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The It's Too Early to Be Up! Teachers Lounge 9-4-2018


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Good morning, all! Welcome to the Lounge! Refreshments today include honeycrisp apples, a variety of tea, and coffee. Help yourself!

Today's theme stems from the fact that I have a gray and white fuzzy alarm (aka my cat) that wakes me up,
rather regularly, around 0530, but today decided to do so about 0450! I was having a bit of a bad dream, though,
so I don't mind too terribly. It's just a wee bit early for me! 

How was your weekend? Here: good! We went camping for one night. We weren't as prepared as we should have been
so I woke up cold about 12:30am, right before I heard the really loud elk bugling! Same thing happened to me last time I 
went camping - about 4 or 5 years ago! It's all good, though - now I know I need to prepare better for the next trip!

Anyone have any decent no-cook camping meal recipes? Here: that's one of the ways we'd like to prep better for the next trip - which is coming up soon!

What's on your schedule today? Here: ds will probably sleep until noon. DD needs to apply for jobs. And I have a doctor's appointment this morning,followed
by homeschooling with ds this afternoon.

Talk to me! 

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Good morning, Scrap!  It's the first day back to school for us. I'm taking Grad courses this term, so I'm starting back to school as well, after 20+ years!  I only have 1 full-time homeschool student now, as the others are either doing dual enrollment or trying out grade 9 at the local high school. It feels really strange to be so laid back on the homeschool side, and yet pumped up for my own course. ?

Scheduled today: registration for dual enrollment dc; Not back to school picnic; guitar and music theory lessons; my own University grad student orientation. It's back-to-back action starting in the next 30 min! 

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Morning Scrap. I also had a slightly rude awakening this morning, but in the form of an 18 month old. I can't complain though, because she does it every night (multiple times...) so I know if I want sleep I just have to go to bed earlier...and I don't, lol, so it's my fault for being tired.

We always did cereal when camping, but we'd only be out for max 2 nights between grocery trips to it was easy to get the milk for it. PBJ made at home, some canned things (oysters, with peel open cans) and fruit and veggies raw were our go to. In other words, I have ideas, but not the best tasting, lol.

Today we're going to visit a new homeschool group to see if it's a good fit. This month they are meeting at the park across from the street from us, so a 5 minute walk to get there, yay. It's in the middle of the day and sitll pretty hot, though, but I figure if they are going to be running around for a couple hours outside in the heat anyway, a few extra minutes of walking will not kill them, lol. Also, DS7 starts the boys chorus today and he's super excited about it. Then they're off to my parents thru the end of the week, >( Not really happy about it because it kills the great school momentum and they come back all out of sorts. But, I promised a week "sometime this summer", so here we are. I'll get a lot of business stuff done while they're gone though and go to Starbucks whenever I want, so I'm looking on the bright side ?

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Morning, Scrap!
No help on the meals.  Part of what I love about camping is easy cooking over a campfire. If I'm not cooking it's going to be cereal and sandwiches.

Today my kid showed me just how much he sucks at being a kid. ? This is 3rd grade in our house.  3rd grade is fun!  It's an adventure! It's......ugh.  So far I have removed:
-all chants and songs, unless they are "real" music.
-coloring, cutting, and pasting projects
-colorful curriculum books

and today my kid turned the page in his very black and white French book and looked horrified that there was a little comic story on the facing page.  "Can we skip that, pleeeeease??"  He looked absolutely relieved that today's work was the fill in the blank translations and not reading/listening to an audio of the comic.  So, no comic strips in his curriculum.  I am so not having fun this year.  I liked the last time I did 3rd grade.  We did projects and fun stuff and learned the words to Animaniacs songs and....and now I have the kid that loves Memoria Press.

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Good evening! I never found this earlier today, but I'm glad I did tonight. 

The weekend was good. I spent most of it with my dad. He had a biopsy Friday, and I stayed to make sure he did okay coming off the anesthesia and that the wound didn't need more care. I saw dd and my sister on the way back home on Sunday. That's four homes in two states in one day! 

Since I don't go camping, they aren't specific. But a favorite no cook one is a chicken salad made with canned chicken. I add grapes, pecans, chopped vidalia onion, and chopped apples along with mayo, salt, and pepper to taste.

Today was my long tutoring day. I have 2 students come for 1.5-2 hours for Algebra 2. One student comes for 1.5 hours for Geometry, and another comes for 1.5 hours for Algebra 1. I took ds to swim practice tonight and went to the college student center to work on physics. I teach that at co-op this Friday. Dh and I might go for a walk soon. 


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