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  1. Two days after my booster and I have the armpit pain due to swollen lymph nodes like I did after the second shot. It’s also making me unable to sleep again so I’ll try melatonin again tonight. If we need a yearly booster, I may try Moderna to see if it affects me as much as Pfizer or of it’s a bit better for me.
  2. I thought the same thing a few months ago when I sent college dc off with our toaster oven. I ended up just going to the local store and picked up a $20 Hamilton Beach two slice toaster. So far it’s been fine.
  3. We purchased from Lovesac earlier this month and they were delivered within a week. They’re pricey but I like how versatile they are.
  4. Dh and I had ours yesterday. I feel awful. Not quite as bad as I did after the second but this time my arm is much more sore and even my eyelids hurt. Hope I don’t have to do this again or I’m at least waiting a year next time. Dh is fine like always though. 🙄
  5. Dh and I both got our third Pfizer today. They asked zero questions about why we were getting it so Dh had no problem. Now, I’m just hoping I don’t feel as awful tomorrow as I did after the second.
  6. This thread makes me happy we went with Lovesac for our new place! We got ours within a week of ordering.
  7. This is working in our favor since we are leaving the suburbs for the big city.
  8. Not here. We listed ours three weeks ago, accepted an offer 8 hours later (above asking price), and close tomorrow. A neighbor listed theirs last week and they also accepted an offer within 24 hours. Things are still pretty hot here.
  9. Dh and I would probably wait a bit if it was just the two of us at home. But, we’re in the middle of moving and living in a hotel for a month and will be seeing our college dc (who are in classes and going out and about) quite often. It just seems to us like we should go ahead and get the booster but if not for the move and visiting dc we could easily wait and not worry.
  10. Dh and I are scheduled to get our boosters next week. I should be able to easily do so due to my weight and we’re going to see if they question Dh on why or not. If they don’t, he will get his as well. There’s plenty of shots here and not so many people getting them anymore so I don’t feel bad at all trying.
  11. That’s the first thing I thought. Oldest is almost 22 and whenever he’s home, fried okra is the first thing he asks me to cook! 😂
  12. I think they’re Southern. I was born and raised in Texas and we made and ate fried pies quite often. I also consider Arkansas part of the South.
  13. So, I had no idea they had actual stores. Dh informed me we have one not too far so we went last night and really liked them. They looked and felt way better than I expected! The standard fill felt better to us since it is firmer. We found out we can get deep seating for my tall Dh and regular for my short self, so that was nice. We’re going to go for it and hope it holds up well to all our moves and use.
  14. I knew two of my great grandmothers (was named after one) and they were both Grandma Name. My grandmothers were both Nanny Name. So, very different names.
  15. I have this one because I prefer to be able to program it to start in the morning and at the right temperature for my green tea (so not boiling). https://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-41028-Professional-Temperatures/dp/B07HNYGSFT/ref=asc_df_B07HNYGSFT/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309813531085&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7394620027910648420&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9016105&hvtargid=pla-714539315277&psc=1
  16. We’ve sold our home and will be moving in a few weeks to an apartment, and then move again next year out of state. We’re getting rid of most of the furniture as it is old and worn out. Lovesac is intriguing because it looks like it would be a lot easier to move than a regular sofa and could be configured to fit in whatever spaces we land in. Anyone have a Lovesac or something similar? Are they actually comfortable?
  17. I do have some regrets and started having them when each was in 5th grade, so they both went to ps starting in 6th grade. There just weren’t any homeschool groups that weren’t super conservative where we lived so the social aspect for both dc was difficult. Neighborhood and friends’ kids only work well so long and it was around 4th/5th grade that they needed more. Oldest had a rough first year of middle school but then had lots of friends through the end of high school. Youngest does best with just one or two friends and hasn’t had much of an issue. I think homeschooling them through elementary school was the right decision academically for sure, and I think putting them in to ps when I did was the right decision for other reasons. As far as family/Dh stuff, I have no regrets with any of that in regards to homeschooling. Dh actually gave up a lot too in order to be home with the family as much as possible. He purposefully changed his career and passed on promotions for many years while they were growing up. When things started getting rough with oldest, dh proposed working from home and thankfully his employer was on board. Dh still works from home and has no desire to move up the ranks anymore. He’s happy with where he’s at and his employer is happy to let him keep going on as he is. ETA: Youngest did end up homeschooling senior year as well but that was really just doing dual enrollment at the local CC. The high school here just wasn’t doing enough in regards to their autism and youngest was miserable and wanted out.
  18. Good luck! We’re listing our home this week and I can’t believe how crazy it is. Our realtor is listing Thursday, accepting showings and bids through Sunday, and then will notify winning bidder on Monday. We’re leaving town for the weekend to avoid it all but I do feel for those trying to buy right now. We just want to rent for a while until we figure out where we want to land.
  19. Because most good attorneys would advise the client in this situation not to talk to police unless no option left (he hadn’t even been arrested yet so…).
  20. Yep! My bil is an ADA and says don’t talk ever without an attorney period. Guilt or innocence doesn’t matter at all.
  21. So, I lost mine seven years ago due to the flu. Not Covid but what I’m hearing is it’s mostly the same. What I was ultimately left with was awful for quite a while. I’ve now just become used to it and actually enjoy a few things. I still get the phantom smells (pretty much always smoke) a few times a year. Hopefully you have better luck than I did and yours eventually returns to normal.
  22. My Dh is currently doing physical therapy. He found a spine specialist clinic within our medical group and they have their own physical therapists at the clinic. He’s also trying to avoid surgery and is seeing a little improvement this week. The physical therapists at this clinic are so much better than the random ones he’s been sent to previously.
  23. Yes. My great grandmother died due to a botched illegal abortion when my grandmother was nine. My great grandma reportedly begged her husband to not have more kids because she physically and mentally couldn’t handle it and he insisted (can’t even imagine what she lived through). My grandmother’s life for years after that was absolutely awful and she married at 19 to get away. I hate the idea of abortion but understand why it needs to remain legal.
  24. I’m laughing at the questions regarding what is taught about Texas history. Every single history teacher I had was a coach and taught absolutely nothing (except the one who was a huge Lincoln\JFK conspiracy theorist and that’s all he taught). I was born and raised in Texas and couldn’t wait to get the heck out at 20. It’s just weird.
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