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  1. I've seen the meat truck in the San Antonio area. They set up in the parking lot of a pawn shop. Seems legit. 😂
  2. Just send a check. She's picky and it's a weird time. Make life easy on yourself, lol.
  3. Most people are too cheap to pay for bubble wrap or packing peanuts/paper, so they "improvise". My DH recently bought something from eBay, and joked "What, did they wrap this in pillows?" when he saw the bulging box. Surprise! They really did use bed pillows to wrap the item. At least the pillows were new. We've also received items wrapped in trash bags and fiberglass insulation. 😕
  4. This is our problem here, too. I don't know of anyone who we could "pod up" with. I was looking into some homeschool groups that have outdoor events, and out of the 6 I checked, all of them lead with anti-mask statements. Like, ok...it's outdoors, so masks probably aren't needed, but the fact that you lead with this statement tells me we are not approaching this problem in a compatible way. Just...ugh. My brain is tired.
  5. 1% is amazing. I have a friend that lives in Manhattan. She said she's been (carefully) visiting with friends and family, and part of me was like "You have GOT to be kidding me!". But, if positivity was 1% here, I'd be visiting with people, too.
  6. It's either do it now, or wait until next spring, I think. It's so weird to hear that 5% is hotspot territory in some states. Texas seems to have plateaued at 6-ish percent, and people are again yelling that it's time to open up more, stop wearing masks, etc because "cases are low!". There were 3800 new cases today, and this is what people are calling "low".
  7. I would not trust a doctor that put personal political opinion over scientific facts.
  8. I'm really hope you get your cd's back! I'm also really glad that you posted this, because I'd always felt like I was being grinchy by not loaning out things or by simply saying "Oh here, just KEEP IT!" Every.single.time. I've loaned something out, I either never get it back or have to argue to get it back. Not long ago, I broke my personal rule about not loaning things out, because a very sweet person asked if they could borrow some curriculum I had. Sure. After all, they pride themselves on being a "good Christian" who is super honest, and surely they'd return the curriculum...
  9. Lots of books, some "good" art supplies. Maybe some little Minecraft figures or something to do with World of Warcraft. Kiddo is 12, so he's on the edge of sometimes toys are fun, sometimes he isn't interested. We will probably get him some funny t shirts, too. I'm going to make a few little gifts for him, too. Nothing big, just silly things like a giant set of polyhedral dice made from plastic canvas.
  10. I don't think it's being a butt. You're avoiding an uncomfortable situation that someone else is trying to put you into. What outcome are you hoping for? For her to take your advice or for her to stop talking about it? You can't make her take your advice, but you can extricate yourself from the conversation.
  11. True, but they've essentially been blowing you off by ignoring your advice and lying to you about it.
  12. We just buy canned and packaged foods with a long shelf life. 🤷‍♀️ Peanut butter, canned beans, canned fruits, canned tomatoes, canned fish. It's all stuff that could be eaten cold, if there was no way to heat it up. The longest I've had to go without power was 10 days. We had a grill, so we could heat food up, but we still tried to keep it simple to make dish cleanup easy. Washing greasy pans with cold water is not much fun, nor is boiling water just to wash dishes. Personally, I think those 25-year buckets are a waste of money. There isn't anything special in them that makes t
  13. You don't. Stop giving advice. Like you said, she's on a fishing expedition to see if you will give her any money. She knows she probably won't get any money out of you, but she has nothing to lose by asking for "advice", over and over in case one time, you cave and give her money. If she calls again with tales of financial silliness, say some variation of "Oh dear, what a situation! Gracious, look at the time! Gotta run!".
  14. Try these: https://www.cavenders.com/ Tractor Supply https://www.ddtexasoutfitters.com/
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