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  1. I'm sorry for the duplication. I posted this message in the K-8 forum; but it dawned on me that the High School forum may be a better place... Does anyone have feedback on Mr. Kotynski, Latin teacher at Schole Academy? I'm considering enrolling my 7th grader in his Latin 1 class. Please send me a private message if you prefer. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone have feedback on Mr. Kotynski, Latin teacher at Schole Academy? I'm considering enrolling my 7th grader in his Latin 1 class. Please send me a private message if you prefer. Thank you.
  3. SusanC and Calbear, I know what you mean; and I totally agree with your sentiments. It's very unlike me to refrain from making my displeasure known when I believe my interests are not being well served. I surprised myself by taking a very different approach with this matter. I think the reason I didn't get worked up is because, despite the unruly kid, my son has made forward progress with his writing. His ability to complete his assignments and meet his deadlines has not been impacted. In reality, my son was probably amused by all of it. He would log off and my other kids would exc
  4. My son is in 6th grade and is currently enrolled in Expository Writing I at WTMA. I like the class because it forces us to stay on track with WWS1. If I had to teach/facilitate the class myself, we would never finish the book. As you probably know, the books is extremely word heavy. Despite my 6th grader being bright and an eager writer, he does not have the maturity to independently wade through all of the instructions. The teacher explains the writing concepts during class and walks through the lesson instructions for that week. My son seems to enjoy being a participant in class. He i
  5. Your daughter and grandson are fortunate to have your support. Here are a couple of ideas in response to your "grab him" question... You may want to check out the Life of Fred math books. My 7th grade son reads them for pleasure in his spare time. The books cover math topics with a dose of humor. We don't use the books as our "official" math curriculum. For history studies, my kids liked the Legends & Lies series produced by Bill O'Reilly. We watched the Patriots and the Civil War episodes. Also for history, my kids enjoyed Liberty's Kids. It's a historical fiction c
  6. So far, I've used Primary 6A/6B for two kids, and I plan to follow the same path with the third kid. We used the textbook and workbook plus two add-ons (Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems). FWIW, I think the IP and CWP books are what set Primary Math apart form other programs. I realize you are not using the add-ons, but you may want to take another look at them. Have you checked out SingaporeMathLive.com? The service provides parent videos and kid videos for Primary Math US Edition, along with videos for all word problems in the IP and CWP. With this service, I haven
  7. We're using Rainbow Science now and spreading it over two years; so I'm not sure my feedback will be helpful. The lessons are very short. It takes my son about 20 minutes to read a chapter and answer the end-of-chapter questions in writing (albeit, my son's written answers are generally the bare minimum number of words a kid can write and still manage to answer the questions). A lab generally takes about 20 minutes also.
  8. We used Primary Math TB and WB, and supplemented with Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems. IP and CWP can be ridiculously challenging, but there is great satisfaction when we master the most difficult problems. We also used this service: www.singaporemathlive.com. Brenda Barnett's explanations of the problems in IP and CWP are clear and concise. You can view sample lessons on her website. Well worth the money; one of the best homeschool purchases I ever made.
  9. I used the 4 Square program aimed at older elementary kids. When I used it, my kids were in 2nd, 4th and 5th. I think there is a version for early elementary too. Background: During that school year, we were using WWE - so we wrote lots and lots of summaries. But when it came to writing a simple paragraph on demand, my kids were stumped. For example, during a meeting with our educational facilitator (EF) for our umbrella charter, the EF asked my kids to write a paragraph describing either their piano lessons or their golf lessons (i.e. tell about a skill they learned or describe what hap
  10. I understand exactly what you mean. We're almost finished with Book 1. I don't use a patterned schedule. Rather, we take it as it comes; and I move the pages from my stack to the binder as we go along. The method bugged me slightly at first, but after a while it wasn't a concern. Latin is not a core subject for us. When there are busy days, I'm okay with letting Latin slip. I pick it up again when we're ready, and I don't feel guilty for not keeping up with schedule pattern. My kids don't seem phased by the lack of a schedule pattern. I stopped doing the history portions of LL.
  11. For pre-algebra, my son is enrolled online with: www.highschoolmathlive.com His teacher is Mrs. Ellis and she's been great.
  12. Answering your second question: We started with Standards, which is the version my kids used in a traditional private school. For the first year of homeschooling, I stayed with Standards and used the HIG, Extra Practice book, and the test packets because those are the resources that our public charter umbrella provided free of charge. In my second year, I discovered SingaporeMathLive.com (SML) and began using US Edition. We also began using CWP and IP because those are also taught by SML. All I can say is: You haven't lived until you've worked through CWP and IP at the 5th and 6th gr
  13. I felt the same way as you about IEW when I began homeschooling a couple of years ago. Many people raved about IEW (including our pediatrician!). In my first year of homeschooling, I could not bring myself to attempt it. Every time I went to the website, I stared at the pathway and was overwhelmed - maybe all of the abbreviated names for the programs are a turnoff? In our first year of homeschooling, I used WWE with three kids and it was a bust after one semester. While reviewing other programs, I couldn't shake the fact that IEW is so well respected. I got lucky when I found the $2
  14. We did a heavy emphasis on US History during SOTW 3. When US History began part way through SOTW 3, I paused and spent about 9-10 weeks on US History. Then, we resumed SOTW 3 and our world travels. When SOTW 3 would occasionally bring us back to the US, we would pause for a week or more to explore those topics. In order to fit everything into the school year, there were some SOTW 3 chapters for which we only read aloud and did the mapping. For those chapters, it was more of a "sit back, relax, and enjoy the SOTW story for today" -- no questions, no summarizing, no activities. I'll sound
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