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  1. This is a good reminder to me of all the angst lending causes. My husband can still tell you each tool of his, pretty expensive tools, that were returned broken or burned out. I think it's awesome you got a replacement! He was always made to feel like he lent out a soon-to-die tool, like, why did you lend me that old thing? I was asked for some yeast in the pandemic and sent it over to the neighbor in a glass dish, thinking of course they would put it in their own dish and send back the dish. Dish gone. Here's the thing -- we give away a ton of stuff all the time, but somehow my mind focu
  2. I lived with severe dizziness for 7 years. I was mostly fine at home, but needed an arm if I went out. I was prayed for many times during those years. I went on a mission trip with my family, and I was nervous that I would be of no use. The first day of work, I also heard that clear voice, "In this find healing." And I was well. That was over 7 years ago now. I give God all the glory for that! Now I don't mean to make it sound like i don't have health problems and many things not healed! I lost many children and have suffered many things. But that day, that day I received mercy and grace f
  3. My daughter's know a lot more about this than I do. I do know it sometimes helps to find your "disintegration." And I think that means the type you are when you are acting unhealthy. That could then point you back. If you go to the Enneagram page on wikipedia, you'll see a chart with lots of info. My girls couldn't type me exactly. They thought I was a 3, 4, or 5. Looking at that chart at the ego fixation and vice, there was no question in my mind that I was a 4 with a "wing" of 5, not 3.
  4. I have noticed this too, trying to replace some clothes I always buy at Kohls. Just XS sizes! I had a fb friend post that she had gone into the store and there was maybe a third of the inventory she was used to inside.
  5. Yes, I knew a couple in our church, the wife did this to the husband. It was definitely a toxic relationship. That was one of the milder things that happened with those two.
  6. I am picking up a lot from this discussion. I can see that asking a lot of "Who are you?" questions to a mom would produce better advice or more helpful suggestions than asking about the kids. That suddenly makes sense to me.
  7. This is a big deal. A math program I just love is roundly criticized here when it is brought up. I bounced around yearly with my first two kids, so when I finally landed on this with my last two, I knew what I had in hand. But I like to help with math and not teach it. So the fact that someone else was doing the teaching was just awesome. And it fit our schedule perfectly. And then -- because I didn't bounce around, I found that each new step, each new stage, each new year was super easy. We had been completely prepared beforehand. So going from Addition through PreCalc without a hitch? What a
  8. The second link I added has some actual tests rather than just questions for the parent.
  9. https://placement.mathusee.com/?_ga=2.110120261.1945887971.1597333277-1684498407.1596639127 This classroom site looks more useful to me: https://mathusee.com/secure/teacher-resources/unit_tests/gamma-unit_test-placement.pdf
  10. I agree that MUS would be so nice for Dad, just watch the video (15 min or so) together each week.
  11. Our youth leaders have been through the Multiply study with a number of different groups of kids. It is free online with videos. multiplymovement.com
  12. If you can swing it, the resale will be high, so your net price will be about the same. If you need to spend $30 right now and no more, you could make Cuisenaire blocks work. The colors would be different and there wouldn't be centimeter-sized notches, but they'll work for sure.
  13. You can make a board for your son and then invite him to join it. Then you both have equal access to that one board. I think he can do just about everything but close it. I have not ever used paid access to Trello. When you invite your son, you will likely get a one month free trial when he joins.
  14. I put all my stuff on Trello this year. My daily calendar is on there. I just type each day as a list at the beginning of each month, so not very sophisticated, but it gives me a place to quickly place everything. I planned our church reopening on a shared board, set up a board for another longer-term church project, and our youth group is using Trello as a message board. They chat in the comments section of the cards. It's very versatile! I love how easy it is to move stuff around.
  15. I have done Latin with both an older student and younger students. My experience with the older student came first. You can learn a lot of Latin with a motivated older student in a year or two. My oldest did Latina Christiana 1 with Memoria Press and then went straight into Wheelock's Latin. This was around 8-10th grade. She proceeded through the first 20 chapters of Wheelocks and then turned around and did them a second time. This set her up well for Greek and Hebrew in college. We did not do English grammar during this time. I did Prima Latina with my two youngest in elementary. You prac
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