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  1. Thanks...I plan to prioritize math as well as Language Arts. Saxon seems to have what I need....just needed to see what others felt about it. I think it is important to have a strong math background (wish I did!) and this kid is smart but doesn't like to apply himself. So...that is what I'm trying to help him do.
  2. I'm still debating which math to use as we pull my grandson from public school to homeschooling beginning in fall. He will be a 7th grader. I have been debating back and forth about which math to use. I'm not a math person...give me Language Arts and Social Studies any day of the week! However, I like what I see with Saxon. He has taken the placement test and falls in the 7/6 category (why am I not surprised...). What have others used? What did you like best? I don't want to start with Math-U-Can-See at this late stage but am interested in any other suggestions. Thanks! Judy
  3. Thanks, Kareni! I'm looking forward to it and to using these boards for help!
  4. Our initial plan was to use an umbrella school but have run into problems due to the disciplinary process at his school. So, we are going to go independent maybe until high school and then go with an umbrella. Thanks for the advice! We don't want to use any online classes as we don't think that his his learning style. We plan to enroll him in some enrichment courses offered by the local home school education association. Thanks for the advice on concentrating on math and language arts in the beginning. I think that will work best for him. He is an avid reader and I will use that love of reading when I start introducing history and geography as well as science. He also wants to learn Spanish so I'm looking into a way to include that maybe after the winter break. He is so looking forward to homeschooling! With only 4 weeks left in the school year, keeping him on track to finish without any other incidents is top priority. I'll be checking these boards more as I start selecting curriculum and beginning our journey!
  5. I will begin homeschooling my youngest grandson in the fall and I'm out of my element! So much information, so little time! We are pulling him out of public school due to problems with bullying. He always retaliates and gets in trouble so, instead of constant calls from the school, my daughter is pulling him. With only 5 weeks left, we are keeping out fingers crossed to finish out this year without any more incidents. Anyway, I feel relatively comfortable with Language Arts, Social Studies, etc. My concerns are, of course, Math and Science as they were not my best subjects in school myself. Any advise for a new homeschooler for curriculum that will grab him? He is smart...and I think some of his problems at school have also been due to boredom. I'm looking at Math Mammoth or Singapore Math. In Science, I believe we are going to concentrate on the Life Sciences this term. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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