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  1. Yes, gendered pronouns are still a thing here. If I'm unsure of what to do, I use they/their/them. I don't know anyone that uses ze/zir and don't really see those becoming popular in usage when most people I know are comfortable using they/them/their.
  2. @lovinmyboys Do your son and his grandpa have anything in common? If so, can you direct both of them into pre-planned activities for the things they have in common? My dad has a lot of firm beliefs that "All Boys Should..." and "All Boys Like...", and it's almost always a lot of stereotypical boy stuff that my son doesn't like and really isn't necessary to becoming a decent human being. The thing that has sort-of worked is finding something they both like and planning time for the two of them to do the thing together. I take the decision making out of Dad's hands, because when left to his own devices, he steamrolls over everyone around him and my kid ends up in tears. This hasn't "fixed" the problem but it has increased the number of positive grandpa/grandson interactions and decreased the number of times my son has burst into tears of frustration after dealing with his grandfather. It is absolutely exhausting to me that I have to do this, but it is what it is. I also wanted to add that none of what OP described necessarily means her kid is autistic or has anxiety. Some kids simply have very strong personalities, likes, and dislikes. It is not the case that every child who acts in ways adults dislike needs a diagnosis.
  3. They still do those! One of my former teachers won Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes and they gave him a giant check!
  4. I get a lot of concerned calls about my car's extended warranty expiring. Never bought the extended warranty! Delete, delete, delete.
  5. "No problem" is fine. "You're welcome" is fine. Any kind of verbal acknowledgment of appreciation is a-ok with me! IMO, grumping that you got a "No problem" when you wanted a "You're welcome" is like complaining you won the lottery, but were paid in nickels when you really wanted dimes, lol.
  6. Never apologize for protecting your child's safety. I've had people argue with me that I'm being overprotective, irrational, and stunting my son's independence because I didn't feel safe leaving him in a parked, running car. I live only a few miles from a major sex-trafficking corridor in Texas. I don't understand why people don't take this crime seriously. I'm so sorry that happened to you and your daughter.
  7. Yes, it really only works for mine because he's just complaining to get a rise out of someone. Even though I call him on his bluff with humor, I'm actually trying to get across to him that people will absolutely take you at your word, so think before you run your mouth. I will let you know when he's 35 or so if I've been successful with this plan!
  8. My husband's grandfather gave my son a completely different name. Like, he heard my son's name and said "No, I'm going to call you Little John, instead", because grandpa's name is John, I guess? I was don't know what to do here... Grandpa is 86 so I'm just letting it go.
  9. I have no idea what point you are making by quoting wikipedia's definition and history of the term "negro" in reference to what I wrote.
  10. I only have one child, but once we found Beast Academy, that was it. He was hooked and happy! We dabble with a few other math resources, BA is our main program.
  11. Can you hurry with the Husband book, please? My DH keeps asking if I've seen where his good scissors are and checks the same 2 spots for them, over and over. Surprise! The good scissors still aren't there! When I suggested looking someplace other than the same two spots, he looked at me with all seriousness and said "Why would they be in the garage? They are supposed to be right here *points to the first place he looked*". Okay...but we've already established that they aren't where they are supposed to be, so maybe it's time to look in the places where they shouldn't be? Because that's the whole problem right there: they aren't where they are supposed to be. If they were, we'd have found them by now.
  12. Ha, I was actually thinking of TOG earlier today. Someone gave us TOG a year or so ago, and I just felt so overwhelmed looking at all of it. The lady that gave it to me is kind of intense, and I think maybe I'm way too laid back for something as hefty as TOG. I keep peeking at the Moving Beyond the Page website. I love how orderly and tidy it all seems, but I suspect DS11 would get so bored with it after a few weeks. I'm probably going to just cherry pick a few of the topics that seem interesting to him.
  13. I believe you. My situation isn't exactly the same, but there's some similarities: My dad misspelled my son's name for 9 years until I threw an epic, screaming fit and insisted he had to stop misspelling his name. The kicker is, my son's first name is the same as my dad's last name, save one letter. Pretend my maiden name was "Roberts" and I named my son "Robert". You'd think that would be easy for my dad to spell since it's his own last name, save the 's' at the end. Nope. Mail came addressed to Robbert all the time. He was also misspelling my married last name, as well. So instead of mail correctly addressed to "Robert Smithe", we'd get mail for "Robbert Smith". Which is...not his name. It was exasperating and my siblings thought I was mean for harping on it, (of course. Dad doesn't misspell their kids' names, so what's the big deal?). Totally crazy making. I never imagined I would have to throw a fit about this.
  14. Also, this topic started by OP was about her chiropractor, not a 90 year old person with dementia and who cannot help what comes out of their mouth. "But what about the old people that cannot adapt?!" is a red-herring.
  15. Look on the bright side! She has given you valuable information about herself and likely saved you heartache if you had become friends.
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