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  1. We have used it and I think you could decide on the pace you want to set with SOTW, do that, and work through the Sonlight booklist one book at a time without the schedule. Unless you want to do the whole Sonlight package, in which case it makes sense to use their schedule.
  2. Can you just go through Ordinary Parent's Guide To Teaching Reading?
  3. Has anyone used The Riot And The Dance biology? What are the labs like? Are there assignments besides labs? What kind of student is this best for? In other words, why choose The Riot And The Dance over something else?
  4. A lot of people around here use Abeka. Sometimes they branch out, sometimes they end up in public school. But they are all doing well. They're all doing multiple sports and Abeka is kind of the done thing. It seems to work for them. We started with Sonlight and I feel nostalgic about it.
  5. Louis L'Amour Letters of A Woman Homesteader
  6. Yes I meant sugar that is added to things, not raw fruit or food that breaks down as sugar within the body, when I commented about my sister in law and nephews/niece. I apologize for getting off the topic of veganism.
  7. I agree. Grassfed meat and milk products have more b12 than conventional meat. Same with eggs from chickens who can forage for bugs. But most people I know aren't eating a lot of real, homemade food from any source. So it's moot that they are vegan or not, if everything they eat comes from a fast food place or a box.
  8. Flour sack cloths. We use these for all cleaning except on the mop. They are big, absorbent, easy to bleach, and cheap.
  9. My brother is vegan and we agree about food issues right up until we have to decide what to do about it. One thing he's said is that people will be forced to change the way they eat if the current food system collapses (a big if), meaning they'd have to eat less meat anyway. We agree on this. Almost everyone I know really should eat a lot less meat, for both health and ethical reasons. But he doesn't seem to understand that his diet would have to radically change in such a scenario also. Bananas, oranges, and the like don't grow in the frozen north. We have livestock (he doesn't) and he thinks that people can just stop eating meat tomorrow and all these cows and pigs will just go back to the land and live out natural lives with relatively no problems. He's very wrong about that. His wife and kids are all vegan too, but they eat more sugar each week than my family combined eats in a year or two. He maintains that it's healthier to eat fruit loops than bread with butter on it, or a couple eggs from fifty feet outside my back door. Also, one of his favorite sayings is that vodka is vegan, and he definitely takes advantage of that. My ideal would be eating locally, avoiding cafo products. His ideal would be everyone is vegan and pulling nutrients from around the globe. The documentary, like my brother, is factually correct in a lot of what is said. But I think they both have blinders on. I find that everyone knows what they ought to do (eat more kale than fruit loops; eat more kale than bacon) but they just don't want to, so they dig their heels in over hypothetical scenarios.
  10. Thank you both! Now I know what to look for. My aunt bought an instapot from my computer and I think it messed up my search results.
  11. I was talking to someone last week who said that when she first moved out she only had one burner, so she'd often end up making these mixed meals where something was boiled in the bottom pot while vegetables steamed in the top. I would love to have something like that, but all my searches bring up are steaming bowls that sit inside of a pot and microwave or instapot accessories. Does anyone have any idea what those pots are called? It's a whole pot of boiling food in the bottom an apparatus to steam vegetables on top of that.
  12. This is helpful, thank you! I was considering Adam.... but it was getting put further and further back on the list even before your review. We've had, and abandoned, some of the Notgrass high school texts so I wasn't completely unaware of what they were like going in, but they are always more appealing than they are usable. OM and CLE are still strongly drawing me in. I don't know if CLE even has writing assignments and I don't know if this child will do well with OM7's method of throwing assignments out there and letting the student choose. Hmm...
  13. E-ink readers are much easier on the eyes, even the ones with backlighting (kindle paperwhite). If you do get a tablet primarily for reading, you can change the background to off-white and install a red light app to soften the glare. You will not be able to read a tablet in full sunlight, but an e-reader should be fine. There are parental controls available for tablets, yes. Of course, with an e-reader, they are unnecessary. You can read ebooks on any device that accesses the internet. Having a device devoted to books, however, is convenient and comes without any of the concerns you listed in your post.
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