps getting a more well rounded education but they are spread thin with 6 classes and heavy homework loads that they have to give full
  6. DS has shifted some of his interest from Math to Linguistics recently so it will be interesting to see how the year pans out. Big goals: Languages and Linguistics: 1. Ancient Greek - kiddo took Lukeion Ancient Greek this fall and just received his grade report today 98.61 (A+) one of the highest scores in the class. He did this with no outside help (neither of us know any Greek) and put in many hour of work. It was a very tough class but I'm more impressed at how he budgeted his time and planned his studies. He will continue in spring. 2. Continue Mandarin at home with
  7. We did this for the first time this year quite by accident. My husband had a three week business trip to Italy that we tagged along on so I designed a course around Palladian architecture. We visited Palladio's inspiration in Rome, his actual works in Vicenza, and then because we also live in Virginia we were able to add in a trip to Monticello to see Palladio's influence on Thomas Jefferson. Reading and writing assignments encompassed art, architecture, Roman and Renaissance engineering techniques, and even early American history. It turned out so brilliantly that I plan to keep doing this ki
  8. I would hire a driver. I don't mind housework and I can get quite a bit done while DS is working independently, but it kills me to spend time driving to activities, appointments, friends houses, etc. Feels like wasted time to me.
  9. My son is turning 13 next month and has about a 5 hour school day most of the time. His work is extremely rigorous IMHO and includes at least 90 minutes of AOPS intermediate-level Math, Lukeion Greek, plus another foreign language. We believe in work hard/play hard and also are very interest-led (he loves math and linguistics) so some subjects like history and science just are not a priority. We do these subjects more informally through travel, podcasts, documentaries and free reading. Instrument practice is mandatory after dinner so not really a part of our school day. Most kids I know do mus
  10. I'd love an invite too. I was a member of the old social group but can't find it now. Thanks!
  11. DS(12): Qualified for SET this year, and is off to MathPath next month. He also earned a silver medal in the National Mythology Exam. He tried two new sports - Wrestling and Tennis. He also achieved the Outstanding Student Award at his piano studio (he is a late beginner but always works hard). He also earned his SCUBA certification this year and went on a father-son diving trip to Cancun.
  12. We've really enjoyed a book called The Best Old Movies for Families. He's a father and a movie critic and has a great sense of what movies are a hit with kids at different ages. I just watched "His Girl Friday" with my 12 year-old DS and he loved it.
  13. I think this is largely attention seeking behavior and since I am teacher myself I came down pretty hard on my son the times when he did this (thankfully not a problem now). I think fixing it boiled down to three things: 1) Empathy. I explained how draining it is to be a teacher, and he's seen first hand when I've been flustered and annoyed by challenging students and situations. I reminded him of this. That sometimes teachers even come home at the end of the day and cry after a difficult day. 2) Respect. Regardless of whether you're challenged or stimulated or not the teacher is
  14. The Botany course on the Great Courses Plus is really good though we haven't watched them all. Also, this book looks excellent and has been on my wish list for a few months: Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants.
  15. I would have a bit more meat and definitely more taco shells and tortillas - I've seen tween kids blow through 6-8 shells each at taco parties I've hosted. A lot depends on the crowd. When my husband was an active duty infantry Marine I would plan to triple the amount for a normal party, but my 70 year-old mother-in-law always has way too much food leftover when she hosts a party with her elderly friends. Since rice and beans are cheap I always make sure I have a ton of that on hand to fill people up. I never want anyone to leave hungry.
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