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  1. I live in a rural area in a hot climate. Most people walk around with a bottle of water to avoid dehydration. The water here is very hard, too. We run ours through a softener, but that makes it taste salty. 😛 We get a monthly bottled water delivery, (the big 5 gallon bottles). A lot of other people do the same. I'm guessing the people in my area that are buying water are following the advice of "Get some extra now". Although now that I think about it, we've got a water bottling plant in town, so there shouldn't be any supply chain issues here for bottled water. I can fill bottles from the outside spigot if need be, because it bypasses the softener, but hauling water to the house is a bit more "Little House on the Prairie" than I want to go.
  2. Central. Big bags of rice are not typical shopping purchases here for Friday. Bottled water can go either way, although I usually see that more later in the spring and summer, when it's crazy hot.
  3. Just got back from the local Walmart. Hand Sanitizer is completely out of stock. Rubbing alcohol is completely out of stock. There is very little Advil on the shelf, but the Equate brand is fully stocked. Hand soap seemed a little sparse. I noticed some empty shelves in the pet food aisle. I hope that means people are stocking up for their pets, too. Saw a lot of people buying big bags of rice and bottles of water.
  4. I'm going to guess a combination of tight, low rise pants or super short skirts, and bending over so the customer gets an eyeful.
  5. Not all lawyers are trial lawyers. I have a relative that is a corporate lawyer. They evaluate whether or not various corporate policies meet the requirements of local, state, and federal law. They have their own office and do not have to work side by side with anyone else. I'm sure they have deadlines or stressful events at work, but for the most part, the job is pretty dull. If there was ever some sort of event that required a lawyer for the company to go to trial, my relative would not be the one to argue the case because they are not that type of lawyer.
  6. Our art teacher has made a firm statement about "keep your sick kids home" recently, after a nasty gi bug, strep, and the flu ripped through the local groups. We know a boy that had to be hospitalized because of strep. And still people are like "LoL, wUt gErMz?!"
  7. I was just at a local event. There was a grandma with 2 kids there. Youngest kiddo was 3 or 4 and had a wet cough and green snot running down his face. He was all over the place, rubbing his face on the furniture, the glass door, and periodically crying for grandma to wipe his nose. This was an optional, social event, not something like school or work where it's mandatory and you could argue "well, they are in a tough spot because of attendance policies". The local event wasn't even geared towards little kids. It was geared toward older kids, so grandma could have dropped off the older sibling and kept the young, sick one out. Or sat in the car with the younger. Or just said "I'm sorry, but your brother is sick, so we'll stay home and play today". The kicker? Grandma was watching the younger because he was TOO SICK FOR DAYCARE. Daycare wouldn't let him come, but she just "had to get him out of the house for awhile!" 😖 I don't expect to live in a perfect, germ-free bubble. But holy cats, there's no reason for this.
  8. Come to my town. Come to my homeschool group. They are casual about it. You see sick kids at events all.the.time. I see sick parents at events, often handling food. I have pulled waaaay back from hanging out with homeschool families here because of the casual attitude toward illness. No one here stays home if they have a cold. When I say kiddo and I can't come because one of us is sick, I get "oh that's ok! We aren't germaphobes!" What? No!
  9. Every single person in my friend group is saying this virus is "no big deal" and all of this news is fear mongering. They aren't going to change a single thing they do, because it is no worse than a cold or the flu. This is so disheartening and why I worry about when this virus gets to this area. No one here will take it seriously. This is weighing very hard on me right now.
  10. I realized I was overthinking this. Lysol spray would probably be fine and it's readily available.
  11. Oh no, really? That's a testing method? No wonder people don't want to get tested. 😲
  12. My husband ran a pizza place 20-odd years ago. He told me that people did this back then, too. Also, female delivery drivers would often go without a bra and panties to get better tips. He said the most uncomfortable part of his job was having to counsel female delivery drivers that all employees were expected to wear appropriate undergarments. As for who are these people that like to flash delivery drivers? Some are free spirits that don't think nudity is a big deal, and if they are ok with their naked body, then you should be, too. Others are people that get their jollies by making the delivery driver uncomfortable. 🤷‍♂️
  13. How are you feeling?  I've been thinking of you and hoping that you have been feeling better!

    1. gardenmom5


      I'm doing better, but tire easily. I do think my lungs are clear - draining from my sinuses. having issues with my eustachian tubes and the ENT - PA I was able to see is telling me it's nerve damage affecting my hearing because my ear drum moves.  um, no. 

      thanks for asking.


  14. I've been trying to find some sort of spray that works on enveloped viruses like COVID-19, but the only thing that comes up that is readily available to the general public is bleach. Of course, people aren't going to want to spray their clothes with bleach. So either you wear raggedly clothes out to the store that you don't care if they get bleached, (lol), or you could wear blue farmer coveralls and leave them outside to hang in the sunlight. Or...? I don't know. You can make yourself crazy thinking about all this.
  15. Oh, important to note: bleach is inactivated by sunlight. A shoe bath would need to be out of direct light.
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