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  1. I've heard it's very common in perimenopause. I struggle terrible with this.
  2. So damaging. Is there a way to remove her from that situation?
  3. My DD12 said they did it this morning at her high school, so apparently it's still a thing.
  4. I don't say the pledge for many reasons. I never specifically taught it to my DD12 either, but she knows it. I think she probably goes along when it happens around her, but it's not a big thing here and she knows I don't do it. My DS18 doesn't say it. ETA: I didn't directly answer the question initially. It is still said daily at PS here.
  5. "I'm not comfortable with DD having playdates with an adult, so we are going to pass."
  6. Has the Delta variant been around and spreading long enough for them to have current data?
  7. My daughter, almost definitely. My son, it totally depends on the day.
  8. Just to clarify, my DH is not squeamish and is incredibly supportive. He'd do anything I need. Anything. But I can't allow that kind of intimacy. Is that intimacy? I suppose if I was completely desperate. But otherwise...ugh. No.
  9. So, Scarlett said she didn't let her husband help her in the bathroom when she was sick after 2 weeks of marriage. I said I wouldn't let DH now, after 17 years of marriage. Where does everyone else stand on these things? How private are you about poop? I came from a family where bodily functions were pretty shameful, and while I have done better with my kids, I am still insanely private about myself. Is this normal?
  10. Is this good progress? I'm not sure what is supposed to be there!
  11. I would still say this after 17 years of marriage!! lol
  12. Heh...with private rooms there's no need for another space!
  13. Yes: birth certificates, social security cards, C19 vax cards, medical information, life insurance info, adoption paperwork, last physicals for kids, POAs, etc
  14. We have Ruggable rugs. We just throw them in the washer when they need to be freshened up!
  15. Ice is a non-food because there is no nutritional value.
  16. Hoping everything works out in the best way possible for that little guy!
  17. It actually is considered pica. Here's an article from Mayo Clinic: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/iron-deficiency-anemia/expert-answers/chewing-ice/faq-20057982#:~:text=Doctors use the term "pica,although the reason is unclear. And one from National Library of Medicine: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30215844/
  18. I have this issue too. It's bad. I now take an iron supplement and a daily vitamin with B12.
  19. Wow. That's awful. Any "sins" are between an individual and God. This seems crazy to me.
  20. My son and I talk openly about it and my daughter read about it in one of her growing up books and asked if it was required. (lol) I told her no but that most people do like to try it. She hasn't asked anything more about it but we talk about everything else all the time.
  21. This is probably how I would handle it. And my DD is a 12 year old sophomore.
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