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  1. One I haven’t seen mentioned that I have enjoyed from time to time is Casey Ho program Blogilates.
  2. I have used THM off and on since the first book came out (5 years?) I have dropped weight and become healthier. I think one of the “issues” with THM is that they give guidelines but few hard and fast rules. They are striving to make it simple, but in reality it leaves many confused. They try to make it a way of life- not just s diet- so you get people who are eating loads of things that are fine for occasional use- all the time and wondering why they aren’t seeing changes. They talk quite a bit about superfoods and health, and choices in our eating, but if you go to the Facebook page you see mostly recipes for heavy desserts and cheese laden dinner recipes. It’s all in how you approach it.
  3. Going through this with my daughter now. She was diagnosed last month, she is 18. Never had them in childhood. Then today was scary... last night (well 1:30 this morning) she had just came in from work and texted and said she felt like she was about to have a seizure but it felt different. Sure enough I go in her room and she was having one. I stay with her for an hour while she had a couple- but then she relaxed and went to sleep and I went to bed. Nothing unusual except the length of time. This morning she didn’t wake up. I left her alone and went back later and she still wasn’t awake. So I decided to wake her up. She wasn’t responding- Her sister (who is in nursing school) did a few “painful tests” and she doesn’t respond, but convulsed a little more- hers are not big convulsions- more of twitches. So we took to the emergency room. I called her boyfriend and he confirmed no drugs or alcohol last night which I figured when she was home early and drove- she’s not known for this, but I had to make sure.. After a bit at the hospital she did wake up and is now back to her normal self. She will follow up with her neurologist, but we have no answers. Its scary.
  4. Very timely topic and I love all the varying responses. We have 3 adult children, 2 are still in the home, but getting a house together in a month in town to be closer to work, college, and friends. As long as they are being responsible we try not to impose too many rules. I like the analogy of going from rule setting parents to advisors. Such a difficult time and transition, but I’d like to have relationship with these young people I’ve raised and rules aren’t the best path for that in my observation- even if I don’t agree with all their decisions. They know where we stand, and how we believe, it’s their turn to make decisions and have convictions.
  5. I can’t “love” this enough. This has been my mantra as well.
  6. That was my thoughts! 😉
  7. One daughter uses and prefers a laptop, the other a chromebook. 🤷‍♀️
  8. I thought the Brave Learner went really well with Rethinking School. I have been homeschooling for 18 years and am finishing up my last child in high school so I didn’t “need” the book, but I found it refreshing. Not “unschooly”, but not overly strict either.
  9. We have used and love the Seresto Collar- it’s 8 months ( we are in Texas so I do 6 months just to be safe) and they are $60 each from Walmart or Tractor Supply. My daughter volunteers at a vet (4H) and so we use Nexguard now (what they recommend) and we get it through them.
  10. I never used it, but I had a friend that did and it was her favorite year. I loved the notebooks they made, and maps they drew. I would have jumped at the chance to use it if it had been the right season for us- but it wasn’t- so I just admired their notebooks. 😂
  11. Thank you for mentioning this. This was very timely- as I was just discussing “the evils of Harry Potter” and why they are not banned in our home. I had never seen this particular Circe Podcast- and found several good things to listen to on this cold, rainy, day.
  12. If you have not already found someone let me know. I have used most of the curriculum since my children were small. I’m not as vocal as some of the wise mammas on here, but I’ve been on these boards since the old flip boards back in the day.
  13. When I do this it’s $30 a day for one child if in diapers- $25 a day for everyone else- or each additional child. We are in a more rural area, and that’s a bit on the high side. I see ads all the time for $20 a day.
  14. I have used and like FabCbd. They have oil drops, gummies, and a external cream. I can only vouch for the drops. I did quite a bit of research and they are a solid company.
  15. I have been using it for almost 2 months now. I didn’t think it was making much of a difference at first, but I can tell the difference in my sleep now (thanks Fitbit) and my morning back pain is much less. I have also found I deal with stress much better (my kids say this- and they don’t want me to run out) so it’s working better than I thought. 😂
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