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  1. I am an amazon addict. The only reason I haven't pulled the trigger on a fire is b/c everyone says you don't get as many apps. Is this true?
  2. Help!! I see the refurbished Ipad 3 for a pretty decent price but now they have the new ipad mini. I have never owned an ipad but I want my kids to have one for the educational apps. Seems like the ipad mini might be great for their little hands. They are 7 and 8. Anyone have ideas on which I should go with? Or I should I just get the Ipad 4 when it comes out? Decisions!!!!!
  3. They only give general information saying to read the admission guidelines and apply. The admission guidelines only say GPA and SAT score. They don't give any details on something to this effect
  4. Thank you for the feedback! Can you offer me a better alternative or suggestion? I need something she can do on her own for the most part? I have looked at others like Keystone school etc? I have no clue!
  5. My daughter really wants a self paced curriculum where she can finish high school at a more quick rate. She is very responsible and self sufficient. She wants to do the American School https://www.americanschoolofcorr.com She also wants to go into pre-med at UTSA. She is the oldest of four kids and the only one currently being homeschooled. I am a single mom and currently working a lot (from home). My question is this: Will this school be frowned up on by UTSA if she tries to get into Pre-Med. She is in the 11th grade and was homeschooled last year too but using mostly Seton an
  6. This is what I wondered about. If you did not take subjects according to semesters, I wonder if they will accept it?
  7. Has anyone graduated a child from high school at age 16 (after finishing what would be 10th grade in ps). If so, how do you document this on their transcript? I would be especially grateful for anyone who has samples of what an accelerated transcript like this would look like. Most colleges want 6 complete semesters documented. How does this end up looking on a transcript for those who have done it?
  8. I live in Texas so that wouldn't be happening here!! I will say that it's a nice thought to believe that you could say something to a racist/bigot and it would suddenly turn their entire way of thinking around but unfortunately that's probably not the case. People who have these belief systems and behaviors have them deeply ingrained and wouldn't suddenly have a complete paradigm shift because of a witty reply. If this sort of thing happens often then I wonder why they live there. There are so many places around the country to live. Here there is actually a majority of Hispanic population.
  9. Eggs!! You can make a ton of low carb recipes with eggs if you get creative
  10. My daughter currently in public school (2nd grade) is 2 years behind in her reading level. She repeated 1st grade and was in "intervention" all last year which is not really a sped program but rather being pulled out for extra reading groups. This year I told them I wanted to start the evaluation process. I want her tested to see if she has a reading disability. The principal told me we would start the process by no later than week 3. Nothing happened. I emailed the teacher who told me they would like to continue with RTI (response to intervention) and see how she responds. Basically the
  11. Focusing on the beer makes sense to me if he is OCD. Once you mentioned that it was a "forbidden" thing for children then the OCD tendencies took it from there. Even if you're not an OCD person, you deal with thoughts coming in your mind that you don't want . The more you feel you should not think about it...the more you think about it! Honestly, I think he needs to be on medication as well as therapy so that he can understand these things are NOT his fault. If he internalizes guilt from these thoughts that are out of his control he could also develop some emotional problems just from the
  12. Did you read the first one and was it good? I'm thinking of getting it for my daughter to supplement the curriculum she is using.
  13. We also chose Seton for several of your above mentioned reasons. It is *very* accredited and does offer a diploma. You are held accountable to someone else and it is a very all in one program. Plus the cost is about the least expensive for getting everything in one package.
  14. As for my personal spiritual condition...I'd say it's overcast lately. I have had a strong Christian faith but the past year has really thrown me too many curve balls. I lost my Mom last January and this month is her bday. She was my best friend. Life without her seems weird and I can't get used to it. I live mostly in denial b/c when I come out of denial for too long I get depressed. Aside from that, I had a great job doing contract work on my own hours from home and the state cut our funding. Additionally, my house flooded from tree roots breaking and I got rear ended (minor but when
  15. I read that Netflix has to pay a fee for their streaming movies according to how many streaming subscribers they have. As it is, all their subscribers are lumped into one boat. Supposedly it will be cheaper for them to seperate out the DVD only customers from the streaming so that way they are only paying the fee for actual streaming subscribers. I don't know if any of what I just said makes sense but I read that explanation in a tech blog! If this is true, they should say so. At least it's better than the lack of explanation they are currently giving. As it stands they just appear to b
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