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  1. Husband long-time car salesman. I wouldn't worry about the split situation at all as it goes both ways. B will get help with deals when he needs it, too. My husband likely would not have received any credit for this sale. At his dealership there is no such thing as "reserved." Whoever sells it first is the winner. If he had worked with you in person and you had selected a certain car in that meeting, then no matter who did the rest of the deal, he would get the split. To "B" a split is better than nothing. Really. Sorry that all the other salesman are bad, though. But if "B" stays on his game, he will sell the most. That last guy? Probably nothing for him. But he did a favor for someone, and he will expect payback in some way or other.
  2. The crocheted cloth reminded me of the prayer shawl ministry I'd read about a few years ago. I received a shawl, also, from the prayer ministry of our local UMC church at one time. A friend actually nabbed one for me thinking I would like it the color. 🙂 I googled "crocheted prayer cloth," and it seems like those groups who used to get together to crochet prayer shawls might be transitioning to smaller projects. Generally, they would pray for the recipient while crocheting.
  3. A little farther out than most of you. We kept every single last one of them in a huge cabinet in my laundry room. My kids are 21-31 now. It has easily been over 10 years since anyone has actually played with them. My first granchild is 1 month old. So . . . you may be storing them for a good long time!
  4. Were you wearing headsets? Is it possible the sound was not balanced? Do you normally get motion sick?
  5. It's so easy and quick to soap arms up and shave them in the shower. Twice a week should be fine. She can let it grow back if she gets tired of doing it.
  6. I, too, have used TurboTax online for years. TaxAct is less expensive, but I am too lazy to type in all my info again, so I just pay the higher amount. That seems so dumb when I go to Swagbucks each day to take the online poll for 1 penny!
  7. The Alfred Adult All-In-One Course is inexpensive and an easy way to see if starting with a book would work for him. I have worked through this course myself as a refresher from childhood piano lessons. I know an adult college student who was recently using this for a beginning piano course at school. It is just $12 at Amazon for Level One.
  8. We bought some used children's picture books at a library sale. The author of one had not only signed it, but in pencil had filled the front blank page with a drawing of the book's main character.
  9. My initials (including maiden name) spell a word that I can only wish described me. And the number is for a favorite Psalm!
  10. I have been wanting to get Hulu for all the HGTV stuff. This is great!
  11. Yes, they scanned my ID and also had me repeat my name, address and birthday while they held the ID. Then I had to sign a printed slip in order to get a ballot. Iowa.
  12. Mine was not a failed ring, but a broken band. I saved it for my son to use. They had the diamond reset and sold the gold to help pay for the new setting. My daughter-in-law would likely not have a diamond otherwise.
  13. I would be thankful for this as a good reminder for me. You might even ask people to respond/comment once they've read your post/email. You may have to be more aggressive than this with your problem people, though, but perhaps you will get through.
  14. I do agree that finding a volunteer position sounds like the way to go, especially until you have a handle on your depression. I have learned a ton about myself from volunteering. I now have confidence in my own work and leadership skills. Also, it is so easy to walk away from a volunteer position if it is not working out.
  15. On my electric stovetop, if I want the pot to truly just simmer, I have to set the dial below the low setting. The red "on" light still stays lit.
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