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  1. I haven't read through their whole site, so I can't say if I disagree with their articles, but I would issue of word of caution. If you look closely at their information, you will see that Edocere is not an authentically, loyal to the Magisterium, Catholic website. It is the website of the SSPX, an illicit, splinter group that believes among other things that only the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to be valid. Anything they have to say I would take with a big grain of salt.
  2. Interesting. This would be for my rising fifth grader, so she would be the right age for CC Fable.
  3. Good to hear! I've been very happy with WWE and WWS, but I think CC sounds like a good middle step for a kid who needs more help and work.
  4. Out of curiosity, would it be crazy to go from WWE3 to CC-Fable to WWS? My son is doing well with WWS having done no WWE, but he has always been a decent writer. My daughter does okay with WWE, but I see some things in CC-Fable I would like her to have before WWS, I think, that I don't think she will get from another year of WWE.
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