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  1. Last year I replaced my 30-year-old bisque set of Corelle with the Corelle True Blue pattern, a set of 20 both times. So fun to have new! The stack of 20 plates is about 3 inches high in my cabinet. I only had two bowls shatter in my first 30 years. I also had two bowls break in half during that time. So breakage hasn't been an issue for me.
  2. My daughter just had to drop Macroeconomics due to a bad professor. She is CLEPing for that needed class. She is near the end of her AA degree. She CLEPed Sociology before her Freshman year started.
  3. I want to say thank you for this. About a year ago I was in two separate situations with recent widows and talked to them about their husbands and how these men had impacted my life. The problem was I took them from smiling and seeming in control to crying and losing it. So I really felt like I'd made a big mistake! Do you think everyone appreciates hearing about their husbands? Perhaps it would have been better if I had asked them if there was a good time to share my story with them?
  4. Well, we have weak eustachian tubes in my family. That sounds kind of dramatic to say. :) Too much sniffling/nose blowing tends to cause inflammation and then we have trouble for a few days to a week with that stuffy feeling and then sometimes what feels like ear pain. If you google eustachian tube dysfunction you might see if this is a possibility. The easiest way to clear it up for us is literally no blowing/sniffling at all, no drinking from straws, no pressure on them. I would not try doing any of those crazy things to try to open them up if they are possibly inflamed.
  5. I know my daughter (22yo) tried a knock off recently. They are "in style" this summer, I guess. They seriously hurt her heel, and she does not have problem feet at all. Although the knock off looks the same, I don't believe it has a real cork footbed. That is what you are wanting with the Birkenstocks is the cork. It molds to your foot over a few weeks time. That is why they are not always so comfortable at first. It really takes time. They used to have a less expensive line of shoes that had the footbed but the tops were vinyl instead of leather. Not sure if that is still available.
  6. My daughter was able to see her baby today. I was told the baby's eyes got very big when she heard momma's voice. She has decided to wait 48 hours after the IV is removed. She is due to be released tomorrow. Thanks for all the replies!
  7. My daughter is not able to use her Chromebook with the lock-down browser that is required for on-line testing at her college. She has to use the college testing center (which has atrocious hours). It also doesn't work with her drawing tablet. Those are the only issues that she's had.
  8. Thanks for this database. I don't know the exact antibiotic. i looked at a few different ones on there, and it does look like there is still some drug present at 48 hours. And that is when taken orally!
  9. My daughter had an emergency appendectomy this week in the European country where she lives. She has a nursing two-month-old girl that she hasn't seen in a week. She has been expressing at the hospital hoping to keep her milk supply. She will be out on Sunday it is hoped, but the doctors have said she shouldn't nurse until Tuesday. I believe this is because of the IV antibiotics she is on. I am just wondering if anyone has any knowledge that might shorten this time. I'm finding nothing on the web but that IV antibiotics are too concentrated for nursing. Just wondering if 24 hours off would be enough, rather than two days. But want to be safe! Thanks! Cathy M.
  10. Husband long-time car salesman. I wouldn't worry about the split situation at all as it goes both ways. B will get help with deals when he needs it, too. My husband likely would not have received any credit for this sale. At his dealership there is no such thing as "reserved." Whoever sells it first is the winner. If he had worked with you in person and you had selected a certain car in that meeting, then no matter who did the rest of the deal, he would get the split. To "B" a split is better than nothing. Really. Sorry that all the other salesman are bad, though. But if "B" stays on his game, he will sell the most. That last guy? Probably nothing for him. But he did a favor for someone, and he will expect payback in some way or other.
  11. The crocheted cloth reminded me of the prayer shawl ministry I'd read about a few years ago. I received a shawl, also, from the prayer ministry of our local UMC church at one time. A friend actually nabbed one for me thinking I would like it the color. 🙂 I googled "crocheted prayer cloth," and it seems like those groups who used to get together to crochet prayer shawls might be transitioning to smaller projects. Generally, they would pray for the recipient while crocheting.
  12. A little farther out than most of you. We kept every single last one of them in a huge cabinet in my laundry room. My kids are 21-31 now. It has easily been over 10 years since anyone has actually played with them. My first granchild is 1 month old. So . . . you may be storing them for a good long time!
  13. Were you wearing headsets? Is it possible the sound was not balanced? Do you normally get motion sick?
  14. It's so easy and quick to soap arms up and shave them in the shower. Twice a week should be fine. She can let it grow back if she gets tired of doing it.
  15. I, too, have used TurboTax online for years. TaxAct is less expensive, but I am too lazy to type in all my info again, so I just pay the higher amount. That seems so dumb when I go to Swagbucks each day to take the online poll for 1 penny!
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