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  1. I'm so glad that it's working for you, and that you are feeling so well, and so strong, and so happy! That is awesome. My endurance markedly improved when I went off of keto, I mean for me it was really a huge difference. I enjoy exercise more now because I can accomplish so much more, and I recover more quickly, and I just feel so much better doing it. My skin looks better now too, so I have to admit my husband was right about that as well. But I'm glad you're not having those problems, and you are doing so well!
  2. I'm not either. My numbers were creeping toward hypo while I was low-carb (had started out normal). I really don't have any idea what effect it would have on hyperthyroidism. I hope you are finding what works for you now!
  3. I don't mind questions at all! I know that different people can have very different experiences with the diet. And I felt really good and loved it for the first several years - it was really only the last few years that my blood sugar and HA1c started going up, followed shortly by the cholesterol going up, and the onset of the other problems. Also, my thyroid numbers were still within normal, but not optimal, and getting worse as time went on. Anyway, to answer your question, I was eating low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein. I didn't typically count my fat and protein grams, but I know my fat intake was about 70% of my calories, protein was about 20%, and carbs were 10% or less. It was very good for appetite control. And it really seemed to make my immune system stronger. (Though WFPB has been great in that way as well, so I guess that's more about avoiding refined sugars than it is about total carb grams? Not sure.) My husband was never happy about my choice to go keto, because he said it made my skin look unhealthy, and it dramatically reduced my ability to do any kind of endurance exercise. I ignored those things because I thought it was so great in other ways, that it couldn't possibly be that which was causing those problems. (Like, if it's good for me in this way, it has to be good for me overall, right?) So I would just advise you to keep an eye out for things like that, for slowly rising fasting glucose levels, for cholesterol levels that start creeping up, for any signal that your body might be in distress. But I wish you continued success with it!
  4. I want to second Selkie's recommendation for Dr. Gregor's book and eating plan. It has been absolutely life-changing for me. If you prefer videos rather than books, he has many at his website. (Though I want to be honest with you that my issues were different than yours. I was dealing with high cholesterol, chronic migraines, some anxiety, and about 15 pounds of excess weight. It helped with all of that, and also improved my sleep, my energy levels, my skin, my immunity, my allergies...) I will admit upfront that I am anti-keto. I ate keto for 12 years (that's how I ended up with the high cholesterol, the chronic migraines, etc.). Even when I was an avid defender/promoter of the diet, I wouldn't have recommended it for you. It's been demonstrated that dropping carbohydrate intake below 50g per day reduces the body's ability to convert T4 to T3. I don't know what your exact thyroid problem is, of course, but I just wouldn't risk it.
  5. Cat, I’m sorry that my response to you was based on a misunderstanding. Mea culpa.
  6. Yes, I completely agree, and do want to say that I don't think (most!) people are being deliberately cruel. And I've said thoughtless things that I wish I could take back!
  7. I'm sorry I was unclear, I was thinking more about Poppy's experience than about what the OP posted. I should have specified that, because I completely agree with you that a survivor framing their own experience that way is completely appropriate and understandable. It's just not something that I think should be said to a survivor by someone who hasn't had to deal with that particular tragedy. (And believe me, I'm not claiming that I've always said the right thing in difficult circumstances! Far from it! Oh my, I wish that I had the wisdom to say the right, compassionate, wise things at the appropriate time, but I most certainly do not.) I don't think that's crazy. I think you have amazing wisdom and love, Arctic Mama. Yes, I like that as well.
  8. But it IS cruel to say that to someone who is suffering, whether that cruelty is intentional or not. The part I put in bold, that is precisely the problem. They are making someone else's pain all about themselves. That's selfish and myopic and completely inappropriate. If you want to express your gratitude that you were spared from some tragedy, you can do that in prayer or in other ways at other times. You don't do it to the person who wasn't spared!
  9. Thank you both so much! I think I'll start her on the Hill's K/D diet for now, but I can certainly switch to homemade if/when she gets worse or loses her appetite. She's so skinny to begin with that I do worry that she'll waste away if she loses even a bit of her appetite. So far, so good. But I've seen how pitiful elderly whippets can look and I want to avoid that if possible!
  10. Hugs to you both, Indigo Blue and Dynamite. :grouphug: It is so hard. My sweet whippet is in the earliest stages of kidney failure, but she will probably be fine for some time to come. What's harder is that my husband's Eskie got diagnosed with a brain tumor (with just a few months to live) and my daughter's chihuahua got diagnosed with congestive heart failure (with about a year to live) within just days of one another. We've had these three dogs for so long, that most of my daughter's childhood memories include them. So needless to say, she's pretty upset. We're trying to take good care of them and make them as happy and comfortable as we can for the time they have left. But it's hard not to be sad. Indigo Blue, may I ask what kind of food you're making for your sweet pup? I'm so glad that he likes it! My vet said that a change in diet wasn't necessary for my whippet yet, but I am curious about what we may need to do in the future.
  11. Greta


    I just wanted to thank you for your post. It was very interesting to me.
  12. Thank you so much, Sadie. I appreciate you taking the time to explain. I tried reading one article I found about queer theory, but it was incomprehensible to me.
  13. I'm sorry, but may I interject a couple of (probably dumb) questions? What does GNC stand for? And what exactly is meant by "queer theory"?
  14. Of course! I realized that pretty much the moment I hit "add reply". Sorry. (Should I delete it?)
  15. It is indeed a gut-wrenching, horrible story. I don't know how I was unaware of it until recently, since it happened in 1993. I was in college at the time, so maybe I was more consumed by organic chemistry and physiology than I realized, but I am just stunned that I didn't know about it. I've never seen the movie. Is it quite difficult to watch? Does it do a good job of portraying his life?
  16. Thank you, LucyStoner, I appreciate your reply. If I may ask (and we could start another thread on this if you think that's more appropriate), what do you see as the most important front in the fight for trans rights at the moment? What is the most critical need which transgendered people have which is not currently being met? ETA: I do feel like this would be a thread hijack, but let me know whether I should start a new thread on it or if you'd like to just take it to PM. I would be very interested in your answer, though, if you wouldn't mind.
  17. Who do you feel is saying or implying or even thinking that transgender people don't have the right to merely exist? Or are you saying that a discussion of whether or not sex-segregated spaces are needed threatens the right of transgender people to exist? I'm not trying to be antagonistic, and I hope I'm not being obtuse, but I genuinely don't understand what you're saying here.
  18. I haven’t tried this myself, just throwing this out there as a possibility:
  19. I'm actually pretty strongly in favor of tougher homeschool regulations. And even I wouldn't support that. That's some serious over-reach, IMO.
  20. My brain moves a lot slower than yours (by which I mean all of you). By the time I think through a response to a post, a couple dozen more posts have appeared! I can't keep up! So I'm not going to respond for now. Please just know that I am reading and appreciating everyone's comments.
  21. I was just about to post a reply to Lucy and Farrar's complaint that no one has answered all of Joker's questions by pointing out that other questions have gone unanswered too, and that seems to be because some people want to make the conversation all about restrooms and toilets! We could not get away from that in the last thread, no matter how many times we said "and I don't mean toilets. I don't care about toilets." And now it's happened in this thread too. You try to talk about convicted rapists being transferred to women's prisons, or male-bodied persons demanding the "right" to counsel female-bodied victims of male violence, and the conversation always comes back to toilets!
  22. This has to be the most creative suggestion I've ever heard for avoiding political discussions, and it could certainly be applied to other obnoxious conversations or just people who are being jerks in general. I love it!!! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to actually do it, but I love it! Edited for typo.
  23. It’s not working that well, actually. I should add, that statistic is based only on the incidents that the airlines actually report to law enforcement, which is estimated to be less than half of the actual incidents.
  24. If you want to try some other types of salads, you might find some inspiration here: I really love cooked vegetables too. Roasted is my favorite. A good veggie-packed soup is excellent, and that's something that's easy for lunches because you can make a big pot at the beginning of the week, and reheat a little for your lunch each time.
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