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  1. I pretty much agree with everyone else. Just send a card. If she sends something for one or all of you, send a thank you note. I don't think a conference is required. :001_smile:
  2. I would imagine those guys are running around like crazy right now, trying to get everyone hooked up for Christmas! Our experience, too, with DirecTV has been mostly positive, including the guy who installed it (who came out late and was still working when it was dark to get it done because of *my* schedule), and the guy who came out to realign the dish a couple of years later and found an "extra" remote in his truck. I believe the "hardware" guys are independent contractors, but the people at customer service are great, too. The only problem I have with them is I will *not* speak
  3. You know, I don't completely understand everything, of course, since I'm not you, but there are so many emotions and "things" going on, it's no surprise that you wanted to get some feedback and vent a little. It's more than just throwing a tantrum about not getting a present. You've got disappointment and worry and frustration in there, too. I think it was pretty great of you guys to "play along," even though with the dollar limit ( :eek: ) and all the rules, it sure didn't sound like any fun at all. It sounded more like a job! Personally, I don't think gift-giving, for *any* occasio
  4. It sounds like your FIL has a lot on his plate! Could you ask *him* what she would like? Or would that ruin the surprise for him, too?
  5. I would definitely call them. I found a *beautiful* wooden jewelry box in my last shipment from Fire Mountain. The invoice even said there was a thank you gift sent with the order. But a few days later when I went through everything, I found the little plastic star box with some beads in it and the "Thank you!" sticker on it. The jewelry box wasn't listed anywhere. I looked it up in the catalog and it was a $20 box. I did think about it for awhile. When I did call them, I was really hoping they would say it was intended, or don't bother to send it back, but no. :D It was prett
  6. Part of the reason I haven't really wanted to see it is because Sweetie already has and he didn't like it at all! He didn't say anything about it being funny! Hum -- now I'm starting to wonder if he actually watched the right movie. :D
  7. My Sweetie has always been like that too. We kind of had a deal. If we actually *needed* a cart and a half full of stuff at the grocery store, I bought my own "supplies." But if we just needed one or two things, he had no problem doing it. :lol: But, when it came to my daughter, my husband didn't need to be involved. I don't know if he was relieved or not. She probably was, though. :001_smile:
  8. I really had a hard time, too, but I did not have a good relationship with my parents even before I went hormonal. They always insisted that they loved us, and showed it by strict rules and belts. But there were no hugs to go with the rules. No spontaneous, "I love you Kiddo!" Nothing warm and fuzzy there. I don't have a perfect relationship with my son, but it's *much* better than what I grew up with. I'm really hoping that will help. Oh, I hope so, for your sake -- and your son's! I've wondered if it's really been going on all along, under the surface. He's always bee
  9. The only thing I've resolved for the past few years is to just try to be a "kinder, gentler person." Unfortunately, some idiot always sidetracks me in the first few weeks. :lol:
  10. :lurk5: The only time I ever tried it -- and this was *years* ago -- the recipe said to cook it frozen. I, frankly, can't remember if it worked or not! I haven't done it since, but that's probably just because of the expense. :D Here's Alton Brown's recipe. I haven't tried it, but, hey, it's probably Good Eats! :lol:
  11. It floats around in the air -- no one is safe. :D I do admit, though, I was *beginning* to think we might escape. After all, he'll be seventeen next June! But, alas, here we are. Maybe it's like dogs smelling fear -- he sensed that I was beginning to feel relieved and thought he better do something about that? Thanks! And back to you! Here's hoping your patience can last just a *little* bit longer. :001_smile:
  12. Ah! Good idea! Sweetie is home for the holidays -- maybe that can be my Christmas present. :001_smile:
  13. :lol: You win! I don't know what I'd do with four! :lol: My son does not fear me. Hard as I try, he makes me laugh and I am undone. Hopefully, we'll be able to laugh our way out of this mess. :D
  14. Considering the population, I can only assume it passes before either the kids or the parents become homicidal, though I'm starting to understand why some animals eat their young. :D
  15. Since Gene Wilder is my hero, I haven't watched the new one. I didn't know it was funny, though. I didn't know the original was "creepy," either, until someone told me so. :lol:
  16. In the fridge. Actually, if I have to open a new bottle and it's warm, I don't like it. I like the cold on the hot food for some reason. I know people who keep their ketchup in the cabinet, and even one guy who kept his "condiments" on his kitchen table. He was alive and well, so I guess it's okay! Either that, or he went through a *lot* of ketchup. :001_smile:
  17. I don't know the exact quote, but I do know that the philosophy has been working. I never could get this place "together" because I couldn't do it all at once -- so I got discouraged and just didn't try anymore. Boy, did it show. The past couple of months, I've been doing bits and pieces here and there, generally following the week's "zone" but not even really too worried about that. It never fails that if I'm supposed to be working on the living room, it's the bathroom or the kitchen where I want to be. :lol: My kitchen now looks pretty good! And the rest of the house isn't as
  18. Nope -- no inspiration here. I take a "vacation" during the holidays. This year, so far anyway, I haven't put on any weight. But I will definitely have to get back on the wagon after Sweetie goes back out on the road.
  19. I'm so glad! He sounds like a great guy! That's sweet! I don't know if anyone's mentioned this to you yet, but . . . I just don't like sticking my hand into dark, unknown places, KWIM? :lol: You can "check" the pockets by just squishing them in your hand from the outside. Something like the key you're talking about you can find pretty easily and quickly without having to actually stick your hand in there. :D I'm glad it's all better now!
  20. I know what you mean! Each successive "rolling" always seems to come out different, which I guess wouldn't be such a big deal if I remembered to stand at the oven and watch them bake. Fortunately, you can cover much of those over-browned edges with more icing. :D
  21. You're welcome! I *love* the rolled out, decorated cookies -- but only if someone else does all the work. :D
  22. You definitely rock. I don't even attempt baking without a recipe, and even then, I'm often surprised. :lol:
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