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Pysanky - Carol in CA?

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However, I got my first kit from Hearthsong, and I think that they still have them. Word to the wise--buy the optional book as well--it is way better than the instructions in the kit. You will love this--it is so impressive right from the start, and you can get really creative with the technique once you get the hang of it.

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I've ordered other Ukrainian stuff from Yevshan... although I've never actually ordered the dyes from there -- I got a few when I was up in Michigan last time.


Keep in mind, the ones you use for pysanky are not edible at all -- you dye the eggs raw and then shellac them to keep. I'm sure you know that but I feel compelled to say it over and over in case anyone was going to mistakenly switch them. ;) On the plus side, once you've mixed the dyes you can keep them in jars (like canning jars) all year. Just don't keep them on the top of the fridge where one might get knocked off by the cat and fall behind and break.... trust me. :eek:

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