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Your favorite, hopefully illustrated, fairytales?

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DD and I are enjoying the "Classic Illustrated Edition" version of some Hans Christian Andersen, we've also loved some Jan Pienkowski-illustrated ones.

I know people here love the Lang books but I find them not particularly fun to read out load *ducks*. 
What are your favorite editions for older elementary and up?

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Some that we like:

Rumpelstiltskin by Peter Sis

Rapunzel, and Rumpelstiltskin by Paul O. Zelinsky

Tim Thumb by Richard Jesse Watson

Cinderella illustrated by K. Y. Craft

The Snow Queen illustrated by Bagram Ibatouline

St George and the Dragon, and Little Red Riding Hood illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman

Stone Soup, and Cinderella by Marcia Brown

Pertault's Fairy Tales illustrated by Gustav Dore



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I love the writing of the out of print collections by Ruth Manning Sanders -- the A Book Of... series (dragons, wizards, mermaids, dwarves, witches, princes & princesses, etc.). Each book has 12-15 tales from around the world that feature whatever the title creature or being is. They are illustrated with wonderful black and white fine line drawings by Robin Jacques. (See photos attached below.) Here's a link to A Book of Giants for a sample of the cover art and table of contents. 

Another nice collection (also out of print) is the Reader's Digest The World's Best Fairy Tales -- I had this one as a child; it looks like it also comes as a 2-volume set. What I esp. like about this one is that it includes ALL of the fairytales that are widely known, and loads of lesser-known ones as well. So, Lang, Grimm, and Anderson, plus others, all in one place. It is at about a late 2nd grade/3rd grade reading level. It does have a color illustration every few pages -- the illustrations are fine, just not as gorgeous as in some of the books linked by above posters. (See photo attached below)

Here are some past threads with more ideas:
Best fairy tale collection
Beautiful fairytale books - illustrations and stories
S/o fairy tale thread -- recommended fairy tale compilation
Fairy tales
 (suggestions for anthologies)
What is your favorite one-volume Aesop? Fairy Tales? Nursery Rhymes/Mother Goose?


Reader's Digest Fairy Tales.jpg

Robin Jacques 1.jpeg

Robin Jacques 2.jpeg

Robin Jacques 3.jpeg

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18 hours ago, Lori D. said:

All the links lead me to this thread, how odd. Will try from home! Thanks as always Lori.

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On 11/5/2018 at 12:18 PM, madteaparty said:

All the links lead me to this thread, how odd. Will try from home! Thanks as always Lori.

Aarrrgggghhhh!! Well, apparently just copy-pasting links from a past thread makes a recursive loop, rather than actually linking. Crud. I will try and find those threads again, but it is SOOOO hard to do searches on these boards any more! (:0 

4 past threads with links that *work"*:
"What is your favorite fairy tale book" 
"Do you have a favorite fairy tale book?"
"Fairy tales for younger kids"
"Fairy tale retellings for an 8yo"

And great discussion in these 2 old threads:
"Opinions please: role of fairy tales/fantasy in an excellent education"
"Trying to figure out fairy tales"

In the meanwhile, here are some different collections, more at a late elementary reading age, but all with illustrations:
The Provensen Book of Fairy Tales
Tenggren's Golden Tales from the Arabian Nights
Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folktales -- or this edition
Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies

After multiple searches in multiple ways, I can NOT find ANY of the past threads I linked in my first post above. ? I was able to find something slightly similar to the last thread of those attempts to link past threads:
"What's 'the 1 book of' Mother Goose, Aesop and Fairy Tales you recommend?"

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And on a completely different note... For one of my past Lit. & Comp co-op classes, I was pulling together teaching info on fairy tales that pertained to the work we were covering, and thought this was interesting -- a very quick background sketch of the 5 major authors that we associate with "classic Western fairytales". Interestingly, none were English!

Charles Perrault
French author of original fairy tales, writing in the 1600s. His stories focus on wonder, magic, and delightful happy endings. Some of his best-known tales:
- Cinderella
- Bluebeard
- Puss in Boots

the brothers Grimm
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German scholars who collected traditional European folk and fairy tales. Publishing their volume in 1812, they focused on grim and violent punishments of evil characters. Among their most famous tales:
- Little Red Riding Hood
- Hansel and Gretel
- Snow White
- Rumpelstiltskin

Hans Christian Andersen
Danish author of original fairy tales, written in the 1800s. Most of his tales involve sorrow, suffering, or Christian virtues. His famous stories include:
- The Little Mermaid
- The Snow Queen
- The Ugly Duckling
- The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Joseph Jacobs
Australian folklorist who published several collections of classic English fairy tales at the end of the 19th century. Many of his tales include trickery and trickster characters. His books include versions of:
- The Three Little Pigs
- Jack and the Beanstalk
- Goldilocks & the Three Bears

Andrew Lang
Scottish poet and novelist who collected tales from many cultures, translated them into English, and published 25 illustrated volumes of fairy tales at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. He is best known for his versions of these works from other other cultures/languages:
- series of "color" fairy books
- The Arabian Nights
- Beauty and the Beast

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2 hours ago, texasmom33 said:

@Lori D. just a side-note, they fixed the Google search, so you might be able to find them there now? 

No dice. I did try Google searches, and all I can think is that the threads I linked were older and didn't survive the latest board update. ? Thanks for the idea, though!

However, I did find 4 other threads, and linked those in my 2nd post in this thread, plus links to some other story collections.

Edited by Lori D.
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