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  1. I don't remember Mary/Mike/Jeff ~ but I do remember (and have a reader & workbook here somewhere) Mr. Mugs! :)
  2. Yeah well hey, most of my threads have a life span of maybe a page or, at most, two.. so I'm gonna write that puppy down somewhere :tongue_smilie: ... I truly didn't post it for people to go all monkeytoes on each other though - and I'm kinda surprised. I think - and this doesn't mean anything *bad*, it just means differences in history, laws, etc - that things would have gone quite differently had I posted the thread on a board that was solely Canadians. (Like I am).... kinda wishing I had now, for comparison. Of course, if it was a Canadian forum, everyone would apologize to each other before and after posting their opinion. :lol:

  3. :) hi! *shares popcorn* :lurk5:

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