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  1. Yes. When drunk dad walks out and leaves mom living in the car with 5 kids.....lice is not the priority. Actually getting the kids back to school so she can work her lousy minimum wage job is what she needs. Does that sound like a person who wants to perpetuate the cycle of lice?? I taught long enough to see these tragic situations. Judgment is not kind or helpful.
  2. Yes. Actually a good clean scalp is just what they want. If you don't get them then chances are you may be dirtier than the people with them. Just saying.
  3. Getting rid of them is no easy task. Some people don't have the knowledge to understand that it isn't just about hair. The whole environment needs to be addressed. Some kids live in cars and getting rid of them is nearly impossible. Let's not assume that they can't be bothered and judge. I have had it twice in my house and never from contact with dirty kids. It happens. When I taught they could be in school with nits but not live ones. The removal process is TEDIOUS and has to be done by hand. The stuff you buy in the store is crap that dries the scalp and makes you then appear to have tons of nits.
  4. I got notification that a reply I made quite awhile was deleted. If there is going to be scrutiny and censorship that requires digging and nit picking then I have no use for this place. Truly it is a pro Christian board.
  5. I love my kids names. And Addison is a name which I love and almost used. Had my last been a girl he would have been Kimberly Addison. How can someone decide a name isn't a name? Somewhere along the line names are created. Unless of course there is an official list somewhere of "real" names.
  6. I have an extra set of flashcards if you want them. Just pay shipping.
  7. Essentials is quite a big waste of money imo. They have tried to wrok up their own twist using IEW TWSS and it is DULL. Diagramming sentences? Grab a copy of daily grammar practice. The math section is a total waste. I just finished and would never pay for it again. For me there are MUCH better writing curricula out there and I don't want to waste my time on creative writing. As for science I really didn't even try to follow their line of thinking and did unit studies. For history I just supplemented with SOTW and KF encyclopedia.
  8. While I am late in this I will add my two cents. CC is a rip off. Get yourself the app and the books "What you need to know about _____ homework" and that covers Foundations. LITERALLY word for word and in order. I truly think they stole their content from these books. Also, As an atheist, I am excluded from tutoring even though some of the tutors they hire suck but meet their "standards". They also discriminate. If you do not have ALL of your kids in their program you cannot tutor. So essentially you must drink the Koolaid if you want in. I am staying this year because my friend is the Foundations director. I will not go again EVER. The Challenge programs box the kids in so much that there is little time for any other real literature that truly grabs them. Sorry is this sounds bitter but I really feel like I wasted my money this year on what others have correctly referred to as a fad. It could be a good program but it is the most poorly run company out there. They have no control over what goes on. We have one of the main people in a campus near us(friends with Leigh) and they live above the law and do as they please.
  9. CLE would be my first choice. I have tried Saxon(ugh), MM(ok), MUS(not my kids' style), and LOF(no clue how this is even valuable). While parents may enjoy supplementing math and alternating, I find that adding extra math if they are understanding makes no sense and pulls away from time spent on other things like fine arts. Personally, I do not want to be doing school for 7 hours per day. Maybe with one or two kids but not with 4 doing math.
  10. Exactly. For every person who uses the ER as a dr's office and then stiffs them on the bill, they pass the charge onto the insurance companies to make up for it. We in turn pay more for insurance. If allowed to play out the insurance companies should lower rates because the overall cost of care will go down when bills are being paid. With the negative attitude about it I see a whole lot of jumping to conclusions by insurance companies and employers. That is their fault and lack of understanding at play.
  11. Weird. We pay about $600 per month for our family plan through BC/BS Care First. Our rates went down, our well check co-pays disappeared, and we have gotten refund checks.
  12. That could be the case. Here they have to accept the credits as long as they are from a predetermined list of things. My DS is knocking out all of the basic level classes for a whopping $5k per year. That includes books. My friends are paying $15K for the same basic classes. When he graduates from a 4 year school his piece of paper will look just like the ones that cost thousands more. Here in VA it is so hard to get into the schools as a freshman. From what I understand they take certain percentages from certain areas of the state. We live in the northern part so the competition is fierce. For the AVERAGE kid it is, for me, a waste of $$ to go all 4 years. We don't pay for room and board. The food is cheaper. The CC is 4 miles away. He has no classes on Friday. He is able to work on the weekends and still manage his course load. I really don't know how they manage all the transfers unless they are just balanced out by the kids that drop out? The big universities have gotten very greedy in my opinion.
  13. So glad that Virginia has made this whole process easy. The CC literally gives us a list and schedule for the 2 years our kids will be there. Then they transfer over. No issues.
  14. My DS is just starting CC and here's why. I refuse to pay out the butt for 100 level classes. They are not easier. He has a 3 page paper due weekly for his business 101 class and that isn't all. He has no idea at his age what he REALLY wants to do. Why choose a 4 year school? If he takes what they say and keeps his grades up he is guaranteed transfer into any VA school. VA Tech, William and Mary, UVA.......his choice. No picking his second choice because they competition was so tight as a freshman. Also, if he really wants to attend a private school it will be more manageable for 2 years instead of 4. There is NOTHING wrong with a CC. Those teachers are there by choice and not because they are tenured and resting on their laurels.
  15. We own one and are considering a second. Literally I fill it and while it is running we end up with enough dishes to fill it again. I forever have a sink of clean dishes we had to hand wash, dirty dishes we need to wash, and a dishwasher to be emptied. Runs my life! we are a family of 8 and avoid paper products which adds to the problem.
  16. It is not about grammar. It is not a real word. It sounds odd to use a word that doesn't exist in a debate about what can be done to make public schools better. Better instruction in English class would be my first suggestion. Grossly misused phrases like "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less" is another biggie. Excuse me for finding it odd and saying so aloud on this board. Perhaps I enlightened a few people who unknowingly have been sounding less than educated by using a non-existent word. Whatever
  17. I'm sorry but when we are busy talking about changing schools for the better we see things like the word "irregardless" pop up. Makes me wonder. Irregardless is a word commonly used in place of regardless or irrespective, which has caused controversy since the early twentieth century, though the word appeared in print as early as 1795.[1] Most dictionaries list it as "nonstandard" or "incorrect".
  18. Famously known as a party school.......just saying. Many of our area kids go there so it isn't speculation.
  19. I live 45 miles west of dc and you just learn to get around the traffic. I grew up on Long Island so really cost and traffic is all relative. Learn back roads and avoid rush hour. Dh goes to work at 4:30 and makes it in in 55 minutes. Northern VA is a more blue liberal area and when you travel out it gets more red and conservative. My county is uptight old money who don't have original thoughts.
  20. Because........? I can't imagine my husband having an opinion about my purse.
  21. We had one in VA last year and it was insane! The wind literally came like a wall and then stuck for what felt like hours but was only minutes. It felt like a tornado without the swirl. People around here lost power for days.
  22. Amana is the "off brand" off Maytag I believe. We have one and I really like it. Just make sure you don't get the shallow one....no room at all.
  23. I found this to be informative http://www.gardasilhpv.com/2008/12/how-long-will-gardasils-3-shot-series.html
  24. I was under the same impression with cervical cancer. With annual paps I am not sure how it could go undetected for a lengthy time. I have a friend who had advanced cervical cancer...had not had a pap in 11 years. My sister had an irregular pap twice due to HPV and is screened every 6 months until she is 2 paps clean. As for the need for a booster......hmmm.
  25. Prime example. We are backstage at a dance recital and two super religious girls decide what a great idea it would be to all join hands and do a prayer circle. So they start "lord, jesus christ, bless us this day......." Okay now wait. First they are assuming that everyone there believes in both without asking. Why? Because they have been trained to believe that they are right and everyone MUST believe the way they do. Did they even pause to try and make it general? No. My girls just rolled their eyes. Anyone not christian would be offended by this and I was. It was not a religious venue or event. Keep it to yourself.
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