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  1. :iagree: We have been using FIAR for 3 years now and LOVE IT! But this is my first year using BFIAR. When I found FIAR my oldest dd was past BFIAR, and I REALLY wish I would have used BFIAR with her for pre-k, it is such a sweet and fun curriculum. I said all that to say, I'm using BFIAR with my 3 yr old (almost 4) and she loves it! We don't use it every day, but the days that we do it is definitely a hit!! HTH
  2. Thank you for all the advice. We play games, etc. so I think it is going to take a little longer for them to sink in. She has all the addition facts memorized, it's the subtraction facts that are a little tough. She really does love MUS and so do I. I think we'll just hang out a little longer on the facts and maybe in another couple of months, they click.
  3. Christian Book has samples on their site. Here's the link http://www.christianbook.com/ HTH
  4. This is my dd too. She had no problem memorizing the 9 facts because of the song from the CD! :D
  5. Thank you...My dd will be 7 soon and I haven't done any math with her over the summer either, except for what has come up naturally. I'm thinking of supplementing with LOF and picking MUS back up in another month or so.
  6. My dd is finishing up Alpha and she has yet to master all the math facts in Alpha. We are a little frustrated and tired of Alpha. We've been using it for over a year now. Should I just move on to Beta or hang out a little longer in Alpha? Thanks for any ideas or suggestions :001_smile:
  7. The first year I OVER planned and it was too much, it took a lot of the fun out of FIAR. :D Last year I stuck to the manual and it was wonderful! I'll be doing that again this coming school year. As others have said, you will be amazed at what your kiddos learn! I know I am every year! :)
  8. LOVE, LOVE FIAR... In August we will be starting our 3rd year with FIAR and it is BY FAR my dd favorite part of school. She talks about it ALL the time! My dd will be 7 in a few weeks and she is still in love with it! The great thing about FIAR is you can go as deep as you want with any of the subjects for a given book, which makes learning more "rich" IMO..:) HTH!
  9. Just emailed you.

  10. :lagree: We've done books 1-6 and I've never pulled them out.
  11. I have both. I don't use them as is. We use Five in a Row and it's great to pull from when I need extra info for a certain country or state. I agree with several other posters. I don't think I would use it as a stand alone because it would be too much for us to fit in a week, but that's just my opinion. :)
  12. Is Alpha addition and Beta subtraction?? No, we are almost through with Alpha and I have Beta on my shelf. Alpha teaches single digit addition and single digit subtraction. We are only 7 lessons away from the end. Beta teaches multiple digit addition and subtraction. Alpha is foundational. The kiddo must have their addition and subtraction math facts down solid before moving onto Beta or they will have a hard time in Beta. HTH!
  13. @amselby81 We are doing CC cycle 3 history & Geo this year with FIAR. I haven't found it to be too much. Some books do not have a geography component or history component, so on those weeks my dd is still getting history & geography. The weeks that FIAR has either history or geography (or both) then she just gets double, but that really has only happened a couple of times. We are only doing CC 2x a month, so it has worked out well. HTH!
  14. We have never used MFW, but we have been using FIAR for 2 years and love, love, love it!!! As for prep work with FIAR, you can do as little or as much as you want. Some people do FIAR conversationally, while others (like us) lapbook/notebook each book. FIAR can be very low cost, if you can get the books from your library. Since FIAR is unit studies, you can use FIAR for many years just going deeper with the subjects each time you "row" a book. You would need to add a phonics and math program to FIAR. If you are considering FIAR, look at http://www.homeschoolshare.com/ all the titles are listed with lapbook/notebook ideas you can use. My blog will give you an idea of how we use FIAR HTH!
  15. I haven't seen this thread until today, but we skipped book 4 too. When I looked ahead, book 4 seemed like a lot for my dd to take in (she's 5), so we recently started book 5 and will go back and do book 4 this fall, after she turns 6 this summer, and probably will do the half book as well. BTW: She hasn't had any problems with book 5. HTH!
  16. This is what we do and I use narration as well. My dd loves to narrate what we've read and then draw a picture to go along with it.
  17. @mbosh237....not sure if you've heard of the MUS yahoo group, but in case you haven't here's the link http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mus-users/ There are some wonderful people on the group that are very knowledgeable and helpful. HTH!
  18. :bigear: Thinking of using this, this fall for my 1st grade dd....
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