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  1. I remember enjoying those magazine-like logic puzzle books around that age. Do you have a bookstore with a magazine rack? I’m probably dating myself, but I remember when they were in grocery stores, too. Do those even exist these days?! 😂 Martin Gardner is a reputable source for puzzles. His books should be available on-line.
  2. Looks good! Tell me more about the environmental club - it sounds interesting. 🙂
  3. Hi! My oldest is about the same age, but because I wanted to know what I was getting into, I’ve been researching high school on and off for a couple of years. I’m finding it hard to find out of the box ideas for high school. The box seems quite large and very appealing. 😆 What I’ve heard is that keeping records of what you did each year (hours spent and details about what the student did, even if it wasn’t planned beforehand 😂) helps immensely for transcripts. Someone even mentioned copying the table of contents for any textbooks so you know what was covered. (I wish I remembered
  4. I have no info for you, but wanted to wave and say I remember you. Welcome back! ☺️
  5. Like most (or all?) of you, we have less activities and are at home a lot more. It’s starting to wear on my kids and we need fresh ideas. I can’t remember if my signature is updated 🤪, but they are 13 and 10. So what are your kids doing these days when they are finished with assigned work and chores?
  6. Maybe the amount of writing has increased and he finds it tiring to do? Has the level of math increased so that he needs to give more energy towards understanding it? Or, especially if it has appeared very recently, is he absorbing the stress of the situation worldwide? He may have enjoyed the act of writing before and it is no longer novel and interesting? Think about what may have changed since the "good old days" of beautiful solutions. It may very well be the growth spurt. Mathematical understanding and the ability to communicate a solution in writing are separate skills. I am no expe
  7. I would be tempted to choose a related topic (or 2-3) that they have interest in and that isn’t likely to be covered when they return and have them study that. They can read adult-level science trade books, then tell/write about it or teach you what they learned. https://www.nsta.org/publications/ostb/ They could design an experiment and complete it. Ruth (lewelma) has lots of posts about how she does that. You could also do nature study and learn about plants/animals/geological phenomena in your area. I wish you the best! What a strange situation we find ourselves in...
  8. Just skimmed the comments, so I apologize if this is redundant. Deconstructing Penguins is a great book. I need to revisit it. I wanted to chime in that Teaching the Classics by Adam Andrews at Center for Lit uses picture books to teach literature analysis. The structure of the story is more apparent in a short book. I subscribe to the "less is more" philosophy of literature analysis - teaching the concepts at 11 or 12ish, but not discussing it in every book. I feel like it has the potential to kill the love of reading good literature.
  9. Travel, travel, travel. And tutors for foreign languages. A few home renovations wouldn't be amiss, either. 😄
  10. I like the suggestions you’ve received so far! Gross motor, fine motor, board games, outside time Oral motor activities for articulation issues is apparently controversial, but for me makes sense as long as it is playful: blowing bubbles, using straws, whistles, pinwheels, etc. After doing therapy for articulation without results for years, we eventually had success with a PROMPT-certified speech therapist.
  11. We’ve never done the on-line classes, but my oldest has worked through several AOPS books. Do they use the books in the on-line classes? If so, I would buy a book you think is the correct level and have her start it before she dives into (and you pay for) a class that may be overwhelming. That will give you a better idea where to place her, too.
  12. I haven't read it, but I wonder if Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson might have ideas. Check her blog, too. I've heard her speak and she talks a lot about how stories help us deal with our emotions and circumstances.
  13. My public school offered bowling as a PE course; I can't imagine that hunting is less exercise!
  14. Sheppard Software website has free geography. There are other games there, too, but we haven't explored those.
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