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Am I doing the right thing?? Feeling guilty..

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I've independently homeschooled my kids for the past 7 years. I have had some crises this year which are interfering with my ability to provide my kids the best education possible, and this past year they have fallen behind. I am very concerned and have therefore decided to enroll them in a charter school for the remainder of this year and possibly for the next few years until they get into high school. I am so burned out and feel like a terrible failure for not being able to be a good homeschool mom to them right now, but I don't want to ruin their future potential. On top of this, we have the problem of a terrible lack of social opportunities in my town. My kids are so lonely. I believe that the charter will hopefully solve the social issue and help me to get them where they need to be. I admit that I am slightly afraid to get back into the public school system, but I'm hoping that this arrangement will be good in that it is just a few days per week in a classroom for just a few hours per day. I can supplement their schoolwork as I wish. This is a very hard thing for me to do and I hope I'm doing the right thing... Has anyone else ever switched to a public charter for a few years and were able to switch back to independent homeschooling? Thanks for listening..

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We switched to public school. Now all three of my homeschoolers are just about home again (the last one is finishing up at ps in about two weeks). It was the break we needed. It gave them a chance to meet kids. It gave them a chance to see what school was like. At first they loved it, then the glamour wore off - now they're thrilled to be back.


I'm glad we did it.

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Well, dear lady, I know what it is to try to homeschool through very difficult circumstances! Go easier on yourself.


I knew that I wasn't giving my daughter what she needed or deserved for 9th grade, so she went to school and 7th grade sister went, too. That gave me the focus I needed for the younger children. But, I cried. I know too well the feelings of failure. However, I had given them a very solid foundation and they have done marvelous!


Then we had some more difficult circumstances hit and I had all of them in public school. Now I homeschool 1 and hope to bring a couple more of them home to keep them out of middle school...

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just remember that no matter what you choose, it doesn't have to be forever. That single fact is what helped me to accept that I had NO choice but to put my kids in school at a very awful time in my life where I was so burnt out I thought I could be hospitalized for exhaustion.


My oldest, now a junior, is dually enrolled this year (his first year of school was in the 9th grade) and I'm SO glad he got all the exposure he has in school. Academically he's done very well and has college credits, and his SAT scores are impressive. I have no regrets. My next is in school full time and he wants to stay. I'm ok with that. My younger girls will never again go back to school (our little school in town is AWESOME! I was SO impressed with all they do with the kids!) because I do not want them in the middle/high school which we share with a few other towns. It toughened my boys but I will shelter my girls from it.


There are positives and negatives of PS, private school, charter school AND homeschool. Do what's right for your family. No two families are the same!


But again, remember that your decision will never have to be set in stone!



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