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  1. Exactly. Some hills are not worth dying on.
  2. Bring your existing seats and rent a car in Florida if you find the seats do not fit in the grandparents' car. If you rent a mini-van, you can fit more people in the car for trips, which may help shut down arguments about how silly all of this car seat business is, ("I hear you, mom and dad, but the mini-van means we can all ride together. Besides, the kids are used to riding in their regular seats").
  3. Don't beat yourself up. I have backed out on this exact thing. I said I would do ABC for a co-op. The co-op agreed to ABC and then added on more responsibility than I wanted to take on. I wrote them and said "I'm so sorry, but after reviewing my schedule, I am not going to be able to participate in Acme Homeschool Co-op like we discussed on XYZ date". If your friend presses you for reasons, you can simply state "This just works best for my family right now". Remind yourself that there really isn't anything to debate on the topic. The co-op isn't going to work right now. Why? It just isn't going to. But whyyyyyy? "This just works best for us right now". Wash, rinse, repeat.
  4. This is very much like something one of my siblings would do. I am pretty sure Sibling A still owes Sibling B money from a joint Christmas gift for our father and will never see a penny of it. There is always, always money available for utter nonsense, yet never money to pay back personal loans and somehow we're the jerky ones for expecting Sibling A to honor their commitments. The only way to win this game is to not play. It's super frustrating because you think "Maybe this time it will be different!" and it never is. All you can do is make a mental note to never, ever let them owe you money again. If they ask about cookies next year, tell them the troop has a new policy that all orders must be paid for up-front, so you'd be happy to place an order for the cookies after they send you the money via Paypal or an old fashioned money order. ETA : Try not to take your SIL's actions personally. It's not ok what she's doing and it feels super disrespectful, but if she's anything like my sibling, it has absolutely nothing to do with how she feels about any of you. It's a poor-personal-boundaries type of problem.
  5. Does she have toys to play with at night, to keep her occupied? Cat tree, a play tunnel, jingle balls, toy mice?
  6. CC might be reaching peak saturation in my area. I looked up the local schedule of CC "Info meetings", and there are 5 different meetings for different groups next week. I suspect it will implode before long, much like all the other MLM groups that popped up, burned hot, and died out. At least in my area, there seems to be a big overlap between MLM ladies and CC ladies.
  7. I guess it's not my night as well. I can't exactly figure it out, either. Maybe it's in reaction to the "Mental Load" threads?
  8. DS10 insisted he had no idea what a lower case "a" looked like and hadn't the faintest idea of how to write one, while staring at a page of printed text. He's been reading since he was 3 & 1/2 and able to write since he was 4. 😑
  9. I hear you. There are a lot of CC people in my area, constantly spamming their product to our local groups. They are very cliquish, too. We met with one family a little last summer for board games, but once they confirmed we were not part of the CC "brand", they dropped us like rocks. There are lots of really rigid co-ops, too. We've tried a few, but it always feels like Someone Else's Idea of the Perfect School. We are lucky in that we have a small group of families that meet fairly regularly for play time and arts/crafts/simple science experiments. We meet at the park and then the kids play after the planned activity is complete. But when the weather is bad, it's rough and we get lonely.
  10. I suppose I'd let DS do it if he really wanted to. I woudn't be ok with those large ear plugs that stretch out the lobe, however. I doubt DS would want any sort of piercing, though. It's not his thing.
  11. I'd be annoyed and feel like he was nagging me. I would probably also walk out of the dmv if my husband started an argument with one of the workers there.
  12. Funny enough, I was just thinking about what my hopes were for DS10. College is fine, some sort of skilled trade/certificate program is fine, joining the military is fine. I mostly just hope that he has a plan for his future, some sort of path he wants to travel down, that will lead to him having interesting work, good relationships, and being self-supporting. I was so very aimless when I graduated high school, was shuffled off to college without a clue, and then failed spectacularly. I hope he does not follow my lead.
  13. Everyone has to follow the law. There is no provision in the law that says "This law must be followed unless all your friends are breaking it, and then it's totally ok to ignore it and have fun". If the teen feels strongly this law is unjust, they are welcome to write their state representative and provide evidence of the disproportionate burden this places on them and other teens. It sounds like a great homeschool research topic, lol!
  14. Yes! I did that to him yesterday. He was trying to teach me how to play a game, and I kept interrupting him to ask about his socks, why he had freckles and I do not, why his room is blue and not green, what would happen if I stood up to play the game, what would happen if I *don't* stand up to play the game, etc. He lol I asked him how he felt when I did that (angry and frustrated), and I said "That's how you make other people feel when you do it to them". He got teary-eyed after that. It's too soon to tell if that lesson will stick with him or if we need to repeat it a hundred more times.
  15. Good advice and a good reminder. I have been the "helper" when the instructor allows it, and classes do go better when I am allowed to be there. It's really hard to find instructors that will allow it in my area, however. I've gone round and round with a few instructors in the past who acknowledge they struggle with him but also do not want me to sit in on a class. I find that so frustrating! I think you are right that some of these classes are not a good fit. Even when they are on topics he loves, (like math), either the pace of the class is too slow or the instructor is put off by him. He wants to talk to the instructor about math like a peer and instructors don't like that.
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