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  1. Has anyone used Horizons Phonics? If so what were your likes/dislikes. Thanks for the advice :)
  2. Thanks Merry....I'm considering supplementing with Singapore even though sometimes I don't really think it's necessary, we are using Saxon as our core!! :lol: This is my first year homeschooling so all of this is new to me....I feel like my dd has become a guinea pig!! :) Again, thanks for the advice.
  3. I realize that both of these curriculums are spiral, so I was wondering if anyone has supplemented Saxon with Horizons? If so, what are some of your likes/dislikes?
  4. That's fine with me!!!! I thought about starting a new thread, I was just being lazy!!! :D I would love to hear what others have to say.
  5. Have you guys used ETC exclusively? I just started dd on ETC Book 1 and I'm just wondering if any of you supplement or use it as a stand alone phonics?
  6. Here too! We are using Saxon K with Singapore Earlybird A and B. Although, I think we may be done with Saxon before Singapore because Saxon is our spine. HTH
  7. Thanks, I think my dd will like the colorful pages for a change...:)
  8. Thanks Kelsy and MissKNG....I may look more into Horizons K. I'm not sure if I want to start Saxon 1 before dd is 5. I don't want her to get too far ahead of herself.
  9. We are currently working through Saxon K. My dd is 4 and we will be through with Saxon K mid-January, at that time she will be 4.5. I do not want to start Saxon 1 until next August, when she turns 5. I thought about supplementing with Horizons K until that time and then switch back to Saxon 1. I wanted to find out if this can be done with ease and easy transition. Have any of you done this and does it work? Thanks for any input!
  10. I would like to know this too?? Also, how do you supplement? Do you work through Singapore unit by unit or do you line Singapore's units up with Saxon? (I hope this question makes sense :)) Thanks Beach Mom!! Julie
  11. I wanted to find out if anyone has supplemented Saxon with Singapore. We really like Saxon, but I feel we need to add math from a different perspective. I've looked at using Rightstart as our core and supplementing with Singapore. We really enjoy Saxon, but I would like to supplement. Any thoughts?????
  12. Flutterbymommy....I LOVE your Dr. Seuss quote. We are Dr. Seuss FANS and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the book "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!" :)
  13. LOL!!! I posted to another thread and my status changed!! YAY I'm a Larvae now!!!!
  14. Thanks everyone for clarifying those questions. Heather, I REALLY like your idea of breaking the lesson up over several days. My dd is 4 and we may try Level A. So now I know going into it that it can be broken down over several days. Thanks Again....
  15. For those who use Rightstart...I have a couple of questions...I have read other threads where folks have said that it takes them an hour to go through a RS lesson. Is this true? Is RS teacher intensive? and is there a lot of prep work to be done before each lesson? Thanks for the input....sorry about all the questions...:)
  16. Posting just to be posting!! :) Trying to move up in the ranks!! LOL Glad I found this thread!!
  17. We are doing prek/k this year, so we do 3 days a week MTW. Thursday is library, park, errands, etc. Fridays are family days. Saturday and Sunday off (church on Sunday). We usually go for about 40-45 minutes.
  18. I purchased the Math 1 TM off of Ebay for $11.50 and it was the version that Saxon had listed on their website. It is possible to find it cheap. I still need to purchase the workbooks, but I'm not sure if I want to get the meeting book. I didn't use it for math k and ended up selling it. Hope this helps :)
  19. We are using it and my dd LOVES it!
  20. Thanks for the input....Math has seem to be the one subject that I can't seem to decide on. :)
  21. Hi All, I started the thread about Saxon and had some great input from everyone. My next question is if I did switch from Saxon, what is everyone's input on Rightstart or Singapore? Thanks, Julie
  22. Thanks to everyone for their input. I realize that math is very subjective and it comes down to how your child learns. My dd is 4 and she LOVES math, it's because of the manipulatives. :) I am not a *mathy* person and struggled with math all through school (and ended up hating math), so I do not want that for either of my children so, I want to find a program that is fun, but that will *teach* math concepts (if that makes sense :)) Thanks again for everyone's input!!
  23. Hi, I'm new to this forum....well I've been reading for about 3 months and decided to join:) My dd is 4.5 and we are using Saxon K and it seems to be very easy for her. I was wondering if any of you that have used Saxon, have you supplemented with another curriculum? I'm not looking to supplement until Saxon 1 if Saxon 1 ends up being easy for my dd. Thanks for any input... Julie
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