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  1. There is a debate about whether the United States is a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic, but also whether fascism is a far right or far left ideology.
  2. Gather round released a United States Government unit recently. There’s a heated debate on the group about this graphic being incorrect.
  3. Did anyone see this today on the MOMB Facebook group? In particular, the bolded part really rubbed me the wrong way. To imply that if someone doesn’t like it, they are not using it right, or have a bias or are “wounded”? Uh.... Also, to claim they have “documented proof” it is enough, is incorrect. 1. Every person on the group who has posted scores has used the CAT test which is not very accurate, and they usually interpret the scores incorrectly. 2. The courses haven’t been around long enough for any child to use 100% through elementary and middle school ”This morning
  4. One of the admins said this in the MB group today under a question about why people were selling so many new MB books. Is this true? If you use a book orally you can not sell it without breaking copyright? ”We encourage families to purchase new in order to have the newest printings and so we can offer customer support. We keep costs extremely low because we know a cost is a major concern for families. Please note: Selling material that has been used to make copies or used in another way like covering with dry erase sheets or using orally is breaking copyright. The purchase and
  5. So I found out about the copyright thing. Apparently Rebecca filed to trademark the name Hip Homeschooling, we’ll after (Many years) the Hip Homeschool group/website had been going. The women behind Hip Homeschooling say rather than her dropping it, they had to spend a ton of money fighting to get it back. I looked up and there’s definitely a trademark application with her name attached. So copyright issue posted about in her group wasn’t about GRH, but the hip homeschool name.
  6. So I saw a weird post by chance yesterday on the GR Facebook group. Someone posted that they recommended GRH in the Hip Homeschool Moms community group and that an admin deleted the post with the note “please do not recommend gather round here due to a copyright issue”.... Does anyone know what this is about? Shortly after it was posted it was deleted.
  7. Also - she says the curriculum costs “tens of thousands of dollars to produce/create a month”....I can’t see how that’s possible. Maybe I’m just naive on how much this stuff costs?
  8. Rebecca posted this in her Gather Round fb group yesterday. SO much of this is concerning to me, including the way she phrases how she must do what God told her then in the same sentence says the real concern which is that people might leave her curriculum, the way she elevates her group and insists it is the ONLY one like it that exists, and the way she tries to guilt trip people about her financial situation. “Hey guys, I opened up for you to discuss curriculum in relation to, to use with, or to ask about switching from. This is what has come from it: 1. I am now seeing
  9. Just watched it. I’m so disappointed in this company. Randy talks about how they report any “knock-off” group that uses their name to Facebook because it’s a trademark infringement. No, I’m pretty sure that’s not legally how that works as long as you aren’t pretending you’re part of the company. He then went on to talk about how it’s the same as stealing an identity.....no.
  10. Which video was it? Do you remember the name? The fact that they talked about it in a video is really, really bad.
  11. I have definitely been concerned about this. I actually went on their website to post a review and knowing they go in and hand approve them just makes you feel like you can’t say anything negative. I’ve read from several people their negative reviews were denied. They are the only HS company I’ve seen that is dead set on creating a false positive image. It really rubs me the wrong way, and so does the way they talk about some other HS companies as if their approach is just wrong. Sometimes kids excel in a rigorous program. Mine does. But they act like you’re horrible for using one.
  12. I’m curious about what this is. Can you elaborate?
  13. What are your thoughts on the elementary curriculum from Masterbooks? I have looked at it a few times. Parts of it seem great. Other parts seem weak and jumpy without nearly enough repetition of concepts in math and language arts. They have such a massive following and their company swears their curriculum is enough, and sometimes I am confused by it. Their courses haven’t been around more than a few years at the elementary level so there are obviously no kids who have used it all the way through school. To me that is not nearly enough data to know if it is “enough”
  14. I was just coming here to post about the math! “• Math! It's coming! We had our first official meeting, we have three amazing writers (our upper level math writer has a degree in theoretical mathematics). This project is huge, with a budget far greater than any of our main units, and I am determined not to do it if I can't do it well. In my mind, this is going to be amazing, but it's a beast you guys! We are aiming to take 2 years to slowly launch it, one unit every 2 months. But each unit will have 12 notebooks covering all 12 grades (they will be named as A B C so that you can plac
  15. What are your thoughts on Heart of Dakota in the middle school/high school years? Is it enough? Is it solid?
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