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Decision paralysis - help!


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I'm having decision paralysis.  We want to give a plush electric throw blanket to an older relative who is always cold.  I bought two while out yesterday and brought them home to compare them and read reviews online.  Reviews are similar.  Some people rave about each blanket, some say their old one was better, and some complain about them not working anymore after a week or a month.  The Sunbeam, which I purchased at Costco, has much stiffer wires and seems less cozy because of that, but it's a darker color that won't show dirt as easily.  The Biddeford, purchased at Kohls, is generally more attractive and seems to be a more cuddly blanket, due to the sherpa and to the wires being less stiff; however, I have read numerous complaints about the company's poor response to problems, which makes me hesitate a bit.  I don't know at what point Kohl's would refuse to return it and direct us to the manufacturer.  I know that Costco would be good about returns, if there were a problem, which makes me want to lean that way, except that the Sunbeam blanket just isn't as comfy as the Biddeford.  Again, I have decision paralysis.  What would you do?

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4 minutes ago, WendyAndMilo said:

I purchased the Sunbeam from Costco (the dark green leafy one) and yes, the cords are a bit a stiff but it works perfectly and is really good as a top layer over a lighter weight blanket.  That's how I put it over my grandma - medium heat and the bottom blanket soaks it up so she gets the warmth but still gets the coziness of her soft blanket.

This is such a good idea!  Besides the coziness one could also keep using a blanket with sentimental value.

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1 hour ago, klmama said:

Neither has UL mark.  One is NSF certified, and one is ETL.  Is one better?  

I'm not familiar enough with NSF to have an opinion.  I just threw it out there because when all things are equal I choose UL over other marks.

I'm glad you got some responses from people who know both.  It's a great gift idea!

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6 minutes ago, Annie G said:

My Biddeford has the UL notation on the blanket, so I’m surprised yours doesn’t. We’ve had these for about 5 years and love them.  We use them without the added heat when we just need a little warmth, as they are soft and cozy. 

Hmm.  Maybe it does on the blanket itself, but it's not on the box. 

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