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  1. Chapstick. I swear someone eats them. DH loses scissors and blames me and kiddo for taking them. They are fancy, lefty scissors and DS and I are righties, so NO, we didn't take your scissors. It hurts to use them, so NO, we didnt take them. But every time he loses a pair, "Did you take my scissors?!?!" NO!
  2. My son hasn't seen my mom and stepfather since he was about 4. I try to keep up some semblance of a relationship with them, but they aren't interested. I used to call once a month, but they don't return the calls, so I stopped. They arent very easy people to be around and are very negative. They take little pot-shots at me, like saying "Oh, you got hired by the Acme Widget. company? Hmm, they must have really lowered their standards if they hired you", and then smirk. When I call them out on poor behavior, they call me names and swear at me. When my mom compared my son unfavorably to her dog, that was it for me. No more visits with mean, crazy grandma.
  3. It may never go away, but it doesn't have to be as catastrophic as it is currently.
  4. You aren't alone. I do plan on telling the truth to DS13 about my family background. I'll share some things about DH's background, too, because I doubt DH will discuss it. DS13 is going to need to know some of this stuff, like "So-and-so has mental health issues and isn't always a reliable narrator, so you have to keep that in mind when they tell you extraordinary things and ask for money". I try to pass on info in an age-appropriate way. Now that he's older, he's starting to ask a few questions. A few days ago, I told him that my dad was getting married again, and DS asked "So, how many times has he been married???". Like, he knows there's something strange about the situation. I'm not going to tear down my dad in front of DS; this is his grandpa and he loves him. But I won't sugar-coat the situation and act like it's totally normal to get married half a dozen times.
  5. This is what prompted the fall out with my dad. Wife #3 was abusive and likely had a personality disorder. She started picking nasty fights with dad in front of the grandkids, which wasn't ok. She would start fights when we were a captive audience and couldn't leave, like while we were in the backseat of the car dad was driving. I saw her hit my dad in front of my nephew and son at his birthday party, and then she threw a broom across the room my son was playing in. I confronted dad and said "I don't know what's going on here. Are you ok? Whatever is going on, this cannot happen in front of the grandkids ever again. This isn't ok". Wife #3 lost her mind when she found out I said something to dad, threatened to "make it like my son never even existed". Dad kept trying to sweep it all under the rug. Like, "It's fine! Stop being so difficult, Miss Lemon! You are over-reacting!" The whole thing was bananas. Like, your crappy wife hits you and threatens my kid as a way to hurt me, but now *I* am the bad guy because I won't put up with it? Nah, hard pass. Letting my son witness that sends a horrendous message. I wish I had handled that situation with far less screaming. I feel badly about that part. But I don't feel bad for defending myself and my kid, and for refusing to participate in abuse.
  6. You can't guarantee you'd be super ill if you had covid, and then extrapolate that whatever you have now means it's not covid. It doesn't work that way. I have a friend who's a transplant patient on heavy duty immune suppressants. She had asymptomatic covid. How?! Don't know, but she did. Get tested and don't assume you're in the clear.
  7. If you don't want DS22 to go to the other house, I would take the unvaxxed kids to the other house to quarantine.
  8. I haven't heard the term before, but I had an awful high school and college boyfriend that did things like that. With my dad, I had 40 years of squishing myself down into an diminished version of myself so his mean, insecure wife wouldn't feel threatened by me. When wife #3, (also mean and insecure), came after me and threatened my kid and dad looked the other way to save his own skin, I lost it. Forty years of pent up "...and ANOTHER THING..." came out. Like, I did nothing but rant and yell for a solid 2 years about every single thing he'd ever done wrong in life. And what's amazing is that he never, ever apologized. Not once. The best I got was "Well, if that happened, then I'm sorry". I do think he sometimes feels a little sorry for himself, like "Oh, I have this difficult daughter, woe is me!". 🤷‍♀️
  9. I definitely share some of the blame for a tense relationship with my dad. There was a period of time where I couldn't speak to him without it turning into a screaming match. I was definitely mean at times, and after the last 18 months, I regret some of my actions. We had a huuuuge blowout and it left me hyperreactive for a long time.
  10. Ferrets and humans can pass influenza back and forth. I think they are also susceptible to covid.
  11. Yep. Animals can get it from humans. There have been some zoo animals that caught covid, too. Snow leopard at San Diego Zoo positive for COVID | Tacoma News Tribune (thenewstribune.com)
  12. My cousin's DH is in hospital with covid. He is 43, good health, but didn't get vaccinated because his macho-man work pals pooh-poohed the vaccine. He gave covid to both of his kids, (they are fine so far), his vaccinated wife (she felt poorly for a day, but bounced back), and the dog (!!!). He got to the hospital with 02 of 81% and was arguing that he felt "fine" and didn't need to be admitted. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I know of 2 other people that took vacations to Florida and Vegas and came down with Covid. One was vaccinated and bounced back after feeling off for 1 day. The other is unvaccinated and feels horrible, horrible, horrible now on day 3. What a mess.
  13. No to marriage. I'd be open to having a boyfriend, but I doubt I'd marry again.
  14. I don't really have a lot of empathy for his exhaustion. 🤷‍♀️ He could accept me as is and save himself the fatigue. Doesn't seem like he's interested in that plan, so I guess he'll just have to be tired.
  15. My dad and I have almost nothing in common. I am fine with it, but he isn't. I feel like he views me as a problem in need of a solution. It's exhausting.
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