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  1. There are some very nice science plans for First Grade that I stumbled across the other day here.
  2. Here's another similar option: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/barefootmeandering
  3. I have a schedule for LttN with other stuff mixed in. PM me if you want it.
  4. My tentative plans: Math: TT6 and into TT7 Language Arts: Seton Grammar, Seton Vocabulary (will use as spelling as well), Classical Compositions Narrative (possibly alternating with WWS), Literature maybe pulled from CHoL History: Modern History (pulled together by me) Geography: Around the World (maybe) French: L'Art de Lire Science: The Science of Cooking (using this and this) Music: Piano lessons Religion: Breakthrough! Children's Bible readings and workbooks
  5. I'm using it after WWE3. I like it so far. It is well laid out and clear how to use it, though not as scripted as WWE. I think WWE was a good preparation for it actually. We'll do the Fable stage this year and then my daughter may go on to WWS, which my oldest is finishing up in a few weeks. I like Classical Compositions, but I love WWS.
  6. My daughters have worn a white cotton smocked dress from Strassborg (or however you spell it). They don't do that kind of clothing any more, but you might find them on eBay. Hartstrings also seems to carry that kind of simple, smocked dress.
  7. I was way more exhausted with my last pregnancy, and it turned out I was hypothyroid.
  8. It does not contain the Deuterocanonical books and says there are 66 books in the Bible, but I think they are otherwise very suitable for Catholics.
  9. We do a German school cone. Actually, my aunt has made one for every one of her nieces and nephews and now grandnieces and grandnephews. So the K'er gets a cone with school supplies, toys and such, and I take a photo with it for my aunt.
  10. Praying for him. And fondly remembering the summer I spent at that same German program. I'm glad they are taking such good care of your son.
  11. Congratulations! You'll manage. I'd suggest trying to plan a homeschooling year filled with lots of reading and some video watching. I can manage a lot even when I feel terrible, as long as I avoid hands on stuff that requires a lot out of me. Things like Teaching Textbooks have also helped.
  12. Maybe. They sell the individual course plans for $3 each, I believe so they might do the same for just the recitation sections.
  13. I have an iPod touch. My husband has an iPhone. As much as I would like to have the ability to check my email or look stuff up on the web at any time, 90% of my time I am in a place with free wifi, so the monthly cost of a smart phone wasn't worth it for me. Even our doctors and dentists have wifi. The camera isn't as good on the iPod, but it is ok. Otherwise, I think I can use pretty much all the same apps and such that my husband does.
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