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  1. This is what hooked me, too. When I was checking the program out, I dug around a little to "get to know" DDP. I knew that if he was a jerk or totally phony that I wouldn't stick with it. I saw a video where he was helping an older lady try modify moves so she could get mobile again, (I think she'd had knee replacement surgery). The video showed DDP and the lady working through the issues she was having, with him just really *thinking* it all through, and saying "Ok, try this...now put your hand here, and your leg here, and then move like this...No? Ok, let's try this instead". That's when I re
  2. A bit maladaptive. Socializing after vaccination feels a little like walking across hot coals. Like, is it really going to be ok?
  3. Truth? No, I feel anxious still. 😕 I am not sure how to work past that. 😕
  4. We don't have a homeschool center. Everything here is DIY. And I definitely wasn't going to do all these classes out of my own pocket! Art supplies aren't cheap.
  5. I still haven't been paid for events I ran 2+ years ago. Everyone said "I will bring payment with me!", and then showed up without money and with their excited kid. If you tell them they can't participate, then it impacts the kids friendship. It's good that it worked well for you, but it didn't work well for me. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety and makes me want to out DS12 in school so I never have to deal with homeschool social stuff again.
  6. For your sanity, I suggest NOT doing any kind of classes, not even "fun" ones. Stick to park days and social activities. I used to run a once a month "Meet the Artist" type class at the park. The kids liked it, but some parents took advantage and never paid for the classes their kids took. Because we were all friends, it made it awkward to press about the money issue. What started as a low-key, fun thing became a lot of work and expense for me and people started to feel sort of entitled to what I was offering.
  7. Does he mean that you should organize and run a few classes here and there for the playgroup?
  8. I kind of wish I had bought the arm band hrm. The chest one is kind of fiddly. 😕
  9. I entered, because why not? But I'm not good about blogging or posting videos of myself, so I doubt I'll catch anyone's eye.
  10. I started DDPY on March 17, based on your and ktgrok's recommendation. So far, I am down 10 lbs. I don't see a big difference yet in how I look, but I've noticed some subtle changes. My back muscles are starting to look different, and my back pain is much improved. My hip pain is better, thanks to the stretches I learned in Hip Opener (that one is tough, but has done great things for me) I am surprised at how much I really like this program. I do one of the workouts every day now, plus a 1 mile walk. It's something I look forward to, and I am not the least bit "sporty" or athletic.
  11. I'm not on WW, but doing my own thing (low carb, high protein and fat). I've been doing this for about a month and have lost 10 lbs so far. The key is planning ahead. If I plan well, we have REALLY good dinners that are about 450 calories per plate and everyone feels full and happy. But tonight? I had no plan, and instead threw something together last minute that a) was just ok and b) was 850 calories per plate!!!!! Too much sugar, not enough protein, too many carbs. 😠 We would have been better off eating tuna salad lettuce wraps and some soup. Blah! Oh, and I'm hungry again because there
  12. It's super weird how this thread has now been centered on the feelings and opinions of some dude. Tapping out. This thread is gross.
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