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  1. I am thinking I may try this one and see how it goes! thanks for the input!
  2. My DS will begin homeschooling tomorrow and the first thing I want to change is his TERRIBLE handwriting. He forms all of his letter from the bottom up and it is just impossible to read and his cursive...well nonexistent. Any suggestions?
  3. Yes he will go to middle school. He really looks forward to it changing classes and harder work will keep him interested. This elementary school is just short of a jail and LOVING ENVIRONMENT is not at all what they are about.
  4. I didnt see an intro page so I picked here-hope that is right. My name is Kristen and I am a mom to 6 and I am pulling DS out of 5th grade. We switched schools last year, under redistricting, and have been miserable. I also have a 9th grade boy who loves HS and is fine where he is, a 4th and Kdg who will finish up the year, and a 3 yo and 15 month old. I taught 1st and 4th grade in the public setting for 6 years and hold a masters in ed. so the teaching part is not what scares me. Being thorough with an wide open plate does-KWIM? Here is my plan for the remainder of the year if you want to give me your thoughts: Saxon 65 math(tested him yesterday) saxon reading/language 5 A beka history 4(using this level b/c it will be more what he does in 6th and 5th was not at all what they are using) Science will be using a variety of literature to hit on topics to incorporate reading(his nemesis) and writing. Wordly wise and a spelling book I got(although he is an amazing speller) he plays travel soccer and is finishing Weblos 2 and rolling to Boy Scouts this month. I will also be getting him together with the local group for a weekly PE class when it warms up. I do live in VA(Fauquier county) and will be using the HEAV.org site as well as joining HSLDA. I am more stressed about next year and making sure that I cover all bases with my younger kids. They will transition into middle school in 6th grade as I really like our middle school and HS. (isn't it usually the opposite?)
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