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  1. My title more or less sums up the question. Going to try EIW level 4 with my 4th and 5/6th grader this year. I'm ordering a second workbook, but do I need one or two assessment/resource booklet or can I just skip it? Also if my 5/6th grader struggles with writing, would level 4 be a good level for her? (She just finished W&R book 2 last year for comparison, but I typed all the larger writing pieces for her.) Thinking it would simplify things for me since I'll have a student in EIW level 8 as well. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for this! It been such a process trying to find a good fit. Hoping CLE might just work for her, but I'll keep trying if not.
  3. Thank you so much everyone! I'm leaning towards trying out CLE after seeing the online samples. I think she really needs that daily review of old skills and the math drills should help master her math facts. I'll show the samples to my daughter tomorrow and see what she thinks. Never would have looked at that without you guys! 🙂 If that doesn't work I'll check out the other programs.
  4. I need some help picking a math program for my 10 year old daughter. Unfortunately we have done quite a bit of curriculum bouncing with her. She started with RightStart for K-2, moved to Math Mammoth 3 because I needed some time freed up, and last year she did Teaching Textbooks 4. She loved TT at the beginning of the year as it seemed pretty easy for her, but she started struggling at the end of the year and this year she asked to do something out of a book. I started doing placement tests with her and I'm realizing she is having trouble recalling her math facts, the steps for long division, how to line up decimals to add them, basically lots of things. (We have observed this in her reading/phonics decoding and spelling as well, so it is quite possible she has an undiagnosed learning disability.) I've looked at Saxon, Singapore, Horizon, and thought about staying with TT and printing out the lessons, going back to MM... I feel so lost at the moment. Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! That is very helpful.
  6. My 11 year old son completed RS levels B-E and then just completed MM5. I had been thinking about having him do BA5 as I know it’s usually considered advanced and he loves reading through the guide books. Part of me is worried that I’d just be having him repeat grade 5 math for no reason but I also think that the different approach might be helpful to him going forward and I know kids completing BA5 should be able to move into pre-algebra so perhaps he wouldn’t be “losing a year.” Or I could have him try TT pre algebra or any number of pre-algebra books I already own. MM got the job done but he finds it boring and says he doesn’t like math now…advice please? Thanks!
  7. Often times at conventions companies have volunteers who have used the curriculum helping at the booths. I remember getting emails asking about volunteering at our local convention and I think it was from CAP. I'm guessing that has to be what that lady was... but either way I think CAP should be told and I would suggest calling and asking their opinion about what level to place your daughter. We have used W&R so far through book 6 and I have been debating skipping a book or two as my oldest is starting 8th grade and their suggested grade levels make me feel like he is "behind." I've been planning to just call and ask as I think their customer service is usually pretty helpful which makes me think that lady you encountered was a crazy volunteer. Sorry that happened to you. For what it's worth I'm sure your daughter would be just fine jumping back in...
  8. That you so much ladies! Not entirely sure of my path for history next year yet but I won't throw out SOTW. ? We may just do it as a read aloud. I might be crazy but I ordered the new Notgrass elementary program Our Star Spangled Banner and might see if I can weave the two together adding in living history books and lots of field trips. (We are close to lots of early American historical sites. Thank you for the great resources you mentioned Lori D and HomeAgain! I enjoyed checking those out. I'll definitely be using some books for there and I might try out a Time Traveler's series unit to see how the kids like it. I love history so if it takes us 3 years to get through SOTW 3&4 adding in lots of extra US History, oh well. Still open to more ideas. Love hearing them!
  9. We just completed studying the Middle Ages using SOTW 2 with my younger two and VP online for my older two. Next year I'll have kids 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th. I'm debating pausing SOTW and doing a year of U.S. History before continuing on, but I'm not sure if it would make more sense after vol 3 or even after vol 4 before beginning the cycle again. (For some reason I like the idea of switching things up next year before moving on.) I think it would drive me nuts, but I've even contemplated just stretching SOTW 3 and 4 over 3 years to add in more US History. Anyone have experience going more in depth with American history while using SOTW? Wouldn't mind suggestions of what to use for US History too. I can't seem to decide, but currently favoring Notgrass (new one for the youngers and American the Beautiful for the 6th; 8th will be doing VP OmnibusIII) or possibly SCM even though I know it alternates between US and world history. Thanks for any suggestions!
  10. My son really wants to take a 6-8th grade forensic science and an astronomy course. Probably will end up doing that. Still debating.
  11. The fence straddlers thread (there is one for preA and one for algebra) was created in 2012 I think and it's the longest thread I have seen with decisions back and forth about the various pre algebra programs. Check out Jousting Armadillos and Zaccaros for a less dry approach from what I have read. I have them both coming to me soon and then I'll really be able to tell. And I think this link hopefully works for the fence straddlers thread. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/342798-pre-algebra-fence-straddlers-master-thread/page-7?hl=%2Bfence+%2Bstraddlers&do=findComment&comment=7107192
  12. I had the same problem. It seemed like the illusive thread or maybe it just wasn't working somehow? Try this link... http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/342798-pre-algebra-fence-straddlers-master-thread/page-7?hl=%2Bfence+%2Bstraddlers&do=findComment&comment=7107192
  13. I might have a problem... I *think* my son (turned 12 on Tuesday, starting 7th) will be using MM7 as his pre-algebra spine. I got myself all confused researching which curriculum to use and ended up also buying Jousting Armadillos and Zaccaro (both Real World Algebra $8! and Challenge Math $3.85!). I also have AOPS PreA and we tried that a bit last year but he's not a fan. I think it's too hard for him. For some reason, I am feeling like I should have a copy of Lial's PreA on hand as a reference or in case he likes that one better than MM7. (I found edition 3 for less than $20. Editions don't make much of a difference right?) But realistically I'm not even sure how I would have him go through MM7 and JA and Zaccaro. So... 1. Am I crazy for wanting to get Lials too? 2. How do/would you schedule MM7 and JA and/or Zaccaro? And yes I have read the fence straddlers thread! :) Just in case you were wondering. I'm going all bug eyed and crazy from reading so much the last few days.
  14. I definitely want to the The Art of Argument with my son who is starting 7th grade (just turning 12). But for some reason was feeling like I should do Fallacy Detective & Thinking Toolbox first. Anyone have experience with both? Do they overlap?
  15. Really what happened was only that they have online classes and I've been busier with school for the younger ones. Just having trouble sitting down with all three of us at the spelling board at the same time. (His 5th grade brother does it along with us.) Maybe we will just have to try and buckle down and do it next year...
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