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  1. MissLemon

    Kids movies I hate

    I hated Annie and ET as a kid.
  2. I'm not sure I'll follow along exactly with this challenge, but I've always meant to read all of Christie's Poirot stories in order. If my user name doesn't give it away, I'm a big fan of the Belgian detective and his assistant. Though I will watch the John Malkovich version, David Suchet will always be Poirot for me.
  3. MissLemon

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    I went to an estate sale/auction at a hoarder house once. It was emotionally overwhelming for everyone there. Everyone was angry and stressed, even the auctioneers who were very experienced professionals. I will never, ever go to another sale like that! What the tv shows can't show you is the smell that comes with a hoarder house. Years and years of rotting paper, mold, rodent pee, and more rot rot rot. Never again.
  4. MissLemon

    Deception involving inheritance to children

    This is a website I found that helped me understand the motivations of the dysfunctional/narcissistic people in my life. It's about women, but there were still many things that applied to the male self-absorbed people I know, as well. It doesn't look like the blog author is updating anymore, unfortunately. Narcissistic MIL
  5. MissLemon

    Deception involving inheritance to children

    My unprofessional opinion is that people with these types of illnesses do not have a defined "self", OR their sense of "self" is defined in terms of other people. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, in regards to one of my parents. My dad needs a lot of external validation that he is a good guy and a "success". Many of his interactions with his kids revolve around getting us to talk or behave in ways that validate he was a good father, and thus a success. It's exhausting. You can't ever just have lunch with him. It's not "just lunch"; it's a one-act play to bolster his self-esteem and reinforce his identity as "Good Father, Successful Man".
  6. MissLemon

    Deception involving inheritance to children

    This is very true. I have spent a lot of time in therapy trying to sort out the cognitive dissonance that is my perception of the toxic person in my life vs. the way they were represented to me by others. The end result is that I do not believe anything told to me by my relatives because they all lie so easily about each other.
  7. MissLemon

    Dr. Hive, my tongue feels burned but it's not!

    I was deep in denial about Celiac and gluten being problematic because my symptoms were not anything I associated with Celiac. Yet every time I eat anything with gluten, all those really awful symptoms come roaring back. It's just better to stay away from it. I feel so much better when I do! Did you have endoscopy done or other testing for Celiac?
  8. MissLemon

    Dr. Hive, my tongue feels burned but it's not!

    The combination of burning mouth, b12 deficiency, and joint pain made me think Celiac. Those were some of my not-obvious signs of Celiac.
  9. MissLemon

    What's in your nightstand drawer?

    Lip balm, lotion, the power cord for my fitbit in the top drawer. My raggedy old sweater lives in the center section if it's not on my body. The bottom drawer holds an extension cord. I have no idea why the cord is there, but that's just where it is and if I try to move it elsewhere, everyone complains that it's not where it should be when they need it. So there it lives.
  10. MissLemon

    Need chapstick recommendation

    I like this: The price is a little bold, but it lasts a very long time. I get the untinted.
  11. This is what my family considers "normal", too. Cocktail hour and hor d'ouevres, catered, sit down dinner, professionally made cake, formal photographs, professional flower arrangements, multiple bridesmaids, expensive hotel or country club venue. I just got an invite to a cousin's wedding. Fancy D.C. area venue and the hotel rooms start at $225 a night. After adding up all the costs to go to this, it would be over $2,000 for us to go. No thanks! And this isn't even the wedding! It's just the stateside reception because the couple is marrying in another country.
  12. 1st wedding: Dad and overbearing stepmother insisted that the only way to be officially and appropriately wedded was via big, fancy, New York country club wedding. I was very young and very under their thumb and agreed to all sorts of things I never should have. The wedding cost between $20,000 and $25,000 by my estimation, about 22 years ago. I paid $5,000 of that, and overbearing stepmother still sniffed that things weren't fancy enough and everything was Simply.Wrong.Because.Reasons. There was a lot of drama and I'm too embarrassed to admit to some of what I was coerced into. It was a belittling experience. 2nd wedding: I briefly discussed getting remarried with my dad, half-siblings, and stepmother. DH and I had been living together and had DS by then, and all of the financial/insurance hold-ups to marriage had been resolved, (don't ask; not up for discussion). I didn't want a big wedding but thought it would be nice to have everyone come over and then go out to dinner. The extended family tried to turn everything into a 3 ring circus again, insisting that what I wanted was not possible, couldn't be done, would bring shame to the family (???), and then proceeded to treat it all like a joke and said they'd show up wearing grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts if I insisted on having a "backyard" wedding. So they got disinvited, and DH and I got married in our living room by Reverand Kevin from Rev-On-the-Run, and then we went out for a really nice dinner with our son. I don't remember the cost, but including our dinner, it could not have been more than $300.
  13. I have an online business which ramps up during the holidays. I like the idea of shifting some of the prep-work for Christmas to an earlier point in the year, so I don't run around like a nut during the actual holiday season. I want the maximum amount of room in the holiday season for FUN for all of us, including me! Buying gifts early for my kiddo or husband won't work for us, because we all have summer birthdays so any great gift ideas get used up mid-year. But I can definitely come up with a more mindful gift budget for the extended family. Since my in-laws are quantity vs quality type people, I can probably tuck things aside all year long as I find good deals. They don't seem to care what they receive as long as there's a lot of it. 😕 But things like tidying up the ornaments? Started doing that today! I also saved all the gift bags from Amazon this year, to make "wrapping" gifts quick next year (no expense and no waste!). My cards are pre-addressed and ready for next year, plus while I was addressing them, I sat down and wrote out some cards for elderly relatives that live far away to send this month and next month. My resolution this year is to send all of them a card every month, so they know I am thinking of them. I am really terrible about sending letters and cards, and while it is maybe a little assembly-line to write them out now, it's a heck of a lot better than the hastily-written-or-not-written-at-all thing that I've got going on now, lol!
  14. MissLemon

    who decides where to put things in a new house?

    We decide together. If DH feels really strongly that something needs to go in certain place and I feel very strongly that he is wrong, we'll live with it his way for awhile. Then we try my way, and what do you know, he agrees that I am right! 😉
  15. Oh yuck! I was at the park with a friend and her young child. The child was standing near the public bathroom/pavilion next to a trash can. I looked up to see the child lick the wall, and I yelled out "Omg XXX, do NOT lick that!!!" Just, whyyyyyyyyy....*shudder*
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