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  1. We have used and love the Seresto Collar- it’s 8 months ( we are in Texas so I do 6 months just to be safe) and they are $60 each from Walmart or Tractor Supply. My daughter volunteers at a vet (4H) and so we use Nexguard now (what they recommend) and we get it through them.
  2. I never used it, but I had a friend that did and it was her favorite year. I loved the notebooks they made, and maps they drew. I would have jumped at the chance to use it if it had been the right season for us- but it wasn’t- so I just admired their notebooks. 😂
  3. Thank you for mentioning this. This was very timely- as I was just discussing “the evils of Harry Potter” and why they are not banned in our home. I had never seen this particular Circe Podcast- and found several good things to listen to on this cold, rainy, day.
  4. If you have not already found someone let me know. I have used most of the curriculum since my children were small. I’m not as vocal as some of the wise mammas on here, but I’ve been on these boards since the old flip boards back in the day.
  5. When I do this it’s $30 a day for one child if in diapers- $25 a day for everyone else- or each additional child. We are in a more rural area, and that’s a bit on the high side. I see ads all the time for $20 a day.
  6. I have used and like FabCbd. They have oil drops, gummies, and a external cream. I can only vouch for the drops. I did quite a bit of research and they are a solid company.
  7. I have been using it for almost 2 months now. I didn’t think it was making much of a difference at first, but I can tell the difference in my sleep now (thanks Fitbit) and my morning back pain is much less. I have also found I deal with stress much better (my kids say this- and they don’t want me to run out) so it’s working better than I thought. 😂
  8. Thanks.... 😂 watching episode 1 now...
  9. Your topic is very timely for me. We have been at the same church and raised our children in this small church for the last 13 years. My husband likes the men and is plugged in- my daughters and I are over the women’s drama and the “everyone knows everything” atmosphere. I was just thinking a bigger church would be nice- but not sure now reading the responses. I just keep praying God will let us know what to do.
  10. My daughter started this program this year. She is really enjoying it so far. She is 15. If we had known about it sooner we would have started sooner, but I think the minimum age is 12- but I’m not sure about that. She is volunteering with a great vet here in town and has learned so much. We are just continuing to let her lead, but she’s pretty sure she wants to pursue the full veterinarian degree. If you want to PM me I can send you pictures of a few pages from the book so you can see a sample. I don’t get on here very often anymore, but I will have time to “hang out” more on winter break.
  11. Yes! Me too.... many years this has been a tradition here as well.
  12. We have a family history of service, and after some research my son decided to join the Navy. The recruiter we had was very upfront and helpful. The “getting in” wasn’t an issue- the level of security clearance he needed for his job was a little more difficult being homeschooled, but not over the top. The hardes part was the lady who kept asking me what curriculum provider we used for our homeschool- I kept telling her there were several we didn’t just use 1 company, she needed a name to fill in her blank and I was being “difficult”- so I gave her a name of a popular curriculum and that was that. ? My son has done well and enjoys his job. He has a military personality though- get it done- etc... He has been in 3 years now. I do agree with the comment above about 100 young people all living under one roof- their is accountability, but not all is seen. My son has driven many a drunk puking sailor back to base when they called for help. My next daughter is considering joining once she gets her nursing degree as an officer- she wants to serve- and she thinks it would be awesome that her brother would have to salute her. ? my middle girl isn’t the right personality fit for military service, but my 15 year old is also considering it.
  13. I have not used Friendly Biology, but have looked through it. I think it would be a solid Jr high course, but if you were using it for highschool you would probably need to add to it.
  14. Thanks for updating- so many times we never know if it worked out or not -so it doesn’t always help with our search. ?
  15. Has anyone used this? Thoughts? I love several things from Circe, but wondering if this is useful? Is is redundant if I already own Teaching the Classics?
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