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  1. Just figured I'd update that DD is going to continue with her charter school for half days, and do the other half of the day at the local high school. We will see how it goes first semester and then decide from there what is working and what isn't. She's very excited about buying new school clothes. lol
  2. My DD (severe ADHD, PG daughter) at age 4 she went to gymnastics every single day, often followed by homeschool PE or an art class and also a trip to a playground. Wearing her out physically was the only way to not have her destroying the house.
  3. Sounds like a second reaction (biphasic allergic). Take some Benadryl.
  4. Well when I'm ready for it to be cut I'd probably hand even a stranger the scissors. But...usually it's just my own DH. However - my daughter wants a turn next time.
  5. I can't really speak to any of this, because when my hair gets too long I just hand DH whatever scissors I can find and have him cut it. That being said, my SIL has curly/kinky hair and she drives over an hour to her hair stylist and pays big bucks to "tame" her hair (her words). So I don't think it's that overpriced.
  6. My daughter is super excited for her glasses while she's waiting to get them every year. But...she almost never wears them.
  7. Does he come into your part of the house for dinner/socializing? Or is he just staying in his room?
  8. It is a sad truth that I would not want this situation for my daughter.
  9. This is for my 18 year old son. He's ok with them, albeit a little weirded out about privacy. 🙂
  10. Any tips or words of wisdom? Thanks!
  11. It is very very challenging, even as adults.
  12. I don't care about wasted food. Both my kids have issues with eating (one with ARFID, one with simply low appetite) and a lot of food is wasted here. We do our best. We try to anticipate what we can eat on a given day. I also have ARFID. Sometimes I think I want something and make it, only to be absolutely nauseated by the smell or sight of whatever it was I had really wanted a little while before. We give each other grace around this issue.
  13. Haha - I had one pregnancy (but have 3 kids) and therefore assumed my one experience was the norm.
  14. Yes, all open in person and several requiring students to be vaxed (there are some exemptions but we weren't interested in that, so I'm not sure what they are).
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