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  1. I haven't used the DVD curriculum but my son has done well with BJU... I think it does a better job at teaching why than Saxon which seems to be more how, not why. The story line in BJU is engaging for my kiddo as well, some kids wouldn't care but it adds something for him.
  2. This is what I decided to do, thank you everyone. She's doing great 🙂
  3. @lulalu I'm looking into phonics pathways too, thankyou. Can you make any comment about my above question as well?
  4. @Ellie or anyone else who is familiar with Explode the Code: I was curious if you have any idea which booklet she might place in for ETC... I will buy the test if I have to, but would like to get going on this sooner rather than later. She is really good at sounding out most words but struggles a bit with long vowel sounds: knowing when they're long. Also is the teacher's manual necessary? I don't mind, just don't want to spend unnecessarily.
  5. I'm babysitting and "tutoring" a 1st grader who I think is a fairly good reader... I did the AAR placement test with her and she places into level 2. However, when Covid dies down she will be put back in public school, she's medically fragile so maybe next fall?? I really like AAR but she is not what I would call a "struggling" reader (I'm kind of blown away by her ability as the only experience I have is with my dyslexic kiddo) so I was wondering if there are any recommendations for a quicker phonics program that I could put her through. Her mom was just having her read leveled books and doi
  6. Oh , and as far as the splinter skill discussion. I don't think the balance benders was something he was just good at... it has taken some practice... we would talk through when he would make mistakes... and he would really examine it and figure it out... but because it doesn't require reading I do feel like it is one of those things that he has gotten good at in a short time. And yes, he is very "bright".
  7. should be im ctopp So I don't think she used the CTOPP... this is what it says under "Evaluation Procedures" Parent Clinical Interview Dev Hx Questionaire BASC-3 ADHD-5 parent forms CDI-2 Self Report (depression) MASC-2 Self Report (anxiety) WISC-V KTEA-3 (Educational Achievement) Beery VMI-6 (Visual Motor Integration) She states that "Select sub-tests from the Kaufman Test... were administered to assess current level of academic achievement. Tests specific to dyslexia were also administered and yield a Dyslexia Index score, which calculates an overall
  8. So I’ve gone through and read a bunch of threads about ADHD and slow processing and a bit on dyslexia but now would like some input 🙂 We just finished getting my soon to be 9yo son tested and I think I’m struggling with knowing how to put together a plan from here. His WISC Scores: VC 130 98% Similarities 16 98% Vocab 15 95% VS 108 70% Block Design 12 75%
  9. If she LIKES it and is looking forward to it that much, I would strongly encourage you to finish it! It's an excellent program and the resale value is good. Any program that is good quality and that my kiddo really buys into I think is a win. (and make sure you ask for box art 🙂! )
  10. What are you hoping for? or not wanting? I'm using it for the first time this year and we've enjoyed it, if you have a more specific question I can try to help. (although we've only done 2nd grade) I've heard it starts off more CM and becomes more classical but I'm not sure yet. If you are looking for lots of memory work, that is not found in MFW... there are poems and scripture to memorize and they do a timeline. Otherwise I'm not sure what you mean....
  11. I haven't bought anything yet but for now the plan is: Bible/Science/Lit/Geography/Art/: MFW ECC, with lots of great books and my own list thrown in too. Math: BJU 3 Language Arts: LLfT 3, Finish AAR 3 and possibly do 4 (we're getting testing done for possible dyslexia next month unless the pandemic interferes), AAS 2 maybe 3, we're finishing up HWOT Cursive Kickoff and I don't know if I should do another workbook of cursive or just have him start writing in cursive more and monitor his form closely. Other: Mind Benders, Balance Benders, Analogies ... if we finish these w
  12. Usborne Very First Reading books are like this. My son enjoys them.
  13. I think BJU is still your best bet, if they like the characters etc especially. If you just started, I think it'll ramp up more as the year goes on and it'll become more unfamiliar so may take them a little longer to catch on. You'll just really have to cut back on the lesson plans... I know it's written for a classroom and I think any teacher would really be picking and choosing very carefully what to use their classroom time for.... Another idea... if they get the concept just let them do the page without "teaching it" if you notice they didn't really understand it, you can then teach the
  14. I am somewhat loathe to recommend it but your oldest might really like Math Lessons for a Living Education. From what I hear they are a bit "below" level but it sounds like you are okay with your daughter going at her own pace. And you will find people that absolutely love it. My son is a bit younger but we found RS moved too fast for him and ended up supplementing with Horizon to add in more review... he wasn't a fan of games as review. I am switching to BJU this year because I feel like it is still conceptual enough to help him really "understand" math but has more review, there's a story
  15. I love my Contigo Autoseal Chill but just got my son and my dad the Coleman Autoseal and love it even more! You can do both cold and hot in it unlike the Contigo and the lid is so much easier to keep clean. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076JJK2PQ/ref=twister_B07G1YCDX5?_encoding=UTF8&th=1
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