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  1. I've also studied both. Latin through Wheelocks and Greek with Mounce. I use the Greek all the time for Bible study, so I would recommend that if you're picking one or the other and Bible study is a consideration. The Greek alphabet was not a barrier at all with my kids. Maybe a day or two of teaching and then reading practice.
  2. Whatever you can do to address the ventilation in that room will be well worth it from all that I've read, even if you choose masking. If you have the window open, any fan you use should be blowing into the hallway. If there are heating/cooling vents in the room, make sure the fan is set to ON at the thermostat and not to Auto. This will also help in a small way to keep air moving in the room.
  3. Mercy, is this a windowless room? We are not masking our kids, but there is a window open and a whole house exhaust fan outside the classrooms pulling air through during the class. We have done this through all weather, all throughout the winter months.
  4. Horrible is a good word. I have basically given up, although not "overeating given up." I got stuck fairly quickly at 175.8. I weigh twice a week and for two months every time - 175.8. No it's not the scale. 🙂 I switched to two different routines during this time, no change. I am glad I'm not gaining, but wow. Not discouraged, just done with counting points for sure. I stopped two weeks ago, again - no change.
  5. This reminds me of a friend that completed an Occupational Therapy Assistant program in 18 months at a community college. There is a similar program for Physical Therapy Assistants. Might be good for someone that likes sports. It has a great salary for such a short program.
  6. I have been using Trello for over a year now, and seem to have finally found something that works for me. I have a monthly board, with a list set up for each day. At the end of the day, I archive that list (moving anything not done to other days), so my May board starts with the 19th as of today. I also have an upcoming board that has one list for each month. It is so easy for me to copy and move lists and cards around on Trello. The initial setup each month takes about 5-10 minutes, but the manual nature of that seems to motivate rather than discourage me. I use the computer for setup, but tend to check and update with my phone app. There surely are some ways to automate that task if you know more about Trello than I do. But I will admit, my life is not that busy. Most of the items on my list are things to do not places to be.
  7. Yes, I had an interesting weekend, too. I saved all my extra points for the weekend, but...... Did finally have the scale budge a pound, so I'm hoping it has "stayed budged" when I weigh in tomorrow.
  8. Changing to blue didn't budge the scale either. Discouraging. I have lost and gained this same 15 pounds too many times. It looks like I have a fight on my hands..... I am staying close to points, though, and definitely not going over with weekly points. Keep going everyone!
  9. I switched from Purple to Blue this week. The scale was just not budging. It budged with blue. I think removing potatoes and whole wheat pasta from free really helped that. I overeat with free food.
  10. I did something like this last night, ate one piece of the frozen pizza my husband was having. One eighth of a Lotza Mozza. I was not intending for it to be my entire dinner, but it was, 10 points. Should have looked first like you did!
  11. I just track the non free foods. I get 16 points. For lunch I had wheat spaghetti with tuna and mixed vegetables. I just had to track the quarter cup of alfredo sauce I put on it all. Oh, and I spent a point on the tablespoon of parmesan I put on top. 🙂
  12. I am on purple, so not really aware of what is free food on the green plan. Chicken tacos? Is chicken free on green? It really helps me to keep lots of free foods available. Had a small sandwich at lunch, but free red potatoes with it. Drinking a cup of free bone broth now.
  13. When nothing else would work, I found that warming up my feet in hot water, drying them thoroughly, then the socks, would help.
  14. Yes, buy them. I wish I had done that a few years ago. My towels are discontinued and I have not found anything I like as well in over a year! Regrets. 🙂
  15. It also causes a lot of offense in my heart, which is also a colossal waste of time. I saw a relative post something that compared Germans complying with their govt in the 1930s to mask wearing this last week and wasted quite a bit of time wanting to smash them.
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