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  1. Or...they could have let him LIVE. The intent was always to harm him. Always. Whether taser or gun. Where is the humanity? A young man DIED.
  2. She intended to cause him harm. That's the issue. Whether she intended to kill him or not, she took out that gun intending to harm him.
  3. I'm sure your state isn't as bad as ours, but there is not enough housing for disabled people and sometimes homeless shelters become a waiting area for months or years until a space is available. It is pitiful. Getting him on a list NOW might be in everyone's best interests.
  4. I still find it extremely hard to believe that she didn't know the difference.
  5. She's not being charged with murder either. I think involuntary manslaughter is too light.
  6. Honestly - you have no way of knowing that. She's been in law enforcement long enough to know what to say if she wants a murder to look like an accident.
  7. The warrant was for failure to pay fines for a MARIJUANA smoking incident. It was a MISDEMEANOR.
  8. Um no. That is inaccurate and damaging. He was arrested for smoking MARIJUANA as a MINOR and fined. It was a misdemeanor. During the pandemic he was unable to make payments on his $150ish fine and a warrant was put out for him.
  9. I always thought meat in compost was a huge NO. Interesting.
  10. Good. That would feel awful to see. Hopefully your DSS figures things out with his wife in a way that can include you too.
  11. I would absolutely assume those memes are directed at you, especially since he chose not to see your DH for several years.
  12. We went through this with my niece. It was very, very painful. I'm sorry you're going through it.
  13. Scarlett, have you guys ever seen the baby? At all?
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