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Transcripts of successfully admitted students?

Joan in GE

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The CD contained a combination of all, excepting music. The CDROM included videos of labs from various branches of science, video clips of Taz leading science classes through the park's summer program, a PDF reading list, samples of writing across subjects, photos of projects, and a few Powerpoint presentations.



so useful! What a great idea... Are universities advocating this now or was it your idea?


Also when you say samples across subjects - would you include the whole paper or just a portion?

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The admissions office at GA Tech encouraged students to submit a link to their website. On the website, put samples of work or any other information that would help them form a complete picture of the student --interests, abilities, passion, creativity, etc. They said they would look at this!


This is relevant for my son, who has taught himself 3D computer modeling and has a game under development.

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Yes. When you live on the edge, as we do, corn fields for four years could bring an interesting perspective.


Grinnell is ranked as one of the nation's top LACs. Given my Midwestern roots, I would like my son to consider going to school in the Midwest--although he thinks the Mid-Atlantic or New England would be far better. As Grinnell says on their website, "Io-where?"


I became mildly familiar with Grinnell College during my first daughter's college search 7 years ago- aware enough to learn of its reputation as an LAC. We had received literature from them in the onslaught of paper that arrived at our house after she did so well on the PSAT. It was roughly the size school dd was looking at so the brochure didn't immediately go into the trash bin. Dd never applied, though.


So, last month when I was driving with dd#2 out to her new college in CO, we were driving across Iowa on I-80. I saw Grinnell on the map & it was the right place to stop & get some lunch. Dd wanted to just stop at the Subway right off the exit, but I, thinking there might be some cute little eating establishments by the college & wanting to drive by the college for the fun of it, asked her to drive on into town. So, we did. She wasn't in the best of moods to be just nosing around & I didn't immediately see anything that looked like a fun little restaurant so we went back & ate at Subway.


My impression: an 18yo from east of the Mississippi would REALLY, REALLY have to WANT to go to school in a RURAL setting to want to go to Grinnell College. I've lived in semi-rural areas, small towns, medium-sized cities, and a gigantuous megacity. In the smaller communities, however, I've always been close enough to larger cities that I can find resources for things to do within a 30-30 minute drive. Grinnell is about an hour from Des Moines. Katia could tell interested folks more about Des Moines, but it would be interesting to know how many students from the Great Lakes states on through the Eastern States go to Grinnell & don't feel overwhelmed by the miles of rural expanse.

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