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  1. Hi Moni,

    I accepted your friend request but I have no idea what that means. All I've used on this forum is the PM feature and general posting. So please let me know what I'm supposed to do to be a good friend. :-)

  2. I know the answer is probably "yes", but did you have to pay $3000 for a failed implant? Another question.....what do they bridge to with a back molar? There's only a tooth on one side...I thought you needed a tooth on either side.
  3. It's funny. 7 years ago when I had the root canal, I asked my endodontist about options. When he mentioned losing the tooth, he said, "but that's an awfully large gap to have," and when I look in my mouth, he's right. Gee, that's a big tooth! Fast forward to yesterday. He said he had the exact same thing happen to him this year - root canal, crown, crack, lost tooth. Yes, the dentist himself! He didn't have an implant - he has an empty spot. But he said that you can have an implant done at any time if you change your mind. There's no rush. With that in mind, I'm still leaning toward trying to live without it. If he doesn't see a crack and thinks it can be retreated, I'll do that.
  4. I am so sorry for all your dental problems -- it sure puts things in perspective for me in that it could be a lot worse. The endodontist said it would be $3000 for an implant "by the time you're done" -- meaning with the crown and other work that would required. From all the posts here, I'm leaning toward just having the tooth pulled if he finds a crack.
  5. When the endodontist told me I might lose that tooth, I cried. It made me feel so old. Then he told me about his volunteer work in Nicaragua and how no child over the age of 12 had a full set of teeth. Sobering. I'm glad to hear from so many of you that a back molar is no big deal.
  6. I had a root canal done in my backmost molar about 7 years ago. It's infected again and the endodontist thinks the tooth might be cracked. If so, there's nothing he can do. (He's going to dig around in the tooth next week to see if he sees a crack.) An implant would cost $3000 .... or I could just live without that tooth. Any ideas/experience?
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