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Has anyone heard about the April Fool's computer virus?

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Yeah, it's called Conniker or something. Apparently it could already be on your computer, but not set to "activate" until April 1st. They said not even shutting down your computer tomorrow will help, as soon as you re-boot, the thing will kick in. They also said that it's possible with all of the hype, that whoever created it might change it so that it will kick in at a later date once the hubbub has died down.


I am running a scan on my computer right now.

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Yes, hubby did a Microsoft Update for me tonight, and that included a malicious software remover. After I restarted my computer it showed that it had removed a worm. EEK!!!!!! I'm doing a full virus scan right now, and it has also detected a viral file. You are supposed to download the Microsoft patch today, before midnight, to protect your computer. The malicious software/file remover also detects files that your virus protection may not detect.

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Hmm. I get this message off the microsoft website when I try to do update..things.. (ha, can you tell I have no idea?) ...

"To install updates from this website, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group on your computer. If you use Windows XP, you can see if you are an administrator by going to User Accounts in Control Panel.


Note: If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you using this website. Contact your system administrator for help with updates."


eh? What's that mean? This isn't XP, it's Vista. I haven't a clue what "administrators group" means. Well, I did check the "user accounts" in "control panel" and there, by my kitty pic and name, it does say "administrator". So..... *shrug* .....?


There doesn't seem to be a button anywhere that says "I am, your thingy is mistaken" :tongue_smilie:



edit: aha...found something else...I think it might be happy now...

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