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  1. It was really unfair and wrong of the competition to switch prizes like that. No kid wants raisins/sultanas as a prize, and I'd bet a lot of adults don't want raisins/sultanas as a prize, either. The prize is so ridiculous that it's comical, (except it happened to your kid, which makes it not-funny at all). I wouldn't blame your child for never wanting to participate in that contest again, and I'd be pretty steamed about the whole situation. Adults can be such jerks to kids. We had our own disappointment with the county fair today. Long story short: we were promised ABC, we did not receive ABC, and the tour guide just shrugged, said "Oh well", and walked off. The last couple of field trips we've done have been completely half-a$$ed and the guides terrible. My son doesn't want to bother with them anymore.
  2. And we should acknowledge it. Some diseases can't be cured or even treated to a degree to improve the patient's quality of life. It sucks, and it's unfair, but it's true. Sometimes things are broken and they can't be fixed. My stepmother died of pancreatic cancer and declined all treatment beyond palliative care. She asked her doctor "If someone you loved had this type of cancer, would you recommend chemo?" and he said no. He told her that the treatment would get her more time on earth, but it would likely be time spent sick from chemo, in hospitals, and generally suffering. So she declined the treatment and died 6 weeks later. Those were 6 *good enough* weeks on earth. If she'd done chemo, she would have gotten maybe 6 months of misery. I am all for informed choice in medical care. Coffee enemas have ZERO proof of curing anything or improving anything. They do NOT work. If they worked, doctors would USE THEM.
  3. It has the potential for a lot of uses, but no one on my Facebook feed is talking about it's ability to help with pancreatic cancer or Parkinson's. It's all "It will help you sleep! Cures autoimmune diseases! It fixes your allergies! Cures anxiety in dogs! Great for weight loss! It's a 'drug free' treatment for ADHD! Don't suffer from the heartbreak of psoriasis! Use CBD oil!" None of these people are using a product that has any kind of quality control or studies to back up their claims. It's yet another MLM company preying on the bored and desperate.
  4. Been there, done that. I have been asked twice in the last 3 months to attend far away trips with the extended family. Both times I've said "I'm sorry; I wish I could come, but school/work/childcare/pet care/money/etc. I simply can't make it". Both times, the retirees were frustrated and annoyed. My sister flat out told my uncle "Look, we can't go. I just started a new job, my child starts 1st grade that week, and I haven't finished unpacking from moving house. If you'd planned this a month earlier or later, maybe I could have made it happen, but the timing of this simply doesn't work for me to attend". My uncle's response? "Well, I didn't plan this with your schedule in mind! You aren't the focus of the trip!" Yes, this is clearly evident and entirely the problem, uncle. If you want people to attend your event in a far away land, then you have to take their schedule into consideration! My dad is no better. He's been on a kick lately where he suggests last-minute flights to vacation somewhere. I'd love to travel more, but I need more than 3 weeks notice to pull together passports, pet care, and money if you want to go to Ireland with me, Dad!
  5. I actually know 2 people that died because they decided to use "natural cures" for autoimmune hepatitis and cancer. In one case, the person stopped their meds, used juice cleanses and essential oils. They went into liver failure rapidly and died. The other person took about 18 months before they died of cancer. They did not pursue chemo, surgery, or radiation, but instead chose essential oils, veganism, organic foods, and coffee enemas. These were both young people in their 30s. The first person had only been married 18 months. The second person left 2 young kids behind to grow up without their mother.
  6. That looks so cool. It's so crazy that only a few years ago things like this were impossible! Now you can DIY an EKG at home. Amazing!
  7. That is what I ended up doing; I turned the headrest around. Unfortunately when it's put in backwards, it doesn't click and lock into place, which means it's a potential projectile in the event of a rollover. Guess I'll take my chances!
  8. If your parent is a different person around others, then I would stick to in-person socializing *only* with other people as a buffer. The key is to give the problem person as little opportunity to inflict their problem behavior upon you. Give them as many opportunities for successful interactions as you can, even if that means you are carefully eliminating opportunities for them to fail. You've probably tried many mature ways to resolve the issue, but the other person is not willing to do their share of the work to make things better. That means what you have left is to reduce their chances to be a pain in the socks. My dad is not negative. He is almost delusionally optimistic, which creates different challenges. I handle him the same way as a negative person, however. He gets limited opportunities to peddle his brand of crazy. One-on-one visits with dad tend to go off the rails. I don't know how they'll go wrong, but I know they absolutely will go wrong if I let him have too much solo time and/or control, and I'm going to walk away feeling like a jerk because I yelled at him to stop doing weird things or behaving in a completely unhelpful way. Incidentally, I just had a long weekend with my dad. We spent 2 days with my siblings and 2 days alone with dad. The days with my siblings went fine and were enjoyable! The days alone? Off the rails! DS11 had a minor health emergency, and rather than follow the specific instructions I gave dad to help me resolve the emergency, dad decided to sing, joke, and dance around the room. I yelled at dad, he moped around the house, everything was tense, and now I feel like a jerk for yelling. But I dunno, if I say "Get me XYZ, or else we have to go to urgent care", I think you just need to go get XYZ or the dang car keys so we can go. Singing and joking is not the correct response to this!
  9. My mother has general anxiety disorder, and it comes through as negativity. When I am anxious, I also turn into a negative, critical jerk.
  10. Paternal grandparents: 1916 and 1921. These grandparents lived until age 87 and 85, respectively. Non-smokers and non-drinkers who died simply because their hearts gave out from old age. Maternal grandparents: 1926 and 1927. These grandparents lived to age 80 and 81, respectively. Both were smokers and social drinkers. They died of non-respiratory cancers, but I have to wonder if they would have lived longer if they had not smoked.
  11. My keys and sunglasses always go in the same spot, or else I will never find them. I always fold the laundry as it comes out of the dryer and put it away immediately. I had a cat that would pee on clean laundry (ugh!), and he trained me to get this task done right away! I no longer have the cat, but I still do it because it is One Less Thing to pile up.
  12. Because at 22, these "kids" aren't children. They are adults. They are new adults, but they are adults. I don't know about you, but I do not appreciate a lecture and scolding from my father when he thinks I've strayed from his value system. I feel like much of the conflict I see on this board between adult children and their parents is because the parents are struggling with letting go. Their children are off making their own decisions, but the parents see themselves as still "In Charge". Don't try to parent your adult offspring. Your kids are likely to make decisions that you disagree with. If you keep reacting to those decisions like your children are deliberately trying to provoke you or it's evidence of a moral failing, you're probably not going to have a great relationship with each other. I'm 47. My parents *still* view differences of opinion as character flaws or like I'm throwing a tantrum. I don't recommend this type of dynamic to anyone.
  13. For what it's worth, I never would have guessed this about you. You've always come across as very calm, collected, and reasonable! I am also a venter that is trying to put a lid on it. My parents were people that would spew angry words and assault your character when angry. I can still hear my stepmother screaming at me that I was a "Selfish, selfish, self-absorbed thing!" because I forgot to pick up a gallon of milk on my way home from work. And I worked in a grocery store! And I too was 22! Ugh.
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