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  1. I'm so sorry. No, this wasn't your fault. Like others have said, the odds of surface transmission are extremely low. You didn't do this. ❤️
  2. I like reading The Prudent Homemaker. She is LDS, but doesn't talk much about her religion other than to say self-sufficiency is very much encouraged in her church. It's not specifically a prepper blog; it leans more toward saving money and living a simple life, but those concepts overlap considerably with prepping. She's also a really calm-sounding person, which I appreciate.
  3. The family tree assignment is one of the activities in SOTW volume 1. We skipped it because our family tree is complicated and cannot be neatly displayed on the cute tree graphic that assumes everyone had a traditional family structure where no one has ever divorced, remarried, been adopted, has half-siblings, been raised by a single parent, etc. The whole project made me feel panicky and ashamed that I didn't have a tidy, "proper" family history to offer my kid. 😕
  4. If the store doesn't have a good way to handle reusable bags, then the workers need to take that up with their bosses and come up with a solution. The answer isn't for workers to gripe at the customers. I don't agree that what the bagger said to you was insulting. They weren't saying anything negative about you. They certainly were rude, however.
  5. The vaccine cannot give you covid. It does not contain any virus.
  6. Right? I am going to need to up my coat game if we move back north. The coats were all pretty amazing.
  7. Spoken word isn't my thing, but I can say that Ms. Gorman looked so lovely today. Her smile filled me with so much hope for the future. Her family must be so proud of her right now. ❤️
  8. My county is only receiving vaccine every other week, and it's a small amount each time. It's frustrating. 😞
  9. I am on a wait list for Pfizer this week, but not holding my breath. 😕 They only had 975 doses available and all appts were booked within 3 minutes of sign up being available.
  10. Prepping isn't just to get you through hair raising political strife. Weather issues and job loss are two big reasons I started becoming more prepared. It also helps save money in the long run.
  11. If I had it to do over again, I would have 2 fb accounts: one for family only, and one for friends, with zero overlap.
  12. My MIL and dad used to be fb friends, but MIL unfriended him because I-dont-know. It's for the best, because they are both kind of wild-cards, and I would rather they not team up and make plans together, (they did once, and it was not great for me). I blocked my uncle because he is forever posting hateful, racist, sexist, fake news garbage. I also blocked my mother's husband. He's awful for different reasons. Oh, I forgot: MIL and SIL unfriended me. SIL also unfriended DH, (her brother). We have no idea why.
  13. We're mostly set. The freezers are full, and the pantry is fairly full. I probably won't buy any meat for a few months, to work through some of what we've got in the freezers. Right now, extra money has been going toward upgrading kitchen gear. After nearly a year of cooking every meal at home, I have a much better idea of what I am actually using vs. "This could be useful someday!". (Note to self: It's "someday" and we still haven't used it).
  14. The Aerogardens I have are smaller and have some built in features to automate the process a bit more, (light timer, reminders to add nutrients, etc). It's the same idea, just smaller. It's more of an unbox-and-go kind of thing vs the DIY set up my DH made. As for why, it was a pandemic purchase that gave me something to fixate on for awhile, rather than the news.
  15. The problem is that it was requested to get back on topic, and y'all took the bait and went right back to arguing after being asked to stop.
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