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  1. I've often felt that financial pressure with relatives. Like, yeah, on paper it says I can afford to do all these things relatives think I should be doing. But...then I don't get to do a lot of things that are really important to me, because I've spent all the money doing whatever for the relatives. Maybe this is something you can compromise on? Can your family stay behind and just you attend the funeral, @Farrar? Then maybe you can contribute a token amount of cash toward the funeral to keep the peace and honor your uncle's memory? I don't think it's totally fair that you should spend all that cash for everyone in your family to go AND have to kick in for the funeral when the expenses are basically to provide a posh upgrade to what would be an otherwise decent and respectable send off. I think it's a fair line to draw.
  2. I hate flying so much. Every part of it feels degrading now. It's also stressful to bring kiddo with me. I won't fly Southwest anymore because I hate their family boarding policy and unless I pay extra, I can't guarantee kiddo will sit with me. It's not as big a deal now that he's almost 11, but when he was 7? Yeah, that really bothered me. I'm not letting my 7 year old sit next to some random person getting drunk on the plane for 3 hours. But I also just hate flying as a concept. The turbulence freaks me out. Take off and landing freak me out. I've always wanted to take Amtrak to visit my dad, but the cost difference between flight and train has been significant. 😕
  3. I'm so sorry about your uncle, @Farrar. Hopefully, everyone will come to their senses soon.
  4. Old enough to remember the old bell paging system from department stores.
  5. This thread is exactly why women that formula feed feel judged and hostile toward the "Breast is Best!" proponents.
  6. Agreeing with this. We've been having issues with DS10 that we never had before. (Edited to add: Well, we had some of these issues before, but not to the magnitude we were seeing. When he was younger, I could tell him to please listen to me and do what I was asking, and he would just do it. Not so much anymore). It took several months of me trying to reason with him before I realized it was hormonal. I stopped trying to reason with him after that, lol. We've instituted a rather firm schedule and I've taken the position that I will not *debate* anything with him. I am happy to explain why he has to ABC or XYZ but I am no longer interested in debating why option PDQ should also be entertained when the only reason he's bringing up PDQ is to be contrary. So, our "treatment" for this so far has been: more chores. more challenging schoolwork more activities more sleep more food more talking to each other more structure On the days that DS10 has a full dance card, (lots of chores, school, predictable schedule), we have fewer issues. The backtalk, whining, and grumbling stopped for 3 weeks. (Bonus: our house was also very clean!!!) Today was the first day that our schedule was off and I did not have a list waiting for him. We had an early am vet appointment and DS10 had to attend a different session of art today as a make-up. Today was also the first day in 3 weeks that he got mouthy with his art teacher and pitched a fit in class. It's probably not a coincidence. We've been doing more thoughtful talking, as well. I've been trying to talk to him about "When I was your age..." without it sounding really preachy. He's been listening and asking questions. A lot of the younger-kid things we used to do are no longer fun for him, but I don't think he understands why they aren't fun anymore. So he goes to the splash pad, expecting it to be fun...and then it's not really fun and he's frustrated. He remembers that it was fun, so he expects it to be the same each time. The last time we went, he shoved a random kid head first down the slide, for no reason he could articulate. The week before that, he hit the dog "because the dog is annoying" (!!!). This is sooo unlike DS10. I'm trying to steer him toward tween activities, but it's tough because this town does not have a lot of tween events and so many homeschoolers pack the kids back to school once they hit the tween years. There is a tween co-op but the mom that runs it is really intense plus it's an hour+ away. I also kind of want to get DS10 around more positive male role models. I've been taking him to a chess club which is almost all dudes, and so far he likes it. I'd like to get him into the local robotics group as well, but that will have to wait until August, when they start back up. Hang in there!
  7. Are you saying the cat has no eyeball or that the cat has pupils of unequal size suddenly? Like, one pupil is so tiny it is almost gone? Either way, this requires immediate veterinary care. It could be a stroke, a blood pressure issue, some sort of neurological issue...all things that will not get better with the passage of time.
  8. That stinks. Been there. She could always get a cover up tattoo. Or if she just wants the thing gone, surgical excision is an option, depending on the tattoo location. Laser removal is an option but it takes a long time. 😕
  9. It looks like this is likely your etsy seller. I would contact them and let them know there is some sort of problem because you did not order this item, but have received 2 copies. Colored Chemistry Pencil Stickers
  10. Is there any indication of who the etsy seller is? I wonder if someone bought the stickers for their pencils but put in the wrong address. When they complained they did not receive their item, the seller sent out another set. That would explain getting two of them. If you can find the name of the etsy seller, you can contact them about it. It's probably a weird mistake and not anything sinister.
  11. Speaking of tattoos...Eeek! (not for the squeamish)
  12. You are a really good mom, because I would absolutely bail on this adventure, lol.
  13. I would pick the Yamaha based on what I can see. There is too much wear to the gold lip plate on the Jupiter for my liking, (Was the kid chewing on it, lol?). Condition and construction of the lip plate is so important to getting a good tone from the instrument. Even if the scratches to the gold don't look deep, you can definitely feel that unevenness on your lip when you play, and it will impact how you position your lip and your embouchure. I think the tone quality will not be as nice with the worn lip plate. Also, the inline G of the Yamaha is preferable over the offset G of the Jupiter. I've always found it odd that people will pay money for the upgrade to open holed flutes but then stick with the beginner-style offset G. Closed holes and offset G are for little hands that have trouble getting into the correct position.
  14. This is a scenario that is playing out with my father and one of my sisters. They spend all their social time together and are very enmeshed in each other's lives. The go to the gym together. They took dance lessons together. They sing in a choir together. At the choir show, they sang "Me and My Shadow" as a duet. *bangs head* I and my youngest sister have been trying to encourage both of them to branch out and make other friends because this dynamic is really not good for either of them. Nope, they see nothing wrong here. Except, when it looked like my sister was going to relocate 1500 miles away for work, it nearly pushed both of them into an emotional crisis. It's going to be a mess when Dad one day dies. 😞
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